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Helmets / Shoei Qwest
« on: 07/26/12 09:35PM »
So I'm thinking about retiring my RF-1000 soon, and was looking for a replacement. I currently ride a SV650N, and was taking a look at the Qwest because Shoei advertises it as designed for a more upright riding position.

Can anyone who owns this helmet provide feedback regarding how they like it? webbikeworld touts it as their 2010 Helmet of the Year, and I was wondering if I could get the opinion of my friends on OCmoto. Looking specifically for ventilation and overall noise levels.


So I've been riding my little Ninja 250 for about 2 years now. It's a great little bike, and super fun. But as most riders that have owned or ridden one, you have to admit it does have it's shortcomings. I find myself looking for more power while trying to pass on the freeway, and being buffeted by the wind is also a little alarming. I'm planning on keeping 250 for both commuting and fun, but want to add another bike to the stable for longer distances and variety.

I have a thing for standard/naked bikes. I used to want a sportbike, but after attending the Kawasaki demo event @ Anaheim Stadium and test riding the 600, I realized it's not really for me. I didn't mind the riding position, but what annoyed me was that just kinda pushing the engine in 3rd gear got me in triple digit speeds. I attended the Ducati Demo ride back in 2009, and remembered that I really, really liked the Monster 696. Them V-twins be sexy, and pull.

So I have my eyes on the Ducati M796, SV 650N, Honda 919, and a Ducati SF848. I know we have a couple naked/standard bike riders here, am I missing any? I do realize that Ducati's are a little more maintenance intensive, but I don't mind shelling out an extra $300-400 a year to maintain it, as the Ninja will be handling most of the commuting. The Suzuki SV650N is also a viable option, but I'm kinda scared that since it got discontinued, part scarcity will be a problem down the road. Didn't even consider the gladius because it looks hideous, lol.

For people that have ridden/owned one or more of bikes, could you share your opinions on what were things you liked and disliked? Right now I'm leaning toward the M796, but was looking for input from my friends @ OCmoto. Thanks!

Shops / OCMoto's Rec on SBN
« on: 12/21/10 01:23PM »
Hey guys, its been a while, haha. I'm looking to fix my bike since I blew out my engine October of 2009, and finally started working so I can pay for the repairs. Is Superbike Nation was still in good standing with OCmoto? (They only have 3.5 stars on

Snapshot recommended Apex Moto a long time ago, but after some research, I've found it's been blacklisted, and didn't like the way they treated their customers, so there's no way I'm taking my bike there.

I need a motorcycle repair shop that will do the following

1) Pick up my bike (As it's non-operational)
2) Source a new engine for a pre-2008 Kawi Ninja 250R (one of the old ones, lol)
3) Swap out the engines
4) Put in a new chain (I left the bike at SBN for a looong time and the chain rusted)
5) Clean the carbs

Anyone have any recommendations for me? I'd like to start riding with you guys again :)

So I'm helping a friend look for KTM fairings, and don't know where to start looking for them! Ron Ayers looks like they carry only Japanese bike parts, and using google didn't turn out any positive results. Thats when I figured I could ask my buddies at OCmoto, hehe.

So where would you start looking for replacement OEM fairings for bikes like KTM?

Pants, Jackets, Suits / Schott's 141 Cafe Racer Jacket
« on: 08/13/09 08:44PM »
I was thinking about getting one of these jackets just for casual wear. Do any of you guys have experience with this brand? How do you like it, and how does the sizing compare to Dainese? I'm torn between a 38 and a 40, and wear a 38 Dainese Newsan.

Off Topic / Blackberry PINs?
« on: 08/06/09 05:46AM »
Who here has a blackberry? I just got one and would love to add OCmoto people to my BBM list.

Minez: 20EE857D

If you add me, make sure to add OCmoto: username so I know who I'm adding :)

Off Topic / Recommend me a laptop
« on: 04/24/09 05:52PM »
My most current laptop has been with me for 4 years, and has recently decided to die on me (I think the graphics card gave out) and with the money that I need to fix it with, I can buy a new laptop. Which begs the questions,

A) Which laptop is the cheapest / bang for the buck? My requirements are that it have moderate hard drive space (150GB+), 2GB+ RAM, an okay enough graphics card to use photoshop with, and wireless (N capabilities would be nice). Not required but wanted is an HDMI out that I can plug my Sharp AQUOS into for kicks and giggles.

B) Which laptop do YOU think I should get, regardless of the specifications outlined above. This means your recommendation and reasons as to why I should get this computer instead.

C) Should I just build my own desktop using parts sourced from different retailers, and just use my LCD TV as a big ass 37" screen? I'm going to be commuting from home next semester, so I was wondering if I should just build an owny desktop at home, and use their computers at school, using a USB key to carry the files that I need.

