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Came across this article on and found it interesting, It's a little out dated but I have watched every Moto2 race this season and during the onboard shots looking at the rider I am constantly seeing WP stickers on the forks. It's good to see more options on the market to keep the price competitive. I personally has K-tech fork valves and a Elka rear shock and have been pleased with the performance.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Race Tires
« on: 05/02/16 07:28PM »
Been out of the loop for a while. Anybody here know if Bridgestone race tires are available locally? I know CycleMall carried them but I don't believe they do anymore, then again I could be wrong.

If you don't follow Moto2 and Moto3 shame on you, but nobody's perfect. I forgive you if you start now, I'll even include a link to replay the races. If you do follow Moto2 and Moto3 last weekend we were blessed to experience one of the greatest motorcycling racing performances of all time.  Brad Binder riding a KTM machine who qualified second was relinquished of that starting position for using a non-homologated fuel map. Starting the race in dead last, 35th position after a great start and the most determined ride I have ever witnesses he worked his way to fourth and the back of lead pack with about 8 laps to go. I won't ruin the rest of the race but I promise you will enjoy it. Cheers!

Yamaha / FZ-07 Review
« on: 03/28/16 11:52PM »
After getting a chance to spend some time on an FZ-07 over the weekend I figured I would share my thoughts and observations. My friend recently purchased the bike used, about 1,200 miles as his first street going motorcycle. I assisted him in deciding between several options and after studying them he decided on the FZ, which I felt was a great choice.

A little about the FZ for those who may not be to familiar. It is a 689cc parallel twin with crossplane firing order and a wet weight of 395 lbs.

First what I like about it:
I think the bike looks great, the sculpted swing arm, 10 spoke wheels, and sharp minimal tail are welcome additions to a larger cc entry level motorcycle that you will not find from the competition. The bike is fitted stock with a 180/55ZR17 rear where most of the competition is using a 160 rear tire. This allow for a greater selection of tires for whatever type of riding you prefer to use the machine for. The bike has a low seat and along with the low center of gravity and weight compared to almost every other sports bike on the market its has very friendly handling. Gear position indicator, fuel gages and temperature display were nice addition to find on the the fully digit dash. One of the biggest surprises what the exhaust note. The FZ-07 I rode did have a Yoshimura aftermarket exhaust, it drops 10 lbs off the bike, but a large portion to the deep exhaust growl is thanks to the crossplane crank that yamaha used in the motor. From idle to redline the bike has a deep throaty tone that is more similar to a v-twin than an inline. The motor produces torque quickly and through the rev range, the four piston dual front rotors produces plenty of stopping power, along with comfortable ergonomics its an enjoyable ride in town and traffic.

What I feel could be improved:
While the riding position is comfortable I felt like yamaha could have added a little more sweep to the bars to improve the comfort of the riding position. The foot pegs also seemed a little high for a bike with such and upright seating position. Another area that could be improved would be the throttle response off idle. Initial throttle inputs are abrupt and don't make the bike the most user friendly off the line or in slow situations. What I liked least about the bike was the suspension, specifically the front fork. Yamaha built this great machine and for reasons I cannot fathom placed a under sprung non-adjustable front end on it. There is zero adjustability on the front fork and only preload adjustability on the rear shock. I know to many new riders setting up suspension can be intimidating, but at least give the user the ability to adjust preload all around. It would be nice to have some dampening adjustability as well though.

Overall I think Yamaha did a great job with the development of the FZ-07 and blew the competition out of the water, this coming from a life long Honda fan. The FZ-07 even with its short comings is considerably better than the competition. If I owned or planned on purchasing an FZ-07 I would invest in new fork internals, aftermarket exhaust, fender eliminator, lithium battery, and re-flash to fix the throttle response as soon as possible. Things I might change over time would be the rear shock and handlebars.

From the preliminary reports it appears to be a horrible accident and situation of wrong place wrong time. Will was someone I worked with years back and was always a pleasure to be around. :'( Ride safe.

The entire race for the most part, only tiny bits missing but worth a watch if you didn't get to see the race.

     After putting just over 700 miles on the latest and greatest rubber from Bridgestone I felt compelled to share my experience and opinion of these tires. The "Battlax RS10 Racing Street" tire from Bridgestone is their most high performance non race compound street tire to date.
    What motivated my decision to give these tires a go? For starters the last three sets of tires I use on my 2007 CBR600RR were variations of Bridgestone's race compound rubber that were used at the track and on the street. The first being a set of Bridgestone BT-003 Type 3 (medium compound 180 rear), and the next two being sets of Bridgestone R10 Type 3(medium compound 190 rear). While these tires offered insane amounts of grip at the track when up to temperature; when using them on the street, even in the canyons at a healthy pace, I cold never produce enough heat in the tires to achieve the level of grip I wanted. Without the heat feel and handling suffered as well.
 So hear I am the second pair of R10's were worn out, I had not done a track day or raced in a while and didn't see either in my near future so I was set on replacing them with a pair of high performance street tire.
    I was not concerned with longevity as I usually only ride the bike on the weekends in the canyons. This quickly narrowed my options to one or two tires from each of the major manufactures. After a little searching I discovered that Bridgestone was making a street compound tire which is very similar to the R10's.  Since I had already had lots of experience running a very similar tire I was interested to see how they compared. That fact along with the RS10's being one of the most affordable "hyper sports" tires on the market the decision was simple. For $266 and change I ordered them from rockeymountainatvmc.
    I am extremely happy with my decision to give these tires a go. I chose to run a 190 rear because thats what I had been accustomed to using, and 180 was not even an option when I purchased them. The RS10 Racing Street handles similarly to the R10's in that they both have a very neutral profile, their are no sharp changes or flatter spots when transitions across the tire. The rounded profile is also slightly exaggerated because I am using a 190 on a 5.5" rim. I set the tires to the recommend PSI of 26 rear 28 front and took off for the first ride on the new rubber. Quickly a few things became apparent, the first being that the compound was much softer than that of the racing tires, duh. The second was the amazing amount of road feel these tire provided. Another observation was that the RS10's felt like a much higher performance tires than the BT-0016(the last street tire I had used on the bike). After a few trips through the canyons I am very happy with how much grip these tires provide and there comparatively quick warm up time. I now see why Yamaha chose these at the factory spec tire for their new R1 and R1M and Honda for their ultra exclusive RS213v-s.
    I reset my trip when I put on the RS10's and I'll give an update on exactly how many miles I got out of these tires.  I'll post some pictures too when I get a chance.

