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Off Topic / Mobile glass repair?
« on: 03/17/16 03:42PM »
Got a giant glass table at work that a corner got a good chunk broke off the corner in it and I've been put in charge of finding a mobile repair man that can repair it or maybe ground bevel it down or something. Anyone know of a company that can do that?

Bikes For Sale / 2004 R6 16k miles
« on: 07/13/15 03:32PM »
Selling this for my buddy. The bike is currently up by lake arrowhead but I plan on going to pick it up this weekend or if someone is hugely interested I can run up there one of these days after work and grab it. Has about 16k miles can't recall exactly but he isn't riding it right now so it isn't going up. It has plastics that have an ok black rattle can paint job. Tank is in good shape and is the original Yamaha blue with no dents in it. Has a pretty new rear tire (bstone sport touring) and has a dunlop gpa take off on the front with plenty of tread left. Mechanically the bike runs great and pulls through the RPM great. Will need a new chain and a good cleaning  but it would make a great track bike candidate. He currently only has lein sale paper work. He picked it up from a police auction. If you were to want to register it for street use you'd need to take it down to CHP station for their little light and safety inspection. I think it's 75-100 to get it registered. Has a new battery btw, fresh oil change, radiator fluid, and brake fluid. Which reminds me it has a front master cylinder off a 2004 CBR. It works but with the fairings on you can't go full lock to the left because the built in reservoir hits. So you can ride it without fairing as is but you'll need to pick up something else if you're going to put fairings on it and ride it on the street. Track bike obviously you'll want to upgrade to a newer R6 master or aftermarket anyway.

Asking price is $2,000. I think he had or has it on clist for like 24-2500.

Currently I have no pictures but I told him to take some pics and text them to me. So I should have some to send to you if you are interested shortly. If you are interested just shoot me a PM with a number or email and I'll text you any more info you'd like and shoot you some pictures.

Bikes For Sale / 2004 R6 for sale
« on: 05/12/15 10:37AM »
My buddy picked this bike up about a month ago, he has ridden it around a parking lot once since haha. Bike is currently in my garage.

Asking price $2500 OBO

The Good
-15k miles
-Runs strong
-New fluids throughout
-New rear tire
-Dunlop take off on the front, lots of life left
-New battery
-Registration good till April 16
-No damage to the fuel tank

The Bad
-Its beat up. He has a full set of plastics but they are rattle canned gloss black and are in ok shape
-the fairing stay is cracked at the bottom bolt hole but I have a brand new one that will go with the bike, just gotta throw it on (the current one is tightened down so it doesn't flop around but still it needs the new one on before installing the rest of the plastics
-It currently has a CBR front brake master (built in reservoir) on it and will need one with a remote reservoir if you want to put the plastics back on as the honda one will hit the upper before you get to full lock turning left. So unless you want to leave it as a street fighter style bike you will need a master that has a remote reservoir to put the plastics on. You can ride it around as it sits right now just fine but it has no plastics but the tail on right now

All that being said it is obviously a slight project, or a great track bike candidate. If you are interested at looking at it or riding it around the block feel free to text me and I can show it whenever you like. If you want to test drive it you're going to have to bring the full amount cash with you as you wreck it you bought it.

Ryan 714 904 1746

Miscellaneous / GONE
« on: 04/13/15 10:38AM »
Hey just got a good deal on a new plasma so selling my old samsung. It's a 40" LCD from about 4-5 years ago? Still works great the only problem I have had is that on one of the HDMI inputs (I believe it is #2 out of 3) the sound cuts off every once in a while. If I have it on all day it will usually do it once, although sometimes under heavy use it won't do it for days. All I have to do is turn the cable box off and then back on and the sound is on again. Picture is great no dead pixels or anything like that. It has 2 hdmi inputs on the back and one on the side for easy access for stuff like a hard drive or something that isn't plugged in all the time.

$150 and it's gone!

I'm headed home right now will post a picture in about an hour.

Parts For Sale / WTB 2004 R6 spare parts
« on: 04/13/15 10:31AM »
My buddy just picked up a 2004 R6 that is missing a few things and I'm putting it back together for him. So if you have anything let me know thanks.

Front brake master cylinder (anything off an 04+ R6 will work, or aftermarket if it's a good deal, first bike so he isn't trying to break the bank on all sorts of fancy shit)
Plastics (he got some with the bike but they are pretty tore up and not sure if they are even all there as I haven't gone through it)
Passenger seat, or cowl.

There will be more added to here in the  next few days. I'm going today to clean it up and start putting it back together but those are the for sure things it needs.

