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Gear For Sale / Kendon Trailer
« on: 01/11/19 03:15PM »
Not much to say, lightly used practically new Kendon Trailer.  Asking $1,675 on Craigslist.  $300 discount for OCMoto $1,375.

Retail for new is $2,600 to $2,750.

Mine has no spare so I'm thinking the lower end of that range makes the most sense. I purchased it new and have only used it a handful of times, its still in great condition and has always been stored indoors. After a 40 year love affair with motorcycles I'm going another direction. Buy it or don't, please don't call to help me sell it or educate me on what you think the market value is. Will not trade for tattoo work or tequila, but a mail order bride might get my attention!

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2019.

General Motorcycle Discussion / New to me 2008 FZ1
« on: 08/20/18 09:36AM »
I found this bike on the Bay Area Riders Forum, and was impressed with the build and attention to detail.

The seller lowered his price to the "make me an offer I can't refuse level" so I bought it.

I flew up Saturday, seller picked me up a the airport, I looked at the bike, did the paperwork, and began my trek home.

Initially I thought I would spend the weekend in the bay area visiting friends and enjoying the bay, but with the reality of the hot weather I decided to get on the road right away.  After a quick stop at Berkeley Yamaha for a cramp buster  I took the 101 hoping for some coastal cooling, and with the exception of about 2 hours of temps near 100 south of San Jose the ride was mostly pleasant.

The bike cleaned up well, and I'm looking forward to riding with everyone soon.

Off Topic / Blast from the past "Good Morning OCMoto"
« on: 03/30/18 09:08AM »

I know it seems like an ambitious price, and I suppose I should have figured out I wasn't going to ride it before I spent all this cash on upgrades. I think its got about 9,000 miles now with the following upgrades

Ohlins cartridges for the forks
Ohlins rear shock with ride height adjustment
CEE Bailey windscreen
Yamaha heated grips
Yamaha top case mount
Yamaha top case
Rear fender eliminator
Good tires and probably some stuff I'm forgetting

No Nigerian checks, no help to sell, and I will only consider a trade for a cargo or camper van.

If the ad is posted, I still have the bike. Please e mail me your phone number; I'll call you quickly.

Off Topic / Good morning OCMoto
« on: 11/18/16 09:20AM »

General Motorcycle Discussion / First impressions
« on: 11/07/16 08:18PM »
Last week I bought a used FJ09.  Its already been flashed, but is otherwise mostly stock.  I'm thrilled with the engine.  The 850 triple has the high RPM power I love in an in line four, with the low RPM torque I have always felt that platform lacks.  The chassis seems to turn well, wheelie well, and the ergonomics are comfy.  The brakes don't seem like top shelf items, but perform well with a firm hand.  I may try a pad upgrade, but not yet.

I was lane splitting in San Francisco Saturday; Sunday morning I removed the wind guards, some of the stickers, and carefully measured and adjusted sag and took a guess at best dampening settings.  I got my gear on (AFFATT) and took off with the bike in A mode, TCS off to see if I could enjoy a long canyon ride. The bike did in fact work a little bit better.  Smooth pavement sections were really fun, this engine ripps, and I enjoyed the bike a lot.  The bumpy sections still made me miserable, but armed with the fun I had on the bike I did more suspension research and today bit the bullet and ordered suspension solutions front and rear.  I'm getting tires this week, and the suspension should be installed the following week or so.  At this point I'm thrilled with the bike and looking forward to the plush and planted feeling that should take my enjoyment of this great motorcycle to the next level.

More to follow :)

 Last weekend I rode a really nice FZ09. I completely fell in love with the platform, but I wanted a little more bike.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Craigslist
« on: 10/24/16 09:12AM »
So a couple of years ago I found a 2005 K1200GT priced at what I thought was undermarket, and it was, sort of. I go look at the bike and it was in perfect condition with 7,200 miles. I rode it and liked it, the guy had a huge house and clean garage and was getting out of motorcycling. His ask was $5,500 which I agreed to, then he started showing me all the gear and accessories with a "$x for this and $y for that approach"

There was a lot of good stuff there, which I wanted so I just said "how about I give you $6,000 and you include everything?" He accepted, we loaded everything up finished the transaction at the bank and I went home. Next week I had the bike at the dealer to get some recall work done and they casually inform me I need a new final drive. I thought, no, there must be some mistake, the bike only has 7,000 miles, how could a hard part like that fail? Alas it needed a new final drive and I wasn't willing to pass that problem along. I got that done, did I mention the cost was only $2,200?

