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Since OC Motorsports shut down, where is Drew?  Was he involved in an accident? Is he retired in Jamaica?

- Klaus

Miscellaneous / SOLD!
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Bikes For Sale / SOLD!
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Bikes For Sale / SOLD!
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Bikes For Sale / 2004 GSXR 1000 - $2000
« on: 09/07/17 03:01PM »
OCMoto Special:

I'm going to give it straight, no chaser for you lovely people:

I've had this motorcycle for about two years now and have ridden it once a month for about 10 minutes to keep the battery and fluids fresh.  I have five other bikes.  I purchased this bike from the previous owner because he was moving and I had planned to resale it for profit. I no longer care about profit and am selling it for what I purchased it for and put into it to break even.

It's fully serviced, rideable, and rough around the edges.  It burns a slight amount of oil near redline, but does not impact performance.  This may be from the lighter base oil viscosity I'm using.  A majority of "leaderbike" riders do not utilize high RPM and will never notice.

With my restructured life, I haven't registered the bike in my name (I have the clean signed off title from the previous owner and will include all of my information within a bill of sale to accompany the motorcycle.  I'm asking as much as I can get from Craigslist but want to deal with real people instead.

Buy it and ride it, break it down for parts, use the engine in a kit car, put full insurance on it and park it in Chula Vista, whatever you desire to do with it I no longer have the energy to invest.

My Mad Max bastard child runs warm with the YZ250 front fender blocking the SV650 radiator so I'm going to just run twin baby rads and/or wings on my current setup.

Does anyone have spare radiators / blown-engine dirtbike they don't care about / spare wings to grab some air in a box in the garage?

Maybe we... can ... work ... something .... out  :12:  :12:  :19:

Misc. Motorcycle Videos/Pictures / "I Love Helmets"
« on: 04/19/17 07:54PM »
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Wear your Helmet. But that's just like my opinion, man.

Just received my Renewal Notice and I feel like the price doubled.

$93 ($82 "Registration Fee" + $1 "License Fee" + $10 "County District Fees)

... For a 2004 Suzuki SV650 that I've already owned for two years.  Huh?

Is this normal?

A very odd trend I've observed since I started riding. Repeatedly. Can anyone explain the logic behind the decision to not punish drivers besides, "well, the rider's dead so it doesn't matter anymore" thought process?  What can we do to change this current trend?

Sponsor of helmet law repeal dies in motorcycle crash, was wearing helmet

I welcome open conversation and reject superiority-complexed egos.Unless it's witty enough.

I personally believe we are adults. We don't need to be told what to do. We know the consequences. I won't tell you what to do, and you don't tell me what to do. Laissez-faire.

You know all those comments from strangers, friends, and family saying how motorcycles are dangerous in general? Apply that eye-roll to being legally-required to wear a helmet. We all have different levels of risk-aversion & choose our own personal levels.

When I wear a helmet, I personally wear a full face unit. When I don't wear a helmet, I adjust my riding and enjoy the wind through my hair and the extended panoramic view. Are we going to slam riders who wear a half helmet next? It's still a helmet after all! Where does that "safety line" start and stop?

I choose to not wear knee pads for basic commuting. I may scratch my knees. I may wear cold winter gloves to keep my hands from losing feeling instead of my race gauntlets. I choose to throw my leg over my motorcycle risking my life in some statistically plausible way.  Should we have laws banning motorcycles in general because of their risk?  Should we have laws demanding only the most superior SNELL-approved gloves next?

What are your thoughts?

Tragic Irony.  Up in Washington State on this mature rider's last day off.  Approaching stopped traffic and didn't stop in time.

When: 5-21-16 @ 1200 - 1900
Where: Alpine Village, Torrance, CA
What: Themed Car / Vehicle Show / Cosplay

I genuinely enjoyed the new Mad Max film.  I grew up with the originals and have always had some sort of fascination with dust-stained leather I guess... :13:  :12:

ANYWAY, come check out spikes, flame throwers, and the weird!!

More Information Can Be Found Below:

People were talking about it so I'm doing it.  Entire East Coast from Maine to Florida.  I can't wait to make dreams happen.