Parts For Sale / sold
« on: 06/17/14 11:08AM »
Got a full set of optimal racing body work for 08+ R6r. Already drilled with dzus fasteners, fresh paint, no damage what so ever. They are painted Yamaha blue with black belly pan. $450obo

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / ride right now?
« on: 05/30/14 10:53AM »
Anyone riding tonight? 6/5?

General Motorcycle Discussion / Santiago canyon crash
« on: 03/21/14 06:46PM »
Going south right before cooks at the Ridgeline turn out. Couldnt make out the bike but it was something with a red trellis frame and white fairing. Looked like he tboned a car pulling out at pretty good speed. No rider in sight just cops all around and a fire truck still there. There were two other bikes pulled to the side as well.

Parts For Sale / R6 track plastics. gopro. HTC dna.
« on: 01/07/14 11:31AM »
Optimal racing 2008+ R6 track plastics already drilled practically new with new paint. It's yamaha blue with black belly pan. Comes with dzus fasteners. Looking for 300obo.

Gopro hero hd, bunch of mounts and both waterproof and non case and all that bs. Looking for 75obo.

HTC dna for Verizon has a cracked screen but everything still functions. It's unlocked rooted and has a couple custom roms on it.  Looking for 40obo.

Everything is Obo so feel free to pm me and we can try to make a deal.  If you would like pictures of anything pm me a cell number or email and I can shoot whatever ya'd like over to you

Off Topic / last Monday night bowling of the year
« on: 12/30/13 06:48PM »
Was your new years resolution to meet more moto friends that do more than just hang out at at bike nights, to bowl more, have some beers with your new friends while you bowl more? Its not too late! All you have to do is come on down to lake forest lanes tonight around 9pm and have the best Monday night of the year!

Anyway... a few of us will be down there around 9 we usually meet up in the bar I'll have a seattle seahawk cap on, come join if you are looking for something to do to forget the stress of your mondays.

Off Topic / Cylinder head work
« on: 10/30/13 11:19AM »
Looking for a local reliable place to get some auto cylinder head work done, Who do you use?

Racing Headquarters / MotoGP PI - spoilers
« on: 10/20/13 06:35AM »
So yeah, not sure about everyone else but the whole pit stop thing was awesome haha! I'd like to see that more often or a mandatory tire change or something. Loved how Jorge didn't give up anything and pretty much punted marquez haha.

Wonder what the penalty will be for MM for missing the pit stop cut off...

Miscellaneous / Computer monitor 23" (+ a samsung lcd)
« on: 08/13/13 03:28PM »
LG Flatron W2340V for sale. Used but good condition, no scratches, no problems what so ever. Upgraded to a bigger monitor and this one has just been sitting for a while taking up space.

Think I paid a little over $200 when I bought it? So start at idk $100 obo?

This is it

Miscellaneous / SOLD
« on: 07/22/13 01:34PM »

Off Topic / Cell phone screen replacement?
« on: 07/15/13 07:14AM »
Anyone have the hook up? Need the screen replaced on an HTC DNA.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Tribute to Burt
« on: 07/08/13 03:28PM »
Great tribute for a great man!

Off katella just north of euclid. Apartments off of " S Easy way" haha

I was at my sisters apartment tonight just hanging out having a couple drinks. Parked my bike right in view of the apt at the end of the street. Toward the end of the night around midnight I noticed one guy kept walking back and forth looking kinda suspicious. Also sounded like some clanking on him, like some sockets or extensions is what it sounded like could have been a 40 but he was in a hoody and shorts and no real room to hide that. As I gathered my gear to leave I was walking down the stairs toward the street and another guy was walking down the street same kinda pocket clanking, they both looked over and saw me and started power walking in opposite directions, constantly looking back at me. Found it strange because when we were just chillin on her balcony he was leisurely pacing around the street and the second guy was doing the same as I walked up until he saw me. He also saw us on the balcony and never changed his pace or stopped pacing around, wasn't till I was walking out geared up helmet in hand that he looked spooked and booked it.

So just giving people a heads up if you live around the area, keep your bikes parked somewhere safe. Only seen a couple bikes in that area but figured why not post up. Almost wanted to wait and see if they actually ever tried anything but I didn't have my home defense system set up there with me haha.

Off Topic / Casey Stoner crying some more...
« on: 05/04/13 04:20PM »
Why is this guy such a little bitch?  :34:

I was a little bit disappointed in a couple of the drivers that were blocking a little bit too much.

And it made it impossible to overtake.

Like really he complains about blocking then complains about everyone trying to pass everyone on the start and said they should wait till later laps?! WTF

Off Topic / Beach 5/2
« on: 05/01/13 07:06PM »
So who's like me and isn't working or  has the day off or something? I'm thinking about getting a few people together to ride down to the beach tomorrow. Maybe play some basketball or beach football or something, grab some food etc? Anyone interested?

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