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With all the rumors out there now about Suzuki coming back into the MotoGP game for 2014, Will Kawasaki be joining the party?

Suzuki has been the horse that gets kicked around for not being able to win another GP Championship since Roberts' did it in 2000. They have basically folded and left for Superbike and Supersport class racing where they can boost there domestic sales. Suzuki's prototype machines are being spied again, Suzuki is having talks with Dorna about 2014 rule specifics...The question now rises if Suzuki is confirmed for MotoGP 2014, whats stopping Kawasaki from trying to join the game again also? In my opinion, pretty much nothing..In 2012 so far, Kawasaki is having one of their best years in World Supersport (leading points standings) and World Superbike with third in the points standings. This is better than they have had the luck to enjoy in previous years, like since Russel was winning in '93...Anyways, last time Kawasaki was in the MotoGP game, they were using a Suter Racing made frame/chassis package with their own prototype engine. Hopkins constantly complained about it being too small and cumbersome. Suter then wasn't as winning as they are now (having 2 constructors championships to its belt and with Marquez in Moto2 about to take another one) and also had less prototype machinery in development at the time. With Suter better sorted out as a usable chassis option once again, the options look better for Kawasaki to join the GP party once again. Honestly, I hope they do, as it would be better for the fans and for the sport. Feel free to voice your opinions and just want to say thanks for reading my thoughts. Cheers!


Hey guys, just saying whats up. I've been around many other forums, typically gun stuff or my R1 forums but i just found this and think it's right up my alley. Ride safe and hope to see you guys around these bikenights or rides coming up. I just got done with my 2003 R1 newschool project so now it's time to ride.Cheers :17:


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