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Misc / Trailer hitch bike carriers?
« on: 08/05/10 05:08PM »
Any recommendations on this kind of thing?  A friend of mine just got into biking and has been riding for about 6 months.  He wants to get a tow-hitch carrier for his Ducati, as his Truck has a cover on the bed, so it'd be easier to use one of these things.   What recommendations do any of you have?  Things to watch out for?

I just finished up replacing my chain and got 2 new tires, Pirelli Sport Demon's for my own Kawasaki ninja 250... All I can say is, Ninja250 owners, run out your old Dunlop K-series tires ASAP and get these tires... Good god the difference is astounding.  Well worth the $250 I had to pay for them.  Now the only question will be how long they last.   

Crash Stories / Low speed fall...
« on: 10/01/07 12:35AM »
I had heard many times and read many stories that most new riders will have problems with low speed maneuvers and of course I really should have gone and practiced today. 

Went in for a low speed u-turn and managed to slip the clutch out too fast in third and poof the bike stalled, I attempted to recover, but it was too late.  Bike took surprisingly little damage, just a bent clutch lever from what I can tell, and my left hand/chin met with the pavement very briefly.   Ugh.. ahh well, at least I had all my gear on, was up and getting the bike to the side of the road within seconds.   

Note for all newbies like myself... keep practicing your low speed maneuvers!!!   I'll be practicing tomorrow as soon as I straighten out that clutch lever. 

(Not as exciting as some of the stories on here, but more than enough for me tonight ;) )

New Members / New Rider - Hi Everyone
« on: 09/25/07 10:20PM »
Hi everyone,

Been with my 2005 Kawasaki Ninja 250 for a little while.  First bike, so I'm trying to get to grips, but it seems pretty natural after only a week or so.  Really enjoying it.  I work with Kong (Cuong), and he suggested I stop in to say hi and join you all for a few rides.   I am being a little vain, and waiting to get my helmet before i snap any pics, but if you see a Blue Ninja and a rider in Blue gloves/jacket, then most likely that will be me.  I'm in Santa Ana, but I frequent Newport, as I work there and pretty much all over southern OC, particularly as I'm having so much fun on the bike. 

When I get some time free, I'll be sure to try and get in on a ride with you all. 

Looking forward to meeting you all in person.  Pics will be up shortly.

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