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Miscellaneous / Need a front stand
« on: 11/13/08 08:52PM »
Does anyone from around or near san juan capistrano have a front stand i can borrow for 2 or 3 days?  ;D

« on: 09/17/08 07:09PM »
Its a size 50 and its in great condition except for the knee sliders...I only wore it once and for some strange reason it doesnt fit anymore  :26:...  :28:

PM me if interested  O0

General Motorcycle Discussion / Custom Map Opinion
« on: 08/01/08 06:41PM »
So today i went to Spectrum Motorsport to get a custom map for my r6 took about 3 hours...when i got her back they told me she didnt gain much but they did smoothen it and they improved my midrange. So when i saw the results it barely gained .25 hp! i was dissapointed. So i got back home handled some stuff and i looked for a dyno run i did at MACH1 and i found it. When i compared both of them i had actually lost hp. When i did the dyno run at MACH1 i had a GYTR air filter and my yoshi slip on. Today when i got my custom map i had my GYTR air filter, yoshi slip on, midpipe and smog block off plates...I think i should have gained instead of losing hp. What do you guys think? Im planning on stopping by tomorrow and talking to them.

Off Topic / Luck?
« on: 11/28/07 05:51PM »
<a href=";rel=1" target="_blank" class="new_win">;rel=1</a>

New Members / What Up OCMoto?
« on: 09/21/07 10:18PM »
Sup guys and girls...Im new and my names Robert...Hope to ride with all of you or most of you soon!!!
Heres a pic of my bike...

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