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Parts For Sale / Ninja 250 gaskets
« on: 08/17/19 12:51PM »
Take the lot for $20...

Off Topic / Any tech's to mentor a middle-schooler?
« on: 05/10/18 01:57PM »
Anyone have any leads on a tech / shop owner who might be willing to act as a mentor to an 8th-grader?  My kids' school has 8th graders work on "practical" projects, capping off towards the end of the school year with a presentation to the school community.  My daughter, who will be in 8th next year, has listed motorcycle maintenance & repair as one of her 3 requests (to be approved by faculty).  I will help her, but this isn't my profession and therefore I'm not sure that I can serve the mentor role.  If anyone has a lead (or leads), I'd appreciate a PM with their contact info.

Gear For Sale / Sold
« on: 03/08/18 09:44AM »

Gear For Sale / Sold
« on: 03/08/18 09:36AM »

Racing Headquarters / Fib-Tib break for Rossi
« on: 08/31/17 09:17PM »
BBC link

I guess that's one name out of contention for the title this season. Doesn't sound life-threatening though, which is good.

Gear For Sale / Sold
« on: 07/17/17 02:18PM »

Tales of the Road / Just bad on both parties
« on: 06/22/17 11:09AM »
Read this on this morning; people are crazy

There's a video in there too

Not sure if there's really a market for these, so throwing it up on here: OE shock and fork springs off a 2004 Ninja 250.  I also have a couple of the shock links that came off a Ninja 300.  Will trade for a 6 pack of a good hefeweizen.

Liner set is used, but was regularly washed when I was using that helmet. This set is for the extra large helmet; I don't remember which shell size(s) these pads can be used in. $15 obo

Gear For Sale / Items sold
« on: 05/18/17 09:23AM »

...basically shut the freeway down.  Saw 1 car that had been rear-ended, behind a crashed white motorcycle (not sure how many vehicles were involved all together).  I saw a stretcher, but didn't see a bag; not sure of the rider's condition.  My coworker told me there have already been 7 accidents involving motorcycles just this morning.

Stay safe out there everyone. It does seem like there were more bikes than usual out on the freeway this morning.

Gear For Sale / Sold
« on: 03/20/17 07:53AM »

Gear For Sale / SOLD
« on: 03/14/17 09:47AM »

Gear For Sale / Shoei RF-1200 Medium, Mystify Red
« on: 08/12/16 10:40AM »
Almost new
Shoei RF-1200
"Mystify" graphic
TC-1 color scheme (red w/ black)

Looking to sell this so I can get a different helmet.  I've only had this for a under a week; it was purchased brand-new and I've used it on my commute over the past couple days.  No accidents / drops / etc, just not quite the helmet I expected while riding.

Pictures at this link were taken when I opened the box, before riding.

Looking for $315.

Other / Triumph fit a lot of stuff under the tank
« on: 03/16/16 01:59PM »
had to get this out:

I'm due for a major service on the Street Triple, and just getting to the "cam cover" to check valve clearances has been a PITA.  The intake valves are all towards the middle of the spec, but the exhausts are all towards the thin / lower-end of the spec.  I'll have to pull out a cam and measure the current shims, and see about getting replacement ones.

I haven't done this job on any other fuel-injected or shim-under-bucket bikes; I've been spoiled by the 250. Much less to get out of the way (and even this one is a little worse than other carbed bikes from what I read), and adjustment is done by screw & locknut.

I'm missing riding the Triple.

Shops / OC Motorcycle Shop
« on: 02/12/16 12:00PM »
Much thanks to SuperChicken @ OC Motorcycle Shop (  He gave a great price on mounting new tires onto my wheels and balancing them. I took the off the bike and brought them + the tires to him.  He got everything done in about a 1/2 hour. 

Just saw this vid. Another car vs bike accident, biker got caught under the car, and people actually work together to help get the biker out from under the car.

Just a quick may be preaching to the choir, but useful to have these reminders every now and then.

...blind spots and death spots. Veteran riders allow their avoidance of blind spots to rule their entire ride. Your throttle, brakes, and steering controls should be devoted to keeping you “in the mirrors” of surrounding traffic. That should be your number-one goal: staying out of blind spots. You will be safer. The definition of a blind spot? The other rider or driver can’t see you directly or in his mirrors. We’re assuming the driver looks in his mirror or over his shoulder… Are you laughing yet? Me too. If and whenever you begin risking your life by assuming a driver will do the right thing, you should quit riding motorcycles.

And that gets us to the death spot: the heart of the blind spot. While a blind spot may extend more than the length of the vehicle, the death spot is anywhere directly alongside a vehicle. If the driver swerves/changes lanes/flinches/spazzes/darts…you get hit. Make a plan right now to move through blind spots and death spots with alacrity. Make a plan to hover well behind a vehicle, positioned in your lane so you can be seen in its mirrors, if you can’t get past quickly. Make a plan to ride behind a vehicle in the left side of your lane so the driver has a good chance of seeing you in his interior or left-side mirror.

Let’s say you’re approaching a van one lane to the left on a multi-lane highway. Use your lane position to stay in the van’s mirrors as long as possible, and as you get into its blind spot, move your bike across the lane to give yourself the most room possible should the van abruptly change lanes.

If you aren’t taking maximum advantage of lane position to place yourself “in the mirrors” and then “far away from danger,” you are riding lazily and will someday pay a price. “That guy swerved into me,” you will say from the hospital bed. We’re telling you it’s safer to tailgate than sit in a blind spot, and you should never tailgate. Safer to speed for a moment than sit in a blind spot. Better to accelerate full throttle up the on-ramp than to enter the freeway in someone’s blind spot.

You need to develop a Blind-Spot Warning Buzzer in your head. I have one, and everything I do in traffic in a car or on a bike is aimed at keeping this buzzer quiet. When I’m riding as a passenger in a car, this alarm clangs. The worse the driver, the more the buzzer sounds. Closing thought: If you use your horn a lot, if you constantly curse other drivers’ lack of awareness, or if you’re constantly infringed upon by surrounding cars, you are riding in blind spots.

Fix it or pay a price.

Hi all,

Anyone have recent experience with the bike sales department at LA Cyclesports on La Cienega?  I searched the forum, but most-recent posts (from what I found) are from 2013.

I've been on the phone with them twice now, and both times I've gotten off the phone feeling like I'd rather not do business with them. I'm just wondering if there might be specific salespeople to avoid (or ones that are recommended), or if I should just avoid them altogether.

New Members / Belated Hello
« on: 05/06/15 08:25AM »
Hello all,

It's "Belated" because I've been lurking & reading on this forum for several months...decided I might as well say "Hello" to everyone.

I've been riding a 2004 Ninja 250 since July 2013, mostly used to commute between Huntington Beach and Gardena/Carson.  I also sometimes take my kids to their various activities in HB / Costa Mesa / Irvine.  Hopefully I can get a big sister for the Ninja this year, but that's dependent on getting the wife trained and comfortable riding.

That's it for now, and thanks for all the info posted (and to-be-posted) on this board.

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