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Bikes For Sale / 2010 Kawasaki Z1000 for sale
« on: 02/06/18 02:56PM »
Super clean, runs perfect. See my Craigslist ad for full details and pics:



What up guys! I need a integrated after market tail light installed on my 2010 kawi Z1000. I also need the relay installed too (the relay makes it blink at regular speed). I have all the parts. I live in Fullerton and I'm available after 3pm daily. Your help is appreciated  :17:

Hit me up


Hey guys,  I really need some info.  Bike broke down and I'm trying to fix it myself.
2001 GSXR 750 40k miles
Here's the problem:
bike shut off all of a sudden.  Would not re-start. When I turned the key, I didn't hear the whistle from the fuel pump/fuel injection priming.  I automatically thought it was the fuel pump.  So I bought a fuel pump from ebay and replaced it myself. 
Now I hear it priming but it still doesn't start.  It cranks but doesn't start. I do not get a error code on display either.
Could it be the fuel pump relay? How can I test that?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot guys!


Planning a ride to Rosarito, Mexico for Spring Break Bike Fest ( 
Leave Saturday April 11th 7:30am, stands up at 8 sharp.
Meet location: Fullerton, Chevron on Chapman and State College
Ride: straight shot down the 5 until we get to border town San Ysidro. Exit, fuel up, break.
Cross border, take toll road to Rosarito (20 min ride from border). Toll price $3ish, only one toll to get to Rosarito.
Total travel time 2 hours, maybe 2:15.
Hotel: Los Pilicanos, Motel Don Luis, Paraiso Motel. Cheap little motels on the beach.  Room prices approx: $75 for simple no view, $110 for ocean view.  If this place doesn't have enough rooms, no biggie, there is a bunch of little motels in town.
Wanna splurge? Get a room at Rosarito Beach Hotel ( rooms are $150ish. Split it with other people. Secured parking there.
Once into town we'll set a meet up time for Papas and Beer (great beach club in town)  Take the bikes! and line them up!
A little day time drinking, ceviche and tacos, then take the bikes back to the motels, walk or cab it back to hit up round #2 lol
Sunday come home around 11am-ish.
Border crossing on the way back is 20 min wait on bikes.
Bring: 1 change of clothes, CASH, Passport, good attitude, appetite eat and drink, sunglasses.
I've been to rosarito about 30 times in the last 10 years so I know the town well.
BUT I haven't led a group of riders in a while.  Help, advice, and suggestions will be appreciated.
Who's in!??! I'll share a room with a couple riders too.

I just purchased some after market turn signals for my 01 GSXR750. Here's the situation though: Currently I have a integrated taillight/brake light/turn signal all in one piece.  I want to bypass the turn signal feature and have just the tail light and brake light feature turned on.  Then I want to install the after market turn signals. can anyone do this for me and make a little extra cash? PM me or respond to post



Gear For Sale / New Icon GSXR Airframe helmet XL
« on: 08/24/10 07:30AM »
hey everyone! item info and pictures are here:

I am looking for a gixxer 2000-2003 with a blown motor (600 or 750). Anyone have one for sale? It's gotta have the pink slip too though. My buddy and I want a project bike to work on.
hit me up

Off Topic / Anyone know of a good travel agent?
« on: 06/30/10 01:09PM »
Does anyone know of a good travel agent?  Is it possible to book a travel package and pay it on a payment plan? (as opposed to paying for it all at once).

thanks guys

I'm going to cancun for the first time and I'm kinda lost on what to do over there.  Can anyone give me advise on how much money I need per day, cool spots to check out, do's and donts.......
should I pay for all you can drink clubs? booze cruise good or bad? what should I pack?

thank you everyone!   O0

I'm thinking about getting some aftermarket fairings for my gixxer to change it up a bit.  The prices are cheap. Almost too cheap.  It makes me wonder.  Does anyone have experiences with aftermarket fairings, both good and bad? please tell.   O0
Here's a website I was checking out:


I see there's no rides going on on Memorial Day (monday) so I'm thinking about starting my own  :17:
I haven't been to Neptune's Net in Malibu in a long time and I'm craving some fried food.
Meet up spot: Gas station (I think it's a Chevron) on Warner and PCH in HB
Meet up time: 10am.  KSU 10:15am
Skill level: intermidiate/advanced
Miles: 68 miles each way. 

This is tentative.  So I'm open to suggestions.  What do you guys think?  Sounds like fun?

These bikes were the sh*t in high school.  yeah I know, I'm   :44:

Had a blast there for the opening race.  Wanna take my nephew this weekend.  Is D Store hosting?  O0

Off Topic / basketball anyone?
« on: 03/23/10 02:35PM »
My neighbors and I started playing basketball.  Nothing serious, just a little 3 on 3 half court games.  We're looking for more players.  We play in HB on weeknights at 6:30pm.  We are intermediate players.  Hit me up if you are interested.

Going wine tasting this weekend in Napa.  I'm a beer type of guy but my gf and I wanted to try something new.  Any suggestions on what to wear, what to drink, where to eat, how much money to bring etc....

thanks!   O0

One of my fork seals is leaking so I'm thinking about getting my forks rebuilt.  Can someone please tell me what parts are needed? 

thanks guys!

One of my fork seals is leaking so I'm thinking about getting my forks rebuilt.  Can someone please tell me what parts are needed?  My plan is to buy the parts and ask a shop to charge me just straight labor (because shops usually mark up the price on parts).  yeah I know, I'm a tight ass lol

thanks guys!

I have intermitent starting problem on my bike.  Sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn't. I think it might be the kick stand safety switch.  It does start when I push start it.  Stator and battery have been replaced so I know it's not that.  If anyone wants to make some extra cash hit me up.  I also need the front brakes replaced.  I'll get the pads so I'll pay labor.  I live in HB, close to main street.  I DO NOT HAVE TOOLS but I have a garage.

thanks guys!

email me:

Anyone else play COD? add me on the PS3 network: team_Nicaragua

Love this series!

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