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General Motorcycle Discussion / I feel for the guy....
« on: 06/26/18 08:48AM »
So, yesterday, a coworker and I were the last two people in the office. He left first, and came back, telling my very sheepishly that he backed his car into my bike... which was the only other thing in our parking lot. Ugh. We went out to survey the damage. My Bonneville was under its cover, which is grey. He said that he didn't see it against our grey building. Thankfully it didn't tip over, but the rear fender is crunched. He offered to pay whatever it costs to fix it, along with whatever alcoholic beverage I choose. I told him just paying for parts would be fine, and I'd get a total for him.

Now, my black cover is faded to grey and due to be replaced, so I'm getting a new one in Hi Viz, and last night I totaled up a new fender and bracket at about $300. I gave my coworker my part list and bill when he got in this morning, and he was noticeably upset. Seems he had just gotten a ticket on the way in this morning, and then I dinged him for repairs to my bike.

Just isn't his day...

Hi all,

Just a heads-up, the Petersen Museum in L.A. is debuting a new motorcycle exhibit this Friday:

I'm a weekend tour guide at the museum, and have been seeing these bikes roll into our garage to be prepped for display. Very artsy bikes, worth taking a look. Plus, the Petersen has free, bike-friendly parking - just go around the parking barrier, and the motorcycle parking area is on the first floor in the northwest corner.

Hi Guys, I picked up a flyer at Cyclegear recently for Streetmasters workshops. They have a cornering workshop at Willow Springs for $390. Iím always interested in sharpening the skills. Anyone have any experience with these workshops?

4 creates automotive t-shirts based on user-submitted artwork, and only offers each design for one day. They do a motorcycle shirt rarely.

If you ride a KLR, this is your shirt! Go check out the website today!

Because it's cold! My temp hit 31.9 in Santiago Canyon on the way to work this morning. I forgot that the readout starts flashing around 34 as an ice warning. I saw a guy coming the other way, hunched over, I think he had one hand on his engine to keep warm.

Parts For Sale / Honda Nighthawk 750 parts
« on: 01/29/18 06:34PM »
Hi all,

I have some parts for a Nighthawk 750, 1991-2003. Tachometer, side panel, clutch cable and brake pads. All OEM. Listed here:

Also have some rear shocks. Let me know if I have something you need!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Cool billboard in L.A.
« on: 11/20/17 09:37AM »
Saw this billboard on Saturday on Western Ave. in Koreatown. A little Photoshop work with the promo poster for the last Mission Impossible movie, and you've got one heck of an ad for your food delivery app!

I finally got back on two wheels this morning for the first time in over a month. I broke my left foot at the shifter contact point. Nursed my BMW home from being stuck at the office a little over a week ago, and had to limit shifts to keep the pain down.

Then, no choice, had to set up and work a trade show all last week in Vegas. My phone clocked me at about eight miles a day on foot, so it had to heal up whether it wanted to or not.

Rode the Bonneville in this morning for the first time back, since it shifts a little easier. This was funny- right before I hurt myself I got new tires for it, but hadnít ridden on them yet. The soft new rubber must have flat spotted sitting for a month, because when I started riding this morning, it was really bumpy for the first few minutes. After that it was great, and Iím just happy to be riding again!

Well darn it, looks like Iíll be in the cage for a while. Just had an accident at work, and broke my left foot just where a motorcycle shifter hits your foot. Since I canít ride home, my bike will have to be stranded at work. My boss is cool, but our shop space is limited. If I canít keep it here until I can ride, I may be in need of someone who can ride it home for me or help transport it.

Now letís see if I can push the clutch on my car...

Due to an extensive home renovation that required my garage to store materials and tools, I had to put my car and Bonneville in storage and just had room for my BMW for transportation for the past two and a half months .

Now that the work is done and I can move my car back in, I'm not in a hurry. Turns out the storage container my car is in (on my office property) is now blocked anyway.

I really didn't miss having a car, and I have a truck at work to use for daytime errands pertaining to business.

Probably helped that weather was good, if not very hot lately. I've always wondered what it would be like to depend solely on a bike. Guess I could manage.

General Motorcycle Discussion / AM radio app
« on: 07/20/17 08:24PM »
I like to listen to 1070 am in an earbud on the way to and from work. The TuneIn radio app is klunky and lately has had a bunch of weird movie sound effects that take over for several minutes at a time.

I've tried a few apps that are weak suck. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good am radio app?

I heart radio doesn't carry 1070 knx. Thanks

I'm so bummed... two sucky things happened today. First, I dropped my $9 single Bluetooth earbud when I took off my helmet in a parking lot. It rolled away from me down a slope right as a car was pulling into the lot, and of course it got run over.

