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"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Asuza Canyon ride this Saturday
« on: 04/04/19 05:24PM »
Asuza Canyon Ride. Meet @ Stanton DMV, 8am This Saturday. KSU 8:30am. Full gear recommended.

Track Days / Something to keep watch.
« on: 01/31/19 05:40PM »|tpfn-tbt-icymi&utm_content=common-tread-news-tbt-icymi&utm_term=could-this-lawsuit-affect-track-days-and-club-racing-013119-|tpfn-tbt-icymi

Let's see how this pans out...

« on: 09/25/18 12:09AM »
What's up OC Moto!!!!!
Holy crap it's been years since i been on this forum! Wonder if all my old buddies are still around?!!!!

Anyway, when i first started on here, i had an 06 gsxr1000... Moved out of OC, got a few different bikes since then... '12 R6, '07 CBR 1000... Couple of accidents  :34: ... But now I'm back with an '15 gsxr1000  :31: been slowly modding to my taste. Recently added '11 headers, Racefit Mega slip on and supporting exhaust and weight reduction mods... soon to have a different set of fairings and powder coat current wheels or preferably buy another set... But glad I'm back on here with all the cool people and old farts  :30:

Bikes For Sale / My R6 for sale
« on: 01/02/15 04:53PM »
2012 R6 for sale. $9700 OBO, 10400 miles, clean title, new tires, fender eliminator, HID lights, and slip on loud mouth exhaust are the only


New Members / Old Memeber, New Bike!
« on: 06/14/14 01:30PM »
Finally back on 2! been out of the game since I was rear ended back in July of last year and OH MAN does it feel great to be riding again!!!  :17:

Apparently this girl ive been dating financed a bike for her ex which ended up gong to jail for drugs  :24:  So i gladly took over the payments of $200/mo for a 2012 R6  :42:  :27:  only 3700 miles and was stock except for exhaust.. cant tell which brand but i recently put on a fender eliminator, a few spikes and will be putting on shorty levers very soon.

I think this will be temporary as i really miss the power of a 1 Liter (I was rear ended  on my '06 GSXR-1000). Either way, I can enjoy splitting lanes and not waiting an eternity in traffic anymore lol.
Glad to back to be back on here, to meet new ppl, see old friends, and join in more rides and meets! see you guys out there  :27:

Miscellaneous / need a room for rent
« on: 08/23/13 01:03PM »
anyone need a roomate or know if anyone that needs? i can pay $500 or so a month.

Off Topic / HockeyRyan??????
« on: 07/18/13 02:41PM »
Hey bro, did you change your number? LOL

General Motorcycle Discussion / noooo
« on: 07/13/13 10:35PM »
i was rear ended yesterday  :-[  Luckily i was catapulted forward from the seat and landed on my palms, rather then underneath the car along with my bike. my back is sore, probably from whip lash and my wrists are hurt from the fall.. this was about a 20-30pmh impact. Thank God it was only my bike!

$11k obo. Clean title in hand.  only 1700 miles. 848 evo 2012. cherry.  you wont get a bike with this low miles at this price! this will not last. bike located in Beverly Hills. contact me to go see it 714.232.5933

Parts For Sale / tons of stuff for sale
« on: 04/03/13 01:17AM »
for sale or barter.. looking for a left control/switch for my 06 gsxr 1000 and a stator cover..

check the link, pictures are previews of a couple of things im selling..

Misc. Motorcycle Videos/Pictures / my baby..
« on: 03/24/13 02:55AM »
Wanted to show off my baby  :27:

She's a K6 GSXR1000. When I found her, she had a clean title, 22k on the odo, an oil leak, and cracked fairings. With that said, I bought her from this real chill cat on CL for $3800!! :31:

Since then, Ive added new fairings (you can tell the paint on the fairings doesnt exactly match the paint and pin stripe on the gas tank), changed out the Yoshi RS-3 exhaust (for sale btw), re-upholstered the seat, and added a few more "upgrades".

Complete mods are K&N filter, re-mapped ECU, Pazzo shorty levers, 6k HID (Hi and Low's), Barnett Performance Clutch Springs with clutch mod, fender eliminator kit, Go-Pro Hero1, squid red spikes throughout, Lockhart Phillips handlebar/frame/swingarm sliders, and an M4 GP shorty exhaust.
Just put some new Michelin Pilots also, courtesy of SuperChicken  :29:

first pics are when I first got her.. the last pics are the most recent. enjoy!

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Unity Run for Bike Clubs
« on: 03/02/13 08:36PM »
Another Unity Run for Bike Clubs.... its on my FB event, so I thought id share here. One of my good bud's from  ELA Bikers is running it. LMK if anyone wants to ride. Im coming from Torrance and we will be follow the other clubs.. this is a 200+ rider ride...


Meet at 9:30 at end of the 91 fwy, cross streets - Western and Artisa in the city of Torrance at the Chevron. KSU by 10:00, then meet with the rest of the riders in LA. LA riders will be leaving @ 10:30-11am, so we have time to meet and greet.


Its an event in FB.. so I thought id share here..

I was originally from Fullerton, but i moved to Torrance recently. If anyone wants to go, you guys can ride to me here, then we would go to the meet after.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Black Friday Ride
« on: 11/21/12 03:31PM »
Route/Destination: TBD
Time: TBD

I just want to ride, let's make plans and set something up!  Not really looking for a canyon run, I want to take me girl around with me...

No preference where, I just want to ride this Sunday morning...  Maybe hit some canyons or ride to LBC for some practice or watch some stunting?

WHEN: Sunday Funday Morning ride, meet @ 7:30am, KSU @ 7:45am

MEET: Chevron east off the 5 & Ortega Hwy

ROUTE: Ortega-to the Lookout-Down to the Marina? some peeps have to be back @ the chevron by 10am

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate*

call or text me if anything 714 232 5933

Skill Levels Defined:
Beginner -   You have been riding your motorcycle for at least 3 months (hopefully more) and have confidence that you can ride around streets without any issues eg. stopping at stop lights, not stalling the bike, not falling over etc, making u-turns, etc.

Intermediate -    You have been riding for at least 6 months (hopefully more) and feel comfortable enough to handle twisty roads as found in local canyons. You are mature enough to understand going slow is okay and not to try and keep up with riders that are faster than you as it will result in a crash.

Expert -    You have been riding for years and hopefully been riding with the members going on the ride long enough to know how they ride.

Gear For Sale / WTB Icon Styker Vest in Large
« on: 10/11/12 08:53PM »
Any1 got? Hollaaaaaa! Got gsxr parts for trade too

just installed my HID's and my M4 gp shorty.. anyone wanna go for a ride right now? ill check back in 30-45 or so after i shower.. damn i stink lol.

Anyone going to Chapperal motorsports annual sale in San bernardino tomorrow? Just found out about it tonight... I plan on going around 8-9 if anyone wants to join.

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