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In very good condition barely used. Located in Orange County, zip 92679 There is some scuffing on right toe slider.

Can anyone recommend a dyno shop that can tune a microtec ecu on a Ducati 1098? Preferably in Orange County.


Tales of the Road / Great day for a ride
« on: 02/24/14 05:36PM »
 Went out for a ride shortly after 1pm and hit Ortega. Approaching from the OC side to the Lookout, there were a few cars not too bad. The way back though was a completely different story. No cages whatsoever! I was shocked.  Once in a while the motorcycling gods smile upon you and your faith in riding is renewed. Today was my turn! I've been riding Ortega for ten years and I've never seen it that wide open, never. Not even on weekdays. It was so nice that I settled into a rhythm in the turns and just went with the flow. No cloud in sight just nice warm sunshine with a slight breeze. It was nirvana. I was wishing it would not end.

On a day like today I was able to appreciate Ortega and it's beauty despite it's much maligned reputation for accidents and horrid traffic. Made me wonder what the road was like back in the day before it got crowded. I If If today was any indication it must have been pretty awesome...

It harkens me back to my motorcycling days in the mid west, northern Wisconsin to be exact. Bright summer day leading a group ride through the nicely paved twistys and sweepers without encountering any vehicle for miles on end. Ah the good old days.   

Today was a gift. Thank you motorcycling gods.

« on: 10/24/13 11:39AM »
SBK Corse is having a barbecue on Saturday November 2nd 11am-2pm.
23011 Moulton Parkway Ste. B7
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
949 485 4631

Hope to see you all there.

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