As you might imagine I tried in vain to fall in love with that bike. I did a 1,200 mile weekend and thought "shit, I am simply never going to love this bike, I better get rid of it." Over the course of the next six months I received more CL bullshit than I have ever experienced, to include several people that saw the bike when the original owner posted it, but didn't move fast enough. They were accusing me of over pricing.

Anyway, I hated the bike so much I rode it about 50 miles to a huge multi-line dealership who had told me on the phone they would buy it, but when I got there there said the auction price was $4,200 but they didn't want it, even at that price. By the way, I was ready to sell for WHATEVER they offered. I kept the ad on Craigslist for $6,500 then an amazing thing happened. Two buyers showed up at the same time.

The first guy sat on it and asked me a bunch of questions then said "okay, I'll take it. I'll give you a deposit then come back this weekend and pick it up. As you can imagine I was THRILLED but wait, it gets better. The second buyer says "wait Chris, I brought cash and I'll give you $7,000!" He pulls the envelope out of his pocket and now I was mystified. I didn't know what to do, the first guy, in good faith, offered me my asking and I hadn't staged this bidding war. I said "um, hold on a minute, I'm not sure what to do, let me think about it" at which point the first guy's wife said "hey, take the $7,000. We helped you get an extra $500. Thank you for even considering what to do, don't feel bad"

I was like "uh, okay. Sold" We went inside and completed the paperwork. I had so much gear I included a helmet, jacket, and gloves for him and his wife, talked with these nice people for a bit, then sent them on their way, or so I thought. 5 minutes later I was on my way to Wells Fargo to deposit cash, hoping I hadn't just taken a bunch of funny money in exchange for my BMW. The new owner was down the block stuck in top gear confused as to why the bike wouldn't move. I had to deliver a training session on how a motorcycle transmission worked, discuss throttle and brake use, then a shaky new owner rode away. Finally I rushed to Wells Fargo to discover the cash was in fact genuine.

All in all a joyous experience.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Is there...
« on: 10/21/16 12:12PM »
A happier time than bike shopping with an empty garage?


Miscellaneous / XT Racing Ultra lap timer
« on: 06/02/16 06:15PM »
XT Racing Ultra lap timer



Miscellaneous / XT Racing Ultra lap timer
« on: 06/02/16 06:11PM »
XT Racing Ultra lap timer



"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Palomar ride 6/5
« on: 06/02/16 07:48AM »
I miss my Alps birthday trip from two years ago so I'm spending this weekend on and around Palomar mountain.  Arriving Saturday morning at Harrahs and would like to invite you all to join me for some motorcycle fun starting with MotoGP at Harrah's Resort Sunday morning:

777 S Resort Dr, Valley Center, CA 92082 at 5 am.

Ride to top of Palomar and surrounding areas.

Palomar meeting time 9 to 10 am Sunday at the top, then ride from there.

Miscellaneous / Office desk for sale
« on: 06/01/16 06:50PM »
I was going to put on flake-list for $150

OCMOTO price $75.


Racing Headquarters / Nicky Hayden.
« on: 04/23/16 09:41PM »
Given his recent performance in world superbike on a Honda I wonder what he could have done in recent years in motogp on a competitive bike.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Motorcycle trailers
« on: 04/19/16 04:20PM »
Clearly, the Kendon is best built, but also the most expensive trailer out there.

Has anyone had experience with this little jewel?

Parts For Sale / Autocom System $50
« on: 04/06/16 06:11AM »
Multiple audio in, rider/passenger communication, and much more.  Looks like the complete set up with Sirius included for $50.  This came with the K bike I was so happy with and I want it gone.


« on: 04/04/16 10:35AM »


Track Days / Auto Club Speedway April 24th
« on: 03/30/16 06:57PM »
I'm going to ride my supermoto 4/24 at ACS.  Is anyone else going?

I'm going to rent a truck, or will pay for help with transportation.

 :31: :31:

Racing Headquarters / World Superbike Round 1 SPOILER
« on: 02/29/16 10:45AM »

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