Miscellaneous / Anyone need engine oil?
« on: 04/18/09 01:46PM »
Headed out today to buy a filter, oil, and oil drain pan. When I was at Autobacs on Beach today, I found out that ALL their motorcycle oil was at 70% off. If you need an oil change soon, you might need to head out there. A lot of 10-40, 20-50, didn't see any 5-40 though. And they didn't have Shell Rotella T  :(

12645 Beach Blvd. Stanton, CA 90680

Off Topic / Weight Lifting / Getting Healthy Again
« on: 04/09/09 04:29PM »
Like many, I started college a fit, sexy 18 year old. After trashing my body for 2 years, I've gained 20 pounds, gained 2 inches around my midsection, and am receiving comments from family. I'm finally sick of it, and am motivated to start changing. I was wondering what schedules you guys recommend for lifting and what worked for you. Also, please post up any tricks or habits you picked up with eating healthy / right. So far, this is what I pulled from one of their stickies.

- Workout 3 times a week with weights.
- Eat 1g protein / lb lean body mass.
- Reduce calories to lose 1-2 lbs / week.

This is what I'm reading right now. It is a Great Wall of Text.

I joined and started a bodyspace blog to track my progress. Anyone else doing this as well? I think it may be a good source of motivation to see the results / changes you make over time.

EDIT: Adding weight loss checklist straight from their sticky:

1. Create a calorie deficit. A good starting point is your current weight x 12.
2. Eat 6 meals a day, each containing a lean protein and complex carb.
3. Drink 8+ glasses of water per day.
4. Eat 2+ servings of vegetables per day.
5. Perform at least 20 minutes of high intensity cardio at least 3x per week.
6. Train with weights vigorously at least 3x per week.
7. Consume 1g protein per lb. of lean body mass.
8. Train your abs a maximum of 3x per week.
9. Take a multivitamin daily and use protein shakes as a meal replacement.
10. Limit your cheat meal to 1x per week.

Gotta run back to class, and don't have my email up, so posting this link to some pictures taken in March at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show!

I found these vids on another motorcycle forum and wanted to share. May answer some of the questions that the newbies have about the different companies :D

Shops / +1 For Cycle Gear
« on: 03/19/09 06:52PM »
So today I was stopping by the Cycle Gear in Fullerton just to pick up some Plexus Cleaner, Helmet Cleaner, and MAYBE a Spectra Gold visor for my RF-1000. Looking to spend around $60-70 for all the stuff. Let me tell you how I ended up charging $310 to my credit card.

I got the cleaner and Plexus, put them on the counter, and started looking at the CX-1V visor shields. THEY ARE A WHOPPING $69.99 for the shiny ones! (Gold, Chrome, Blue) I was like no way I'm going to pay that much. As I was putting it back, however, I notice there is a little red tag on one of the gold visors on the rack. So I take it out and inspect it. It was a clearance tag >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D

There was a defect on that specific visor, a small crack that you can barely see on the bottom of the visor. In fact, on my helmet now, I can't even tell that it's there. The clearance tag has a time-variable discount system. When put back in stock, it's 20% off. After a month, the discount goes up to 40%, and after two months, it increases to 60% off. This baby had been sitting on the rack since June of last year, so I swiped them immediately. Put them on the counter and I remembered that that I was looking for a set of leather pants. Last time I was @ the Dainese store, they had a 50, which I couldn't zip up, and a 54, which was a tad too loose. So I head over to the Dainese rack to see if they had a 52 that I could try on. I was flipping through the rack when I saw it in my size. But a small flash of red caught my eye. It was on clearance too. :27: :27: :27: :27: :27: :27:

I tried it on, and it fit perfectly. These pants were put on clearance on 2/16, so I barely made the 40% mark. Ended up getting them for $239.99 before tax. I think I'm going to Cycle Gear moar now  :7:

Price breakdown:

SF Unperfed Leather pants (239.99)
Spectra Gold Visor (26.00)
PRO Clean Helmet RENEW (6.99)
Plexus Polish 13oz (12.99)
+Tax (22.32)

= (310.29)

Pics of the tags / visor / pants

Gloves / Glove Recommendations!
« on: 03/12/09 10:20PM »
So my gloves got stolen yesterday. They were Dainese Hellracers, and I'm very sad that they are gone. I was wondering if the wonderful people at OCmoto could recommend to me their favorite gloves. I don't mind paying a little extra to get quality stuff, because I know that if I expense it over its life of 2+ years (Gloves that expensive better hold up for that long), then it should be more reasonable than changing $50 gloves every 6 months or so. What are your favorite gloves?

From Dainese I was looking at their Duel and Hellracers, and from Held I was looking at the Phantom, Akira, and Thrux. God these gloves look so sex.






Crash Stories / I Officially Hate Wednesdays
« on: 03/11/09 07:59PM »
So on the way home for dinner today, things were going smoothly. I revved up the engine, let the clutch go a little...

a little too hard. I jerked back, my right wrist twisting the throttle, not helping the situation.

The bike lurched forward. Fast. No problem, I just need to make a right tur... oh shit. I'm going to hit the security station.

I grab a whole bunch of brake and jam on my rear as well. I feel the bike lose traction from underneath and say to myself "better an embarassing lowside than an even more embarassing head on collision resulting in insurance claims / damages." I hit the pavement with my hip and elbow receiving the brunt of the impact. THANK GOD FOR GEAR. I would have shattered my elbow otherwise.