List your favorites and I'll take a picture for you when I'm there!!

1) Tail of the Dragon
2) Barber Motorcycle Museum
3) Florida Coast
4) ____ Lighthouse
5) ????

STOLEN MOTORCYCLE. Asian Male, Heavy Accent, Short Black Hair, Assume Vietnamese Origin ~150lbs. ~Age 35
Fullerton / Anaheim / Garden Grove Area.

2008 Suzuki GSX-R 1000. Polished Frame. Crudely painted charcoal fairings.  Yellow is visible low where rock chips pulled away previous paint.  Front rim is plasti-dipped black.  Rub the plasti off to reveal red (yuck).Front rotors are slightly different and have different mounting hubs.

Rare Hamaguchi Exhaust, Suburban Delinquent sticker on windscreen. LSG decals on RHS fairing. This photo is current.

Run him off the road. Total the bike to stop him. I don't care.  If you get the asshole charged and caught, I will personally add more money on top of the reward.


Every year has been completely memorable with stories and photographs you wouldn't believe... Are you ready for...


December 17 - 20

Welcome to another adventure...

The last two years of this trip we all had an amazing time and learned a lot about ourselves. I wouldn't change anything about either of the trips... In fact we had so much fun I want to relive it... Exactly as it happened in the past! Same hotels, same bars. Who is in?

We will leave Thursday night and will return Sunday. Rain, snow, fog, sleet or perfect weather this is going to be an amazing ride and will never be forgotten!

Let's use up the rest of our vacation and sick days before the end of the year and visit the Grand Canyon the way it was meant to be seen.... On a motorcycle.

Reasons why YOU SHOULD GO!
   Meet and form long lasting friendships with other riders
   Enjoy the fun  and safety of riding in a group
   Absorb the beauty of Arizona in the dead of winter
   Experience the adventure and thrills of cross country riding
   A lifetime of stories
Expected Weather
Needles, CA
Williams, AZ
Grand Canyon, AZ
Jerome, AZ
Hotel Information
Thursday Night
Aquarius Casino Resort
1900 S. Casino Dr.
Laughlin, NV 89029
est $30.00

Friday Night
Option A
Royal American Inn
134 E Rte 66
Williams, AZ 86046
est $60.00

Option B (Flagstaff)
Hotel Monte Vista
100 N San Francisco St
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Saturday Night
Option A (Tempe, AZ)
Four Points Sheraton
1333 S Rural Rd
Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 968-3451
est $81.00

Option B (Jerome, AZ)[/color]
Connor Hotel
164 Main Street
Jerome, AZ 86331
(928) 634-5006

The Route
Here is the OFFICIAL Route
Please make sure your bike can make it the distance to all of the gas stops.

If you think gas is going to be an issue look into the MSR Fuel Bottles. I always bring a 30oz MSR bottle with me just to be safe. 30oz of fuel is usually good for about 15+ miles. You can find them at pretty much any sporting goods store that carries camping supplies. They cost $15-$20.


-Get to Laughlin NV, Thursday night.
-Find the worst hotel/motel in Needles to spend the night. Room 38@ Imperial 400 aka Best Motel
-Eat breakfast at Denny's just outside of Needles.
-Take pictures with the wild Donkey's of Oatman, AZ.
-Stop in Cool Springs for a Root 66 Beer.
-Make it to Williams, AZ by sundown on Friday.
-Eat at the Pizza Factory in Williams, AZ.
-Get rooms at the Route 66 Inn.
-Have drinks and play shuffleboard at The Canyon Club.
-Enjoy the wonderful friendly locals at The Sultana.
-Get to the Grand Canyon
-Make it to Jerome, AZ before 7pm Saturday.
-Eat Dinner and the Haunted Hamburger in Jerome, AZ.
-Spend the night in the (haunted) Grand Hotel in Jerome.
-Eat breakfast at the Quince Grille & Catina in Jerome.
-Back to Orange County by sundown on Sunday.

Secondary Objectives
-No breakdowns
-No frostbite
-No crashing
-No tickets
-No jail
-No bar fights
-Drink beer
-Somebody in the group pukes
-Build a snowman
-Somebody in the Group Gets Laid
What to bring:
A working bike
Warm Liners and Gear
Plan for cold conditions!

