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Honda / Good website to get new body kits
« on: 04/29/15 04:37PM »
Hello guys!

So my 2006 Honda CBR600RR is an absolute beauty! :43:
BUT on the right side of the bike is all scratched because the first owner dropped it...

I'm just wondering does anyone know which website is good for getting new body kit?
I found some on EBay, but I don't know if they are legit!

Please leave the website you know down blow so I can make this beauty sexy again!!

Thank you family!
I'm counting on you guys!!
Please help meeeeee

Hi everyone, if you went to the 3/29 noobie ride and you got some pictures or videos.
Please put your links down below or how I can contact you guys.
I want to take a look at them, maybe I can find myself  ;D
Thank you  and it was fun riding with you guys!
Hope to see you guys next time as well :7: :7: :7:

New Members / New member from Irvine
« on: 03/27/15 11:59AM »
Hello everyone,
One of my friend recommend me to this group!
So I was like why not, I'm always down to meet more riders!
So I won't ride alone every time haha!

I ride a 2006 Honda CBR600RR :43:
Have been riding about 4-5 months now, but I used to ride scooters before.

Excited to join you guys and thanks for having me!!
See you guys on the road!
Ride safe!!

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