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This is a good of a place to get my intelligence . I have met alot of cool ocmoto fellow riders and can someone give me the low down about the question ?
I would think some Asian ridder might inform me .

  Always wanted a sled .

Off Topic / Happy Thanksgiving riders
« on: 11/24/16 09:01AM »
Happy Turkey day riders .

This is brand new  never worn or used .
  Retail price is $450   sixe XL
Very soft leather and has body Armour .
Call Charlie ..*** 562-945-2873

Political Opinions / Justice Scalia ... thoughts ?
« on: 02/16/16 10:33PM »
Just to make this thread even more fun.....

The man you see shaking hands with Barack Obama is the owner of the Texas ranch resort Justice Scalia was found dead at. His name is John Poindexter and he was earlier honored during a ceremony by Obama.

Mr. Poindexter was the one who helped get Justice Scalia declared dead w/o an actual medical examination. (It was apparently done over the phone based upon his descriptions of the Justice's condition) He was also the one who was the link between Justice Scalia's death and the response of federal authorities.

No autopsy was ordered...

This is never been worn and is Brand new . Size  XL

Miscellaneous / schnauzer young pup male
« on: 11/21/15 08:22AM »
Young pup schnauzer male
$300. : charlie ****  562-945-2873

Off Topic / Mad Max is back
« on: 08/20/15 07:24AM »

My big bull dog got skinny , now I think it might be parvo

Off Topic / Happy New Year OC Moto
« on: 12/31/14 12:23PM »
To all the safe riders don't let up .

Off Topic / Distracted walking
« on: 12/15/14 10:17PM »
Canadian word is they pass out tickets for walking and texting lately .

Off Topic / Scamed at the pump today =$57
« on: 12/15/14 09:11PM »
OK I go to get gas in the service van at AmPm .
 I walk up to the pump and this lady is walking away with a 20 stretched out across in front of her walking to the other pay point . I walk up swipe my card for pump #8 and OK the 35 cent , then #10 comes up and says ready I see a black escalade there I CANCEL . It asks me to swipe my card so I get $13  gas and go . two
2 hour's latter I check my bank charges it says $57.13  and $13 .
 This is were it gets good I go back and the manager was insistent that if you make a mistake outside you must come in side to cancel . Why would you have to go inside to cancel when your account is open outside ? And the $57 was charged first so they miliplated it in side I guess to charge my card when it said cancel .they have me on camera getting $13 gas when there machine did not cancel and gave away free gas I'm sure the camara has the liecence Plate of the car that stole gas from the store .
 Very frustrated ,bank checking into for me just because its a biss. checking card or I would not get help .

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