Just wanted to get others opinions on where I can get an affordable sport bike tire mounting and balancing. My local go to is no longer there. I think it goes without saying but If I'm going to be paying someone I expect my rims not to get scratches or anything on my rotors. Thanks for your suggestions. >:D

General Motorcycle Discussion / Fork valves
« on: 03/08/15 07:48PM »
Decided its finally time to dial in my forks (leaking seals definitely adding to the motivation).  When I rebuild the forks I will be installing the K-tech valves and new springs when I rebuild the forks.  Anyone have any experience with theses and weather to use the 20SSK or 20SSRK valves.  I know the SSK offers more dampening than stock and the SSRK is more dampening than the SSK, I'm just un decided on what kit to use.  Any insight would be appriceated. Thanks.

My battery in my bike finally died.  I am definitely set on purchasing one of the new light weigh batteries.  Any opinions, experience, or comparisons of the following brands/batteries would be greatly appreciated.

1) Shorai:                         LFX14A4-BS12      210 CCA    14ah    2.03 lbs     $159.95
2) Antigravity:                   YTZ10-8               240 CCA    9ah      1.87 lbs    $179.99
3) Earth X:                        ETX18F                230 CCA    18ah     2.2 lbs      $219.95
4) Western Power Sports:   HJTZ10S-FP-IL     240 CCA     3.5ah   2.1 lbs      $158.95

Found this site, had worked great for the first 5 rounds and great commentary with little to no commercials. Enjoy. The only bummer is that you have to watch it live. So todays race is on at 5 am.
The original link I posted no longer works...but this new one does!

Off Topic / Un-pickable bike lock.
« on: 04/29/14 06:35PM »
Not sure how many of you might have already heard about or seen one of these new locks.  Looks like there is finally a better design than the old key or combo style.
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Miscellaneous / GoPro Hero 3 Blacků.SOLD!
« on: 04/16/14 10:08PM »
I am selling my GoPro Hero 3 Black edition.  I got it to use on my Honey Moon in the Bahamas and have not used it since.  It's too nice to be just sitting around.  It includes all original hardware(pictured) minus the curved adhesive mount(used it on a helmet while zip lining).  Asking $240.

Off Topic / OCmoto conflict resolution.
« on: 01/25/14 07:21PM »
Couldn't resist.  Seeing as Mud is one of the most "Capable" members on the forum, and the fact that new kid on the block (Hypermotard & Cecil) questioned his intelligence.  I would say this could be resolved on 2 wheels but thats not fair to Hypermotard & Cecil.

Bike Nights / Where did it go?
« on: 09/15/13 04:34PM »
What happened to the monday night meet up at Doria's Haus of Pizza?  That was my favorite bike nights.  Seem's like the week nights have been quite dead lately.

If you are going to the track day and wouldn't mind helping out a fellow rider with a small favor please contact me at (805)878-nine206.  Thank you.

Legalities & Tickets / MAD AS HELL!!!
« on: 03/10/13 05:23PM »
I began reading comments left by the ignorant and unexperienced crowd on FB after reading the thread on here about lane splitting.  I was blown away when I read a the comment by one user (highlighted in the image).  I feel there has to be something we can do as a community to bring attention to the comment and others who act in similar fashion.  I wonder how his employer (Bayside Interiors) would feel about his stated actions?

Parts For Sale / FS: 2007-2011 Honda CBR-600rr Parts
« on: 01/01/13 03:36PM »
If your interested in one of these parts make me an offer.

Here's a list of the parts from a 2007 CBR600rr I have for sale:

1) White/silver rear tail cowl with some scratches on right side(pictured) no cracks or other damage. $75 obo

2) Front cowl stay missing small left tab(pictured). $20 Still works fine with track fairings.

3) Rear Rim with brake rotor in good condition.  $125 SOLD!

4) Passanger pegs. Whatever you feel like paying!!

5) Gilles tooling Foot pegs with honda adapters. $30 obo<<< SOLD!

6) Weighted bar ends.  Reduces hand fatigue by minimizing bar vibrations. $30 obo<<<

Thought this was cool.
GSXR-Powered VW Bug Hot Rod

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