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Off Topic / Book Club (Mystery books)
« on: 07/12/17 12:08AM »
Hey guys and gals, I'm starting a mystery book club, meeting monthly in Newport Beach, and was wondering if any of you fine people would like to join? So far, we have 3 members, not including me, and I'd love to add a few more. Let me know if you're interested, and I'll add you to the facebook group. Thanks!

Legalities & Tickets / How to file lemon law claim?
« on: 07/17/14 01:29PM »
As the title states. My bike is broken for the 5th time since I bought it. It's had serious, life-threatening issues, first with brakes, now with intake/engine.

I was wondering if anyone has gone through the lemon law process and can provide me some guidance, or at least knows a good lawyer?

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