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Gear For Sale / Dainese Leather Jacket Size 50EU $40
« on: 03/02/20 03:47PM »
Dainese light leather jacket. This jacket is more of a light weight leather jacket with minimal protection than a sport riding jacket. There is elbow and shoulder armor (flexible) and has a back protector pocket. There is a small hole and scratches on the underside of the right arm due to an accident my friend had while wearing it.

I have a pair of Bohn Armor Adventure pants in size medium. These are designed to be worn under street jeans or moto jeans and provide quite a bit of armor. knees, thighs, hips and coxyx. I use to wear these prior to acquiring over pants, essentially the opposite of what these are. For the most part, these are unnoticeable and are fairly comfortable except in the hottest of weather. Great in winter under good moto jeans, as the added layer provides an extra bit of warmth.

More info available at Bohns website:

Gear For Sale / Sliders Ridng Pants size 34x30 $30-$40
« on: 03/02/20 03:44PM »
I have 3 pairs of 'Sliders' riding pants. Two are Denim jean style and one is a Cargo pant type. All three have quite a bit of Kevlar on the front and rear insides of the pants, have knee armor pockets, with varying height adjustment (No armor installed) and one pair (Boot cut) has hip pads (installed). All are size 34x30 and are a bit roomy , enough so that you can wear full size race boots under them. (Dependent on boot size of course).

Brown Cargo Pants (worn and faded) $30

Blue Jeans (Like new) $40

Black Boot Cut Jeans (NEW) $40

Gear For Sale / TCX X-Sqaure WP Boots Size 41 $25
« on: 03/02/20 02:27PM »
I have for sale a pair of TCX X-Square WP boots. These are low cut boots that look more like a driving shoe than a typical motorcycle boot. I've had these for a while but they are still in decent shape, although the tips of the underside of the boot are showing a little wear through, they still feel solid and are pretty comfortable when walking around off bike. As for their "WP" (Waterproof) capabilities, I can say that they held up a few times I wore them in the rain but it's been a while since they've see any rain/wet weather. Possibly a reconditioning with some Nikwax might be worth doing.

I typically wore these when riding to job sites, as they are rather "stealthy" and didn't make it look like I was heading to the moon or getting ready for combat. As for fitment, TCX seem to run true to size and for me, they fit spot on! Size 41 EU is the equivalent to size 8 US and so far all of my TCX boots seem to fit perfectly.
I can say that boots of these type are more for looks than protection, I do feel that these boots have good protection in the areas that they are intended to cover. I had no reservation wearing them any time I rode and was not doing any real "spirited" riding. i.e. When commuting. One small gripe about these is the Velcro strap that covers the laces. The strap seems a bit short to me and sometimes getting it secured was a bit of a nuisance. Other than that these boots were my go to boots for a while. I ended up repairing another set of TXC boots (Jupiter 2) which are Gore-Tex and went back to wearing those instead.

The soles are a little worn and there is a small bit of wear on the tips of both boots (see photo)

The original price for these boots was from $99-$129 depending when you bought them. I'm asking $25

Gear For Sale / Dainese D-Dry Jacket Size 52 EU
« on: 03/02/20 02:19PM »
I have a size 52 Dainese D-Dry Jacket, I believe it is the Avro model but not 100% sure. It is a few years old but is still in good condition. The only issue I have had with it is the main zipper pull broke. The zipper is fine otherwise and I improvised and used a safety wire safety pin to replace the broken/missing pull.

The jacket is water proof, it's been a while since I wore it in the rain but when I did, it kept me dry. I did do a Nikwax treatment a few months ago but have not ridden in the rain yet. I bought a replacement jacket so I no longer need this one so it's up for sale.

I'm asking $60 for it and it even has a removable quilted liner and is very warm with it installed and is comfortable without it up to 75*F with the shoulder and back vents open. (At least for me it is)

The jacket has a few outer pockets and a rear pocket for a back protector, but only the internal pocket of the quilted liner would be waterproof. There is shoulder and elbow/arm armor, I believe it's CE Level 1.

Gear For Sale / Rev'it Summit2 H20 Large $40
« on: 03/02/20 02:08PM »
I have a pair of Rev'it Summt2 H2O gloves for sale. I've had them for about 1.5 years and they are in great shape. I recently purchased a set of replacement gloves so these are up for sale.

I'm asking $40 for them and can say the last time I used them they did get a little water logged but it was coming down pretty hard and it was a 2 hour ride to San Diego that day. I did a Nikwax treatment on them a few months ago just to refresh their water shedding abilities but have not ridden in the rain with them since that was done.

For the most part they are a good glove but they are not a true winter glove but do work fine for So Cal "winters", at least they have been for me.

Can send Pics if desired.

Here's a link to a review done by Revzilla.

I have a pair of Dainese X-Travel Gore-Tex gloves for sale. I bought these with the intention of using them with some heated glove liners, so they are one size larger than I would normally wear. I recently found a set of heated gloves that essentially ticked all the boxes of what I want in a heated glove so I'm selling these. I'm asking $125.00 Original price was closer to $249 but I bought them earlier this year on close out for $149.

I have only wore them a couple of times on the bike just to see how they would work and other than being a little more bulky with the heated liners in, they actually felt really good. They also worked well without the liners but they were slightly loose due to being one size up. Had they been my exact size, I'd definitely keep them. These are essentially brand new gloves, hence my asking price.

Two features that stood out for me are the touch tech finger tips, which allows you to use a touch screen/smart phone without having to remove the gloves. The other is the dual cuff system. Where an inner cuff goes under the jacket sleeve and the outer cuff goes on top of the jacket sleeve. If you ever ridden in the rain, you know how important having the glove under the jacket sleeve can be for keeping your hands dry.

