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Gear For Sale / FS: Black 2-piece Dianese leathers
« on: 03/15/16 07:21PM »
Sized for a smaller person, size 42 top and bottom.  I've got them listed on ebay as of 3/14/16.  Please let me know if you'd like more info.  Items are in Glendale, CA.

New Members / New member from Glendale, CA
« on: 11/26/14 10:09PM »
Hi Folks,

New member from Glendale, CA.  Been riding under a year.  Had a KLR650 for a few months, but wasn't taking it off-road very often, so a more freeway-friendly bike made sense, hence the 2009 Versys.  Looking forward to gaining experience with it in SoCal.

I test drove a WeeStrom, but felt it was a bit large.  The smaller Versys was more flickable. 

Safe travels,

Steve S.

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