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An old friend of mine owns a restaurant called the Yellow Basket in Santa Ana. It's similar in style to the Lucky Greek--has a huge menu (including legit Greek gyros, burgers, etc) that's reasonably priced & yummy.

Because of its central location in OC, I thought it might work well for a bike night. Is there any particular week day that works best for the majority? What time would you want it to start? It's possible I can get us a "show your helmet" discount too so that even the impoverished can EAT (cuz that's what bike night are all about, right, Eddiemon?? ;D)

Toss out some ideas & let's see if we can get a weekly or twice a month bike night going that's convenient for lots of members!  :17: :3: :27: :31: :17:

Many of you know that we lost RedRider4Life, Bren Bouza, in late March.  :'(  His death was a complete shock. Because Bren's family live up in Santa Maria, we didn't manage to send a group to represent OCMoto at his services.

In lieu of that, I'd like to gather pics of Bren from track days, bike nights, birthday bashes, K1, group rides, or anything else--all pics are welcome.  Bren was a long-time member, so I know lots of pics are out there!

Once we get a bunch together, we'll make an album to give to his parents. I'd also like to figure out a way to let everyone share their thoughts, memories, condolences, etc., both to honor Bren & to show his family that he was an important part of OUR family. Suggestions are welcome on how to incorporate that (since I'm not crafty, at ALL).

Please post photos to THIS thread & include any details you can remember about the date (ish), event, & any stories/unique memories you recall from that day.

Bren's unexpected death was a HARSH reminder that we all need to SPEND SOME TIME TOGETHER while we still CAN. I love you guys & really miss the days when we saw each other weekly (sometimes more!). I know many of you feel the same way. Working on a new bike night now, TBA soon.

Thanks for your help putting this together--his family is really interested in his OCMoto world, so it will be a great way to honor his memory & share new pics/memories with them about his riding life. Let's show them some love!


Just a heads up. Three riders have been killed on Santiago Canyon in the past eight DAYS. That WAY too many, and in at least two cases, it was the cager's fault. One was DUI, and the other crossed the double yellow and plowed straight into the rider.

Not sure if it's because of tourist season or what,  but please be extra vigilant everywhere--especially on Santiago.  RIP, Riders.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Mach 1 Burglary
« on: 03/11/16 12:16PM »
Mach 1 was burglarized last weekend by a couple of punk kids.  :22:

Was trying to recall who owns that shop. Anybody know if they're members here?

Off Topic / What Are You Wearing?
« on: 10/30/15 06:24PM »
....for Halloween? I know it's a day early, but I'm gonna be busy tomorrow.

When you get a chance, post up a pic of you in your costume. Heck, post a pic of your cute kids in their costumes, too. Let's see what we've got since there's no costume ride this year. $10 Starbucks card to the best costume, on me.

Remember how the seasoned riders often say, "Ride like they're trying to kill you"? Well, sometimes they really are. Fyi, the attempted murderer has yet to be arrested. W.T.F.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Fun and Crazy Helmets
« on: 07/30/15 01:05PM »
Some of these are lame, but most are pretty creative. I'm digging the storm trooper helmet. Which one would you rock?

Was sorry to see this in the paper this evening.

RIP, Daniel Amezcua.

Just want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. I'm thankful this group exists--I've made amazing, lifelong friends here and have had some kick-ass moto adventures! What are you thankful for this year?

Ride safe.  :17:

This vid pits three speed demons against each other.

Before you watch, cast your vote for the winner. Who will clock 200 mph first??

This one has an accompanying article:

Apparently, the CHP is looking for a group of four riders who may have witnessed Sunday morning's fatal crash on Ortega. The riders were heading eastbound. Pass the world along.

Amazing! What's the likely weight on that bike?

P.S. Can someone embed this for me? It didn't seem to be working the usual way.

This is just a heads up. There is a lot of debris on the road on the I-5 north bound, especially between Euclid and Brookhurst, and even on the Brookhurst off ramp.

The debris is a combo of big alligator tire pieces and some pipes. The pipes are about two feet long, white, and harder than a typical PVC pipe. I know because one rolled into my lane, and I ran it over in my cage. Oops. The pipes are rolling randomly across the freeway. It was very hard to see them. Keep the shiny side up today!  :17:

Have a ticket-free weekend, everyone.  :17: :45:


SANTIAGO CANYON Just minutes from busy Orange County highways, the two lanes of Santiago Canyon Road have a country feel as they wind through the hillsides.