Meet Time and Place
December 17, 2015
12PM noon
(949) 786-2600
14962 Sand Canyon Ave, Irvine, CA

___________________________________________________________ _________________________________
___________________________________________________________ _________________________________

Info from 2013 trip,63047.0.html
___________________________________________________________ _________________________________

Info from 2012 trip,56281.0.html
___________________________________________________________ _________________________________

Info from 2011 trip,43446.0.html
___________________________________________________________ _________________________________

Info from 2010 trip

Hey folks!

I don't have a recent transaction with MXSuperstore but they ALWAYS attach a "free shipping under $80" coupon, I just don't have the most recent coupon (ironically I will once I purchase something). My pops picked up a nail in the Mad Max SV's dual-sport rear and the tire's half-way gone, so might as well pop a new one on there.

Does anyone have the most recent code?  (A google search didn't pull up anything either, I'm not just being lazy here)


Fallen Riders / RIP Navy Serviceman on Red Ducati
« on: 05/29/15 08:24PM »
You were probably responsible for it.  There's always another side to the story, right you guys? I'd have to be there to judge whether he was responsible or not.  He probably deserved to get his a$$ kicked because he was splitting lanes too quickly.  People suck.  She should have just called the cops.  It was unwise for him to have stopped his bike in an incident of road rage.  All these comments seem unjustified when the end result is something fatal.

RIP Rider.

The motorcyclists attacked an unsuspecting and innocent driver with his family in the car on a desolate farm road.  When will these thugs stop terrorizing and endangering the children!

Sarcasm aside, what would you do if you were the rider or if you were the rider's friend?  Having someone intentionally merge into your lane to run you and your bike off the road is clearly a near-death experience.  The driver provoked the two riders in an act of road rage and the two riders retorted.  What's everyone's thoughts on this video?  Could an incident like this have happened with the whole Lien can-of-worms incident?  Is the driver innocent just because the driver's family was with him?

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>


Shift Sector is also open for highly-modified, high-speed motorcycles.  We were the problem-free experimental run.  Our team be attending the next event as well.  This is not an event to see how fast your 600cc goes, this is for GPS-confirmed 170mph+ drag and superbike-only competition. 

You will be competing against fully-built race vehicles, the winner this year ran 231mph in a half-mile.  Again, this wasn't the car's top speed, this was the car's speed from a dead stop to 372kph at the 0.8 kilometers (GPS-confirmed) mark.

Info can be found here: and here:

For Sale:

The Lowdown:
- 2004 "Ducateehhh" Suzuki SV650
- Fuel-Injected, Starts Right Up, Shifts Smoothly, Runs Great
- Clean Title on Hand, Current Registration
- SUPER reliable (Just got back from a 1000-mile ride to/from the Grand Canyon)
- 50-60mpg, Cheap Insurance.
- Fully Serviced. Ready to Ride.
- 2 miles on the odometer. Yep. 2.0
- Upgraded Hayabusa Front End (Massive 6-Piston Front Brakes, USD Rebuilt Forks)
- New Dual Sport Adventure Tires and "Beaked" ADV Front Fender (Original boring street fender included).

Ducati 1098 Gutted Muffler, K&N Air Filter, SV1000 snorkel, GSXR 600 Rear Shock, Fan Switch, 12V "cigarette lighter" installed in trunk, Ducati Sticker on the frame (arguably the best upgrade), integrated tail light, adjustable shorty levers, DL650 VStrom Handling with those tires, and KLR style modifications (except with actual horse power and less weezy lawnmower tone). Extended Frame Sliders, Bar End Mirrors, RBF Keychain, Spare Key already made, heat-wrapped head pipe to reduce dings or bashes

The Bad:
- No Speedo, hence the super low mileage, I would assume ~25,000 miles. 200-mile range on a tank. Still throws the low-fuel light which yields 28 miles of fuel before you run dry ("ask me how I know").
- Throws a 'check engine light' after removing the unnecessary rat's nest of emissions hoses and canisters, I've been happily cruising on her with a light on without problem.

$3200 OBO (read ~3000)

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