Than I got home and as I pulled stuff out of my Givi Monokey trunk I noticed it was loose. Seems the M5 mount plate split on both sides. Most likely from "plastic fatigue" after about five years of use, so I probably don't have a lot to complain about. I'm car-less at the moment however so my trunk is essential.

Doing a quick search, looks like Givi now has an M7 mount plate. Anyone happen to be using one, and if so would you recommend it? I need to get another mount plate asap.

Hi all,

If you prefer Castrol, O'Reilly has full synthetic bike oil on sale for $7.99 a quart.
10/40 and 20/50. Good deal!

Tales of the Road / A new high for riding idiocracy
« on: 05/08/17 07:24PM »
I thought drivers in Las Vegas were bad. Never thought about the riders much till I saw this...

So, left Las Vegas Speedway after an event, getting on I-15 in a truck/trailer. As I get up to speed, I came upon this scene, traveling at about 15 mph in the right of two lanes. Both ragged-out sport bikes. Biker 1 has his flashers on. Bike 2 is apparently dead, with biker 2 reaching out and holding on to the back of bike 1, being pulled along. As can be imagined he's wobbling quite a bit. I'm waiting for him to fall over.

As I'm slowing down I'm trying to figure out what the heck I'm looking at. I put my flashers on and stayed behind them, figuring they're trying to limp a bike that just died off of the highway, and figured this was more exciting than pushing it or calling someone for help.

As they got to the next exit, I figured I'd follow them off and see if I could help. They didn't get off at the exit. They passed it and kept going. Being a Sunday evening traffic was light, but, there were other cars whizzing by in the left lane. It soon became evident that these guys were pretty much just morons. Not much you can do to fix stupid, and I had somewhere to be, so I went around them and moved on after a while.

Hi all,

Just a quick and shameless plug for my weekend employer. The Petersen Museum in L.A. recently launched a new exhibit called Harley vs. Indian -

If you haven't been to the Petersen since their giant remodeling, it really is something you have to see. The new exterior architecture is very interesting, and continues to be rather controversial as well.

Metro Purple Line construction has the intersection of Wilshire and Fairfax torn up for the foreseeable future, so getting there on a bike is a good move to get through traffic, and once you get to the parking garage, just pass between the barriers and you'll find free, moto-friendly parking. I should have given a heads-up a while back, the museum just had a big motorcycle cruise-in to coincide with the launch of the new display. I was out of town, so it wasn't on my radar.

They do monthly cars-and-coffee style cruise-in shows each month in the parking garage. The next one, April 30, will be for Japanese cars. That one is always cool to see. I'm usually there every other Saturday giving tours in the basement garage, "The Vault". Lots of cool stuff down there!

Ok, longshot, but if the guy is on this board... to whoever rides a black sport bike, wearing a black one-piece riding suit in RSM, your daily commute is on Esperanza. Bike looks like it might be an R1.

My office is on Esperanza and Banderas, and you pass by a few times a day. If you're here, what kind of bike are you on, and what is the exhaust? It's the most awesome thing I've ever heard - sounds like a V8 Nascar engine.

Again, longshot, but you never know...

Fallen Riders / OC Sherriff Deputy down on 241
« on: 03/02/17 01:05PM »
I got caught in the traffic for this one (in my cage no less..) OC Sherriff Deputy down on the 241 South this morning. Report says she was sent to the hospital. Best wishes for a full recovery!

Hi all,

Saw a red and black Honda Shadow on the 55 South at the 5 at about 8:30 this morning. The bike was upright, and the rider was sitting on it, talking with EMTs. Looked like he was OK, and might have tangled with a utility truck in the car pool lane. Hope you're safe, buddy.

I used to ride the 55 from end to end for my last job, which kept lane splitting skills at their sharpest. Haven't had to do much splitting with my current job, but am at a conference in Santa Ana this week. Getting on the 55 at rush hour for the first time in quite a while was a wake-up call.

Hi all,
A while back, I put a post up looking for the use of a police car or motorcycle, or as close as I could get to one for a video project. Our company was shooting our annual Christmas video. I wasn't able to get anything close through my contacts, and even a post on Craig's, and with time running out, I did the next best thing.

Since my R1200R is arguably a stripped police bike, I made it into one as best I could. Here's our video. I'm riding the bike and playing Santa. My boss' pastor is playing the cop off of the bike, as he doesn't ride. We shot it on a fairly quiet road near our office in South OC, and an OC Sheriff Deputy came by to see what the heck we were doing. We were done shooting by then, or we might have asked him to participate! He got a laugh out of it once we told him what we were doing.

To give some context, our company makes digital instrumentation (dashes) and data logging equipment for race cars.

Figured I'd share the result. Enjoy!

Quick follow up, we found our bike for the video.

This post can be deleted!


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