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Off Topic / Leads on a residential ac condenser?
« on: 09/06/18 02:23PM »
My buddy in Rancho Cucamonga is in need of a new ac condenser.  Does anyone have any leads on some decent outdoor residential condensers?

Parts For Sale / Ruig Race Screens $50 each
« on: 07/16/18 02:08PM »
Puig Race screens for various bikes.  They may fit other bikes from the same manufacturer, these are just whats listed on the screen package.

4053F - 2006 Kawasaki zx10R or 2005 ZX6r, dark smoke
4365H - 2007 Yamaha R1    light smoke
4363H - 2007 GSXR1000    light smoke
4363F - 2007 GSXR1000    dark smoke
1332H - 2003-2004 CBR600RR Clear/dark smoke

All windscreens have original packing and are like new.  Pictures upon request. 

Asking $50 each.

Parts For Sale / ASV C5 Lever
« on: 07/16/18 01:28PM »
ASV C/55 sport brake lever.  Silver with black perch and adjuster dial.  Brand new with box/papers.
Fits the following bikes:

2004-2007 Aprilia RSV Mille and R model
2007-2008 Ducati 1098
2003-2006 Ducati 999
2003-2006 Ducati 749
2007-2008 Ducati S4R including S model
2005-2007 KTM Super Duke

$100 takes it.  I'm in Anaheim and can meet near here.  Shipping is a hassle, probably won't bother with it.  Just being honest.

Bikes For Sale / 2005 SV650S, 33k miles, Clean Title
« on: 07/16/18 12:49PM »
2005 Suzuki SV650S, low miles - 33,000, clean title in hand, adult owned, tons of upgrades.

Fast and full of torque, there's a reason these are the top performers in the SV Race series.

Upgrade list:
Racetech fork internals - $260 + installation
BMW M3 Headlight projectors with DDM Tuning HID lights. - $130
Low profile front blinkers - $20
Steel braided brake lines front and back (silver lines with blue ends) - $200
ASV shorty levers - $150
Woodcraft Frame protectors/sliders - $80
Rear tire hugger - $150
License plate delete - $30
Hot Hodies integrated undertail blinkers - $180
Rear brake light with integrated blinkers - $80
Back off brake module - $35
Yoshimura TRS race series slip-on exhaust - $400
Spare rear rim, with sprocket and tire. - $200
Custom paint scheme with custom painted tail cap.

Over $1900 in upgrades!!!!!

PM me and come see this fast beautiful bike out.

Last minute ride set up.  My Saturday morning just freed up and I'd like to take my bike out for a nice ride.  I know some of you guys already have plans to ride at GMR and Palomar, but I have a feeling those are more spirited than I want to take my 1100RT.

Is anyone up for a more relaxing ride in the morning?  Maybe Ortega, Santiago Cafe/Trabucco?  Even a ride down to the beach via Route 133, then up the coast to the HB area?

If I don't hear from anyone, then I'll just ride whatever/wherever I feel like in the morning.  (It's always nicer to ride with others though)

Took a ride through Ortega this morning, busy with cars earlier in the day than typical.  Great ride, great scenery etc. etc.

While riding I noticed something.  As I passed by riders going the opposite direection I gave the peace sign for being clear up ahead as usual.  What was unusual was the response I received.  Riders were not giving me the two fingers, instead they were giving me thumbs up.  When did we move to a thumbs up/down system for bikers?

I saw Javier up there on his CBR1000RR at the look out.  I don't think he noticed me though.  Also, backside, just a bit passed the look out was a CR-V (old model) or something similar pulled over with the front passenger side bumper torn apart and two bikes pulled over just after it; we passed by before the fire even got there.  As we passed I couldn't tell if the bikes were a part of the accident or just stopped becasue they saw something.  Anyone hear anything while they were up there today?

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Last minute Sunday 3/22 ride?
« on: 03/21/15 08:00PM »
I finished my honey-do list early this weekend and am itching to ride.  I took my RD up to cooks this morning for breakfast but that just wasn't enough for me.   

I'm looking to do a ride through the lake-side of Ortega Highway tomorrow but haven't been up there in about a year.  Has anyone been up there lately?   If so, what are the road conditions like?   Would anyone like to join me?

I like to ride the backside just below the cafe up and down a bunch and then split off around 1 or 2.  Nothing too fast or crazy, it ain't a track after all.  If you would like to go, post here and we can set up a time and meeting place.

I am also open to ride crestline as an alternative if that works better for anyone who is interested.

*note: this ride would not be on my rd, I'd be on my sv650.  Something with a little more thrill in the canyons.

Humidor/cigars sold!!

I've got some Vape products for sale as well.

The vapes:

1 Ego C
1 Ego C-Twist
1 Tank for said Egos
and a Chinese mod with tripple post igo 4-w on top.

The Egos come with a usb charger and the mod comes with a 4 bay Intellicharger i4.

All of the vapes work flawlessly but you will need a new battery for the mod.  The mod comes with a near new spool of 28 ga kanthal wire.

