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Off Topic / Riverside Commute to Orange
« on: 06/09/14 12:58PM »
Hello riders,

Im going to be moving to Riverside county Corona. Lot of people have been warning me of the 91 commute since its such a dangerous ride. cagers dont give a damn about us riders on that FWY. Does anyone have an opinion or inpute ?  Any of you do this commute regularly?

Honda / Suspension/ Dog Bone Info Needed
« on: 01/09/14 05:02PM »
So i got my bike a year ago. The previous owner was a little short and had it lowered with the VORTEX lowering Link. Im trying figure out of i can buy an 08 Dog bone( Link) for my 2010 600rr. Does anyone know what should be done. Im short on cash so im thinking about getting a used one from the 08 600rr. Im trying to raise my Bike back to Stock hight.  Advice please!

Thanks in advance .

Parts For Sale / OEM shock Linkage
« on: 01/08/14 01:26PM »
Looking for a stock Link for a Honda cbr 600rr 2010.  Any one happen to have one and willing to sell?

Suggestions / Phone app!
« on: 01/08/14 09:40AM »
Hey everyone.

Just thought it would be cool to have a phone app for OC Moto. This would make easier and accessable for us at all times. Just a thought!  Made free to members OR It could be even sold on the market for 1 dollar or so.. Proceeds could go to OC MOTO events and promotions.. If there is an app then forget I even mentioned this haha. Couldnt find it on the android market


New Members / New Member from Orange!
« on: 01/08/14 09:05AM »
Hey everyone!

Only been riding street for about a Year. Got my CBR 600RR Leyla a year ago this month and havnt stopped riding since! Day to day rider! :30:

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