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I just thought I'd remind everyone that there is still a small bike night happening every Thursday evening at Knowlwood's in Anaheim Hills/ Yorba Linda, near the corner of La Palma and Imperial Highway.  I just got back from there.  There's usually a few vintage bikes, and some new ones as well.  It's mostly old guys, but they're a friendly enough bunch.  Harmless fun for a weeknight.

General Motorcycle Discussion / AIM Expo Las Vegas
« on: 10/12/18 09:20PM »
There's a motorcycle industry trade show in Las Vegas this weekend called AIM Expo.  It used to be in Orlando but this year it's in Vegas. It's industry people only on Thursday and Friday, and open to the public Saturday and Sunday.  Has anyone been to this before?  Are you going this weekend?
Is it worth the trip?

I haven't been to the Born Free show for a couple of years.  I'm thinking of going tomorrow (Sunday).

Did anyone go Saturday?  How was it?

General Motorcycle Discussion / R.I.P. Annette Carrion
« on: 04/01/18 02:05PM »
Annette Carrion was a beautiful young woman who worked for Motorcyclist magazine.  She died yesterday while riding on Ortega Highway.  Rest in peace Annette, you will be missed.

Definitely not a traditional motorcycle.  Looks WAY more fun than a Can Am Spyder.

I'm sure it's out of my budget, but I really like this thing.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Funny Craigslist ad
« on: 03/08/18 08:48PM »
Not mine.  This ad is too funny.

"Some scratches on the body cause this bike is a beast and doesn't take no for an answer"

I'm thinking of going to COTA MotoGP this year.  Who's been?  What part of town is best to stay in?  Is there a "Cannery Row" type of place where motorcycles gather at night?

Off Topic / Looking for recommendations for accountant
« on: 01/10/18 08:25PM »
The accountant I use for my business has gotten so expensive that it's time I look for a new one.

Do any small-business owners here have a recommendation for an accountant?


For sale is my 07 Triumph Daytona 675 with 5254 miles.  Mileage may rise as I still ride it.  Bike is in excellent condition, no scratches or dents.  Stock except for frame sliders, wheel tape stripes (easily removed) and FastPack tail bag.  Stock handlebars have been raised to make it a little more comfortable, but they can be put back to original pretty quickly.  I'm selling it to get something a bit more comfy for long trips.  Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier tires have lots of life left on them.  Clean title in hand.  PM me or email tim at thecycleguys dot com.  I'm in Anaheim Hills.

Edit 11/19 lower price and it now has 5565 miles.  Not the most comfortable bike, but still fun to ride!

The forum is a bit slow so here's a topic I'm thinking about.

A few months ago I bought a Triumph Daytona 675.  I had one from 06 to '11 and loved it.  When I saw this very clean low mileage 07 model, I had to have it.  I haven't done a track day for a while and remembered how great the Daytona is on the track.

Well, last weekend I rode the Triumph to Morro Bay and back in 2 days.  It was a very fun trip, but my 59 year old body was not happy when I got back.

I want to get a more comfortable bike, but I'd still like to do an occasional track day.  I'm leaning towards a Street Triple.

What do you think is the most comfortable bike that would also be good at a track day?

I wear prescription sunglasses when daytime riding.  I have a Scorpion helmet that I really like, it's about 2 years old so still has lots of life left.  I used to have wire-rim sunglasses that fit in my helmet nicely.  Recently I got new sunglasses that have plastic frames, they look like Rayban Wayfarers.  They don't work well with my helmet.  The glasses are fairly wide, and the helmet squeezes them so the glasses are perched too high to be comfortable. 

Has anyone ever tried modifying the foam in their helmet to accommodate a pair of glasses?  Did it work?

Racing Headquarters / Brno MotoGP -Spoiler Alert!-
« on: 08/06/17 11:12AM »
A weird race today.  What on Earth was the Yamaha team (and others) thinking when they stayed out on wet tires with a clearly drying track?  Did they think it would start raining again?  Other than that strategical error, Rossi rode well.  It's unbelievable to me that such an experienced team and rider, Yamaha and Rossi, would make such an incredible blunder in strategy.

Lorenzo and his new fairing looked good for, oh, maybe a lap or 2.

Did y'all hear about this?

"... two BMW bikes were stolen from Irv Seaver BMW Motorcycles, at 607 W. Katella in Orange, in a risky burglary, said Sgt. Phil McMullins, a spokesman for the Orange Police Department. The stolen motorcycles were worth about $38,000, he said."

Motorcycle thieves should be hung.

Racing Headquarters / MotoGP COTA *Spoiler alert!*
« on: 04/23/17 10:36PM »
Great race today.  Nice to see VR46 in the points lead, although I'm not sure how long that will last.

The .3 second penalty turned out to be a moot point.  However I'm wondering if anyone thought that was a good call.  It sure looked like Zarco nudged Rossi off the line, giving Rossi nowhere to go but out of bounds.  Did anyone else see this differently?

General Motorcycle Discussion / Traffic rant
« on: 03/14/17 08:42PM »
As I was driving my car down Beach Blvd near the 5 freeway today, it was nearly a parking lot.  Everyone was stopped.   All of a sudden I hear a loud thunk from my right side, look over to see a large silver touring bike (ST1300?) splitting lanes to my right.  Then I realized the loud thunk was because he punched my sideview mirror!  I got out to check the mirror, and there was no damage, he just moved it out of place.  He went on his merry way.  What a dick!!!!!!!!

I was in the center of my lane in a Mini Cooper.  It's not like I was blocking him.

Why would anyone do that???

Rant over. 

Selling my zombie killer KLR650.  It has about 13,800 miles, but that will go up as I still ride it.  Runs great, gets about 50 MPG, no problems. FMF exhaust. Custom headlight/windscreen. Original headlight/fairing is included. Camo paint scheme. Tires are very good. Battery and brake pads replaced less than 1 year ago. Stainless steel braided front brake line. Eagle Mike doohickey installed.  Recent oil change. Clean title in hand. All it needs is a new owner. $2300.00 or best offer.

Do you have any motorcycle-related new year resolutions?

Mine are:
1. Sell my KLR650 and get something a little faster.  I know, pretty much anything else is faster.  The 2 words that come to mind are Tuono and Daytona.
2. Pester my brother to go on some overnight rides involving camping.  I may regret the decision to sell the KLR.
3.  Another training class.  I've taken several training classes in the past, and never regretted any of them.  Always money well spent and lots of fun.

What are yours?

General Motorcycle Discussion / Riding high
« on: 12/11/16 03:58PM »
This morning I noticed a couple of fellow riders smoking pot in the parking lot.  Initially I was a little shocked.  I remembered the huge mistake I once made in college when I rode while high.  I was lucky to get home.  But that was a long time ago, and I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.  I realize that different people experience drugs in different ways. 

So my question is:  In your opinion is it ever OK to ride while high?

Is it my imagination or is OC Moto nearly dead?  Here it is, 8:30 pm, and there have only been 2 posts today.  Has the drama driven everyone away?

Just wondering.

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