I'm asking $50 for all of the vape stuff, I'm honestly not looking to part it out individually so if you buy one, you buy it all.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post here and I'll respond as soon as I can.

Forgot to change photo links after i moved folders.  Hah :21:

Parts For Sale / Warp 9 front Rim Honda
« on: 11/21/14 09:45PM »
I have an unused Warp 9 front rim up for sale.  I originally purchased this as a spare for my CR250 when I was riding more often, times have changed, I'm riding dirt less and less so this guy us going up for sale.

This is an unused and like-new front rim with some very minor scratches on the lip.

Warp 9 part number is 89-12111, this is the standard silver in 21" x 1.6" and fits these Honda models:

1995 - 01 CR500
1995 - 2011 CR125, CR250

2002 - 13 CRF450

2004 - 13 CRF250R

The wheel will fit other model hondas (XR and CRF) but require the right spacer adapter from Warp 9 which runs around $40.

I know you can pick this guy up new for $375 from Warp 9 down to around $325 on Amazon.  I'm asking $250 due to the condition, I think this is a fair price considering what your getting.

Feel free to post here or PM me with any questions and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Parts For Sale / C/5 ASV brake lever
« on: 11/21/14 09:18PM »
Hi guys,

I have a brand new and in the box C/5 Sport ASV lever.  The ASV part number is BRC550 and is a long silver brake lever.

Lever is brand new, never installed, comes with the new plunger for the master cylinder and the UNUSED warranty card.

The lever fits these bikes:


2004 to 2007 RSV Mille/R


2007 to 2008 1098/S/Tricolor

2003 to 2006 999/S/R

2003 to 2006 749/S/R

2007 to 2008 S4R/S4Rs


2005-200 Super Duke

Im asking $75 for the lever, full retail is over $100 on this guy.  Feel free to post here or PM me with any questions.

Parts For Sale / Puig Windscreens
« on: 11/21/14 09:02PM »
Hey guys, (and the few gals on here), I have a few Puig Windscreens that are just taking up space and it's time for them to go.

All windscreens are in their original plastic bags with the screen trim and are in new condition. These will make the perfect upgrade or replacement for your scratched or damaged screens.

2007/2008 Suzuki GSXR 1000 light smoke Puig P# 4363H

2007/2008 Suzuki GSXR 1000 dark smoke Puig P# 4363F

20072008 Yamaha R1 light smoke Puig P# 4365H

2006/2007 Kawasaki ZX10R dark smoke Puig P# 4053F

I also have a clear one for a Honda CBR600RR, not sure what year it is or the puig p# but I believe its for around a 2006 or 2007 model.

I am asking for $60 each but will entertain any reasonable offers.

Feel free to PM me with any questions and I'll get back to you ASAP.  I don't have any photos on hand but can take some if you REALLY want them.  hah

Off Topic / Suggestions for pet friendly rentals
« on: 07/20/14 11:21PM »
Hi all,

I am hoping you guys can help me out here.  I am looking for an apartment that allows large dogs, more specifically an apartment that allows a Husky.  Most apartments I have seen don't allow large dogs and the ones that do allow large dogs have a list of "banned dogs".  Unfortunately these places don't list off what they have on their banned list.

So, rather than calling all of these places right off the bat I was hoping someone on here has had a similar experience and could recommend a place, or places, that allow huskies within the Orange county area. 

Thanks in advance,
O.C. SV650S

Gear For Sale / Shoei RF-1100 Seilon TC-1 Sz L
« on: 05/15/14 03:34PM »
Up for sale is a size large SHOEI RF-1100 Seilon TC-1 (red/blk). This helmet is in good condition and still has a couple of years worth of life left in it; I'd give it about a 7.5 out of 10. The helmet is a little too big for me and has recently been replaced with a proper fitting helmet for me.

The helmet is Snell 2010 certified (the most recent snell rating) and was manufactured in 12/10 and purchased in 12/12. The helmet comes with a 7-year manufacturer warranty from the date of manufacture and a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase. This still leaves you with 2.5 years worth of warranty and use left on it. I have taken great care of this helmet, I had to, I trusted my head to it. The helmet color and paint is in great condition, no fading or cracking; the only defects are two small nicks in the paint, which are noted in the pictures, that were caused by rock fly ups on the freeway.

The helmet will come with both 1 (one) original clear shield and 1 (one) blue/gold mirrored shield. The clear shield is very clean with no scratches as it was used for night time use only. The mirrored shield has a few very minor scratches across the front, nothing that would distract you while riding or cause issue to the vision. You will also get the Shoei scratch resistant helmet bag as well as the fog deflector and chin curtain that came with the helmet.

A thing to note is that I did change out the cheek pads through shoei's replacement program with a set of 41mm pads (stock is 35mm). This made the helmet fit a little better for me but it still wasn't enough. The new pads make the helmet fit as snug as it did when I first bought it.

So what you get is:
1 x L Shoei RF-1100 Seilon TC-1 (red/blk)
1 x clear CW-1 Shield
1 x Blue/gold mirrored shield
1 x Shoei Bag
1 x Set of fog deflector/breath guard

This helmet is a wonderful helmet, if it fit me better, I'd keep it, but it doesn't so its up for sale.