NOTE: Can provide pics if desired.

Here is a video review from Revzilla for more info.

Pants, Jackets, Suits / Waterproofing
« on: 03/21/19 05:59PM »
So found this video on the web and it's pretty informative. Not all waterproofing is the same, we know this and this video helps explains the why and how.

Anyone planning on attending the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach in November? (Nov 16-18)  Looks like tickets go on sale today. $5 off promo code EBD19 (exp 9/9/18)

I went the past few years but it seems to be getting less attractive to me. Although I have been able to get some good show specials in the past, which is really the only enticement to go I have at the moment. I don't really need or want anything right now, I'll probably go anyway, if anything just to kill time and be around motorcycles and fellow riders.

General Motorcycle Discussion / One lucky dude!
« on: 02/27/18 08:25PM »
Anyone else seen this yet?! One lucky bastard!

I have a Medium Alpinestars AST jacket for sale. It's roughly 3 years old (at least that's what I recall) but in good shape. It was my commuter jacket for Summer and Spring and sometimes Fall. It is a textile jacket with good airflow but thick enough for keeping you a little warmer than pure mesh. There is no wind or water proof liner but does have the pants attachment zipper. It has shoulder and elbow/forearm armor (I believe it's A*s Bio Armor) and foam chest and back pads. I also have a Bionic Air hard back protector that fits the back armor pocket. I'm selling the jacket for $60 and the back protector for $25 or grab both for $75.

Front View:

Back View:

Inside View:

Chest and back soft armor:

Hard armor parts: (Shown with separate back protector)

Hard back protector:

Deals and Vendors / Gear blow outs
« on: 07/07/17 09:15AM »
I've been getting a lot of emails from various online retailers, STG, Revzilla, Motorcycle Gear, etc. Looks like a lot of good deals out there. Just saw one for a Rev'It jacket (Model: Shield Jacket) for $139.00 (Through 7/9/17) and it appears to be multi-seasonal. If you're in need of a new jacket, this one looks like a good deal.

Tales of the Road / WTF! Airplane crash lands on 405
« on: 06/30/17 10:05AM »
Wow! News just showed a small plane that crashed on the 405 freeway just shy of John Wayne Airport. Anyone see it happen?

I'm selling a pair of Scorpion SG3 MKII gloves. These are only a couple months old and have only been worn maybe 5-6 times. They are essentially new, yet slightly broken in. These gloves have a couple of nice features, one being the Knox SPS sliders on the palm, the other is they can be used with your GPS/Smart phone (tip of index fingers only). This came in handy a couple of times when I needed to change my route on my phone map app. The one drawback that they have is the dual wrist strap tabs are a little short, making it difficult to overlap and secure the two straps against one another. I have been doing them as tight as I can without overlapping the the two straps with good results. The thicker you jacket sleeve, the easier my method is to use. Since they also have a wrist strap, securing this well should help secure them to your hand.

I'm asking $75.00.

I have provided a link to the product page on Revzilla for reference. Other than the dual closure issue, these have been getting good reviews.

Actual glove pics. (NOTE: For some reason my email notifications stopped working so if you PM me, please post here letting me you sent the PM. Thanks)

Saw this news earlier this morning but looking pretty serious for Nicky Hayden. Hoping he pulls through!


Received an email this morning from the D-Store. I'm sure Tombiker will also post it but figured I'd do my part.

This Saturday meet at:
Dainese D-Store Orange County
1645 Superior Ave, Costa Mesa, California 92627

7:30 AM Meet

8:00 AM Kickstands up.

Ride Ortega Highway to the Lookout Roadhouse.

Beginning at 7:30 am, join us at the D-Store for coffee and donuts. At 8:00 we'll ride to The Lookout Roadhouse on Ortega Highway, where there will be food specials for participating riders.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Off Topic / So how about this weather?!
« on: 01/22/17 06:47PM »
Not sure what others have dealt with these past few days but it has been raining almost not stop today! Glad I ran a few errands yesterday on the bike, yet nothing to satiate the need for riding the curves! I actually put on my waterproof motorcycle boots today to take the dog out to do his business and I'm glad I did, the walkways around the complex here we so flooded my whole foot was under water in several sections. Even the grass areas were water logged.

This is about the wettest I've seen it here in So Cal in quite a while, although it has made a dent in the drought situation it sure has curbed the riding time! I did commute in the rain a few times and determined I need a new rain suit, I didn't have an issue with my boots. At least not until I hit a big pool of water, which the front tire directed a wave of water through both boots!  :4: Glad I was only three blocks from home at that point, would have sucked had this happened when I left SD two hours before.

Gear For Sale / Rev'it Summit H2O size XL
« on: 12/19/16 06:14PM »
I am selling a pair of Rev'it Summit H2O gloves, size XL. These are about a year old but only have been worn a few times. I bought these to go over some heated glove liners but they just don't seem to work well with one another. Although these are waterproof gloves, they have not seen any wet weather. I've only worn them with the glove liners in the cold and in the house trying to break them in but I just don't think they will work out for me. I'm asking $75.00

Brand new they went for ~$150 and are going for about $135 on closeout if still available. Some quick notes about them, as mentioned they are waterproof, the left hand glove has a visor wiper, the fore fingers and wrist areas have reflective striping. There is a hard TPU palm slider and knuckle protector.

Here are a couple of pics of my gloves and a written as well as a video review from Revzilla.

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