The security guard comes out asking if I am okay, helping me collect scattered pieces of faring from off the ground. I bid him thank you and ride off into the sunset.

But it doesn't end there.

I notice that my handlebars are a little off as I ride back home. Took off my gloves and helmet, put the bike on its centerstand, took out the toolpouch in the back of the seat, I got to work, loosening the steering tree. Once it got loose, i noticed it was hard to make sure that it was aligned. So I got in my car, picked up my friend, and we got it fixed. So I'm about to drop him back off, when I notice I'm missing my helmet and gloves. I go in my room to get them, thinking I had left it in there when I realized I hadn't stepped in my room since I got back. Look around moar and they are no where to be seen.

Are you serious? Did I get jacked after dropping my bike?

I'm still a little bitter over it because those were my favorite pair of gloves ever. I could care less about the HJC helmet. But I want my gloves back! I hate Wednesdays! (Wednesdays are when no one calls me back, msgs me back, and all this random bad luck shit happens to me. It's a running joke between my friends and I, haha)

On a lighter note, I learned that gear is really really important, and that my bike is still running,I can buy new fairings to make my bike into a color I like, and I can get a new white helmet ;D

General Motorcycle Discussion / Need for Dealerships?
« on: 03/06/09 02:00PM »
I'm doing a critical thinking assignment for my writing class, and an article came up with an interesting concept. If we could buy contacts, used cars, alcohol, guns, and sex online, why can't we buy new cars / motorcycles online? Why do dealerships exist? I would understand that they are logistically salient in the 1980's as they are part of the distribution chain for manufacturers, but with the development of the internet, we no longer have the need for such a convention. Dealerships tack on $1500 on average to the manufacturers price, and then turn it around to sell to the individual. If we could purchase straight from manufacturers, then shipping a motorcycle from the plant would be like what, $500, 700 dollars extra?

I compare free market capitalism to darwinism, where the most efficient companies survive. And with the development of the internet, firms had to step up their game even more. Case point in Circuit City. Shoddy management and poor asset management / capital structure lead to the demise of Circuit City, which was just recently lauded for jumping from a good company to great company just a year or two ago. Is the legislative branch really so backward that they would cling to vestiges like dealerships rather than advance the goals of society? What are your thoughts?

I've been reading posts about people riding Ortega and GMR lately, and have been a little curious about canyon riding. After riding the streets for a while, I've gotten a little frustrated with the pace of traffic lights, signs, and car driver error.

I was thinking of hitting up the State Highway 2 which is maybe 20 miles away from downtown LA. I had a couple of questions for you guys. First, for people like SlickRick who live near the area, where are some of the roads you guys like to ride,what tips you have for a newb regarding riding in the twisties, what are the best times to go and ride these roads (I was thinking weekdays at maybe 10AM?), and what kinds of things to look out for. Sorry if the questions are kind of newbish, but feel free to contribute if you feel you can contribute to something I haven't covered yet.


Off Topic / Where Have You Been, and Where to Next?
« on: 02/14/09 02:46PM »
I was just curious as to where people on the board have gone. I've been to a lot of countries, but Japan by far was my favorite. I went with two of my friends last winter and had a blast clubbing, drinking, and picking up girls  >:D >:D >:D

Post pics and tell us where you want to go next! I heard Princess Cruises are the shit so I think I want to go on a cruise with them next to Mexico!

Off Topic / Kollaboration
« on: 02/12/09 01:09PM »
Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you guys know that my club will be selling tickets for the upcoming Kollaboration show. Its on February 21st @ the Shrine Auditorium near Downtown LA. For those that don't know about it, its a talent show that showcases the asian talent we have across the nation. I remember it because one time David Elsewhere appeared on the show and did some disgusting dance moves, but that's off topic  :32: :32: :32:

<a href=";hl=en&amp;fs=1" target="_blank" class="new_win">;hl=en&amp;fs=1</a>

This year, BoA will be performing, so take the chance to go see her for less than $50 :)

Off Topic / Valentines Day!
« on: 02/11/09 09:11AM »
Some people call it a Hallmark Holiday. Others call it romantic. Japanese girls see it as an excuse to fatten up the boys they like with chocolate. I'm going to get wasted cuz it's my birthday and hope I don't do anything stupid with the ex, lol.

What are your guys' plans?

EDIT: Aw crap. I just realized I posted this in the wrong wrong section. Mods, please move? I fail at using the internet, sorry  :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X

General Motorcycle Discussion / Honda Hornet? Hmmmmm
« on: 02/03/09 11:49PM »
I was browsing, and came across a sick looking naked bike. 

I was thinking about getting SV650, CBR600rr, or Monster after learning on my Ninja 250, but I don't know now. The Hornet looks really cool! Does anyone on the forums have this bike? Or seen / rode one? What did you think?

I'm getting bit by this riding bug hard. I was on my way home after hip-hop practice today and was nearing the residential area where I turn in to go home. I just kept on going with the stupidest grin on my face. And didn't go home until 40 minutes later.

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