I am asking $100 for this helmet, I think this is a very fair price considering it's condition and remaining life left.  Think about it, the only thing you could pick up for this price would be an HJC or an Icon, neither of which come anywhere close to the quality or craftsmanship of the Shoei.

Please PM me or text me at (714) 905-4103 with any questions or offers that you may have. Please do not call as my busy schedule will not allow me to answer them quickly enough.

Parts For Sale / Suzuki Chain adjuster needed ASAP
« on: 05/06/14 09:28AM »
Hey guys,

I recently sheared the bolt on my SV650 chain adjuster and need to replace it ASAP so that I can continue to commute.

What I need is the chain adjuster block and backing plate from a 2nd gen SV650.  If you have one of these, please send me a message or PM me here ASAP.  I really need to get this bike back on the road and can't wait the two weeks the dealer is going to take to get it.

Thanks in advance guys.

Hey admins, or anyone else really,

Every time I open a topic in a new tab, it automatically jumps to the newest post made in that thread.  *Note: I am selecting the thread title, not the "New" button for the thread.*   Maybe I'm wrong, but I could have sworn that there was a way to make the initial post in the thread the post that the page would automatically jump to.

How can I remedy this?   I can't seem to find that option in any of the Profile options. 

Thank you in advance for the help guys.


Up for sale is my black/red Dainese Racing Pelle Leather jacket sized 44 us/ 54 euro. (for a reference, I am 5'11 and was 185lbs when I bought the jacket)  I purchased this jacket late last season and love it, very comfortable for a sport bike rider and an excellent feel once it broke in.  Once summer hit though it became too hot for me to wear so I put it away in favor of my textile jacket. 

Now that it is cooling off I am ready to wear the jacket again.  Fortunately for me, I lost weight this summer, unfortunately I lost weight this summer and the jacket no longer fits me.  So I am putting the jacket up for sale so that I can find another jacket a size smaller.

The jacket has never been down and is in wonderful condition, I made it a point to clean and condition the jacket every couple of weeks using the Dainese cleaning kit.  The leather is free from tears or stains, all buttons and velcro are in good condition and work flawlessly as well.  The metal pucks on the shoulders have minor scuffs from scraping against the wall in my closet.  There is a very small nick in the back of the right hand elbow as well but is hardly noticeable (shown in the photos).

The only issue with this jacket is that the main zipper is starting to separate from the jacket itself.  It has only just split passed the metal clasp at the bottom of the zipper. (also shown in the pics).  The jacket can still be zipped up, you just have to be careful with it.  The zipper can be replaced at any reputable leather company for a decent price.   

New, this jacket cost me $599.99 plus tax ($648 after tax).  Used this jacket goes for $400 easily, knowing the zipper is a little tweaked though I am only asking $280 for the jacket, darn good deal for the jacket.  If it fit me I would just repair it and continue using it but I need something a little tighter.

Please feel free to email or call me with any questions you might have. (714) 905-4103
I do have class throughout the week so if I do not answer please leave a voice mail and I will call you at a reasonable time when I am available.

The time has come for the 2013 Halloween Costume ride through Orange County.

When:    Sunday October 27th,  Kick stands up @ 11:00 AM
Start at:   Tustin Market Place
Attire:  Halloween Costumes encouraged

From the Tustin Market Place we will ride down jamboree to PCH (or East coast highway if you want to be technical).  We will then ride PCH down the coast to Huntington Beach and cruise Main St.  From here we will continue up to Yellow Devil where we will have lunch somewhere near Long Beach.  (suggestions on where to eat before hand are welcome, or we can wing it when we get closer.  hah)

I'll make sure to bring my gopros so that we can capture the whole experience.  The more cameras the merrier.

New Members / New to OC Moto.
« on: 09/02/13 10:11PM »
Hello all,

New to the O.C. Moto crowd, just thought I'd pop in and say hello to everyone.  New to OCMoto as I may be, I am not new to riding as I have been riding for quite some time. 

A little about myself, I ride a 2005 Suzuki SV650, it's a custom color scheme and (not to brag or anything, ok maybe a little) I guarantee it is the only one out there of it's kind.  I'm sure some of you here have seen if floating around the Fullerton/Orange area the past 10 months or so.  I have been riding dirt bikes for the past 11 years now and street bikes for the past 6 years so I have "some" knowledge under my belt.   ;D

Anyways, a gentleman from the SVRider forum pointed me in this direction and I have heard a little about this forum elsewhere as well so I figured it's time to sign up and drop in.  I'm honestly not into the whole squids at a bike meets so I'll be staying away from those posts, not to say all the meets here are full of squids but bike nights like the one at CycleGear and other venues of the sort are kind of filled with em. No, the reason I am here is because I recently got my Sundays back from work, meaning I now have time to ride and meet new riders out in the OC area.

So with that in mind, hello everyone and I hope to see some of you guys riding in the coming months.

Oh yah, and  :44:

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