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I need 2005 Suzuki GSX-600R brake rotor and rear seat

If anyone has any extra time and would like to go for a ride and possibly give me a few tips please let me know, I need the practice, i rode for 5 hours straight today and i had a blast! and I didn't drop the bike even once this time! I love my new bike! :19:

New Members / I just bought a bike!
« on: 07/24/09 09:00PM »
I just bought a 2005 GSXR! I have 2 issues, the first one is: It's very hard on my wrists to pull the clutch in, it hurts after riding awhile, the second issue is: I need to get it lowered because I can barely touch the ground, the bad thing is I already dropped it! when I was taking off at a angle, I'm soooo mad at myself because now I have some scratches on one side because it doesn't have any frame sliders! which by the way I'm getting the sliders tomorrow. any tips for me  to keep the scratches off my bike and dropping it? :13:

I'm the girl on the Scooter! I didn't get your name or anything! Get in touch with me. I hope this message doesn't get you in any trouble with a girlfriend. 

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