An arc of black skid marks leading into a smashed tree mar the pastoral scene remnants of a recent crash that injured the driver. Cars might not crash on the canyon road with the frequency they do on the highways, said Lt. Todd Kovaletz of the California Highway Patrol, but when they do, drivers and passengers are less likely to walk away unscathed.

CHP officers are focusing on speeding and aggressive driving on Santiago Canyon Road through Sunday with extra patrols funded by a federal grant. The additional presence aims to send a message to drivers to slow down, Kovaletz said. Over about six hours on Thursday, officers issued 24 citations.

"If we can mitigate maybe one fatal collision or even one injury collision by the enforcement this weekend, as far as I'm concerned it's a success," he said.

In the last two years, 50 crashes on the road have resulted in death or injury, and seven people have died.

During commuting hours, the road draws drivers seeking to avoid gridlock on the 5, 55 and 241 freeways. On weekends, the scenic route is popular with motorcyclists.

Kovaletz said the likelihood of accidents increases when drivers and motorcyclists attempt highway speeds on a two-lane road. Blind curves, narrow shoulders, trees and bicyclists require quick reactions from drivers. If someone loses control, there are no center dividers or guard rails to protect vehicles from oncoming traffic and head-on collisions.

"It's just the danger of the road itself," he said.

During a Thursday patrol, Kovaletz had just turned onto Santiago Canyon Road from Jamboree Road when he came across a speeding driver. Radar confirmed that the black Dodge truck was going 70 mph, and after stopping and ticketing the driver, Kovaletz returned to patrol the canyon.

The majority of drivers stay near the speed limit, Kovaletz said. He didn't have to travel far, however, before coming across another driver going 70, this time in a black Ford Explorer. Drivers might complain about receiving a ticket for going 15 miles above the 55 mph speed limit, but on this road, a little bit of extra speed can make a difference, he said.

"When you look at all the factors, 55 is even a little fast," Kovaletz said.

After another pass through the northern half of the canyon, a white Lexus flew by at 74 mph. Kovaletz spun the squad car around and followed the driver. He had put on the brakes going past the CHP officer, and then sped up again.

"That just tells me this is someone who will speed regardless," Kovaletz said.

Once stopped, the 19-year-old driver said he was interested in becoming an officer. He still got a ticket, but Kovaletz also gave him information on the CHP Explorer program.

After ticketing another driver going 70, this time a resident of the area, Kovaletz found a straighter stretch of road to safely park and read cars with a laser speed gun. The goal was not to set up a speed trap, he said, but rather to be a visible cue for drivers to reduce their speed. CHP does not receive money from citations, he said, so motivation for special enforcement is strictly about public safety.

"This is not a revenue machine," he said. "This is a get-people-to-slow-down machine."

Off Topic / Craigslist Buyers Beware
« on: 11/05/12 10:52AM »
This guy was robbing Craigslist shoppers at gunpoint in Lake Forest; it's a good reminder to meet in well-lit public places for purchases with strangers.  :36:

Bugs / What's Wrong with The Gallery?
« on: 07/25/12 10:15PM »
Half the pics are missing.

When I try to upload a new image, I get a blank post screen, emoticons and all. That screen won't allow an upload or photobucket image. Is this a momentary glitch or a result of recent changes?

Do you think an article like this helps to get the word out about lane sharing?

The OC Register posted this today: (this is only the article's intro)

"A new study by the Office of Traffic Safety found that nearly half of the drivers they surveyed are still unaware that lane splitting by motorcycle riders is legal in California.

The report showed that only 53 percent of vehicle drivers knew that lane splitting is legal, yet 87 percent of motorcycle riders said they lane split. Seven percent of vehicle drivers admitted to having attempted to prevent it.

The OTS conducted the review in March and interviewed 733 car drivers and 560 motorcyclists."

My gas tank has rust in it! I either need to buy a new-to-me tank, or figure out how to strip it and reseal it the right way. I've heard of a few methods, and saw a youtube vid on some cleaner called Metal Rescue....

Experiences? Ideas??   :26:

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