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Selling my Chatterbox Slim simply because I've never used it, never even had it out of the box.  Bought from Cycle City when they first came out, preordered it.  $200 obo.

Crash Stories / Fellow rider down this week.
« on: 10/20/11 09:34PM »
For those who haven't heard, we had a fellow member crash this week.  Marty (MartyR) crashed on Tuesday evening.  He is currently in the hospital, and will be there for probably another 5-7 days.  He's in good spirits but being in a bed for that long is gonna get real old, real fast.  He's allowed to have visitors now, so if you're able to swing by and keep him company I'm sure it'd be greatly appreciated.  He's at Western Medical in Santa Ana, visiting hours are 1pm to 8pm.  Just thought I'd pass the word along to the OC Moto community.

Hey everyone I am in need of a piano keyboard for three days, I have been asked to play a song at a funeral on Friday and I'm waaaay out of practice.  I would buy one (wanted to for quite a while) but it's just not possible right now.  Please let me know if you can help out, or can put me in contact with someone who can help.  Thank you.

Working on an idea for some art projects and I could use any/all photo or art frames you no long use.  Like the old ones sitting in your garage/storage unit/basement/closet.  I would appreciate any donations while I'm testing this out but if you have a large stack or them with variety I'd be able to pay a nominal amount at this time, or maybe a first finished product, whatever, I'm up for negotiations.

Also looking for old photographs in any condition.  An old stack or box, whatever you've got.  Any kinds of pictures.

If you have pictures, frames, or both please contact me.

Tales of the Road / Dream Rides
« on: 09/01/11 02:27PM »
Well I'm fresh out of popcorn from reading all the cop threads, so let's get back to something a little more bike oriented.

If you could take your bike anywhere and ride on any road, where would it be?  Why?

I'd like to ride on the autobahn, for obvious reasons.  I'd also like to hit up some of the backroads in MN that I've only traveled on with a cruiser.  Taking my R6 on some of those would be spectacular, as long as I don't hit any deer.  :P

Off Topic / Escape for the weekend
« on: 08/23/11 08:31PM »
Where do you guys go when you want to get away for a long weekend?  2-3 nights, preferably something within 3 hours driving distance.  Looking for somewhere with a lot of variety of things to do.  All suggestions welcome.  :)

Tales of the Road / OC Moto Missed Connections
« on: 08/17/11 11:34PM »
Spawned from this thread:;topicseen#new and inspired by the ever infamous Craigslist ads.  I'll go first.

To the sexy squid on the 605:

Last Thursday around 3pm I was on the 605 South just after the 91 interchange.  You were splitting in the carpool lane on your black R1 with aftermarket exhaust (two brothers I think).  You caught my eye because you were wearing a black cut off shirt that exposed your rockin' guns.  After you passed a few cars you just cruised for a bit in the carpool lane; I tried to speed up and get a better look at you and your bike.  Unfortunately I was in my work truck and not on my bike, so off you went into the distance.  I doubt you'll ever read this but I figured it was worth a shot.  As pleasant as it is to engage in distracted driving due to your overtly exposed biceps of steel, I'm simply hoping you'll read this and, if you respond, maybe we can go grab dinner sometime...get you some proper riding gear.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Bike vs Deer
« on: 05/12/11 07:06AM »
From my hometown newspaper:

Motorcyclist injured after colliding with deer

A Black River Falls, Wis., man suffered serious injuries when his motorcycle collided with a deer Tuesday afternoon, according to the Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Department.
Steven Calhoun, 57, was taken by helicopter to an undisclosed hospital for head and torso injuries, according to a release from the sheriff’s department.
Calhoun was westbound at about 2:30 p.m. on County Road B in the town of Sumner when a deer ran in front of his motorcycle, according to the sheriff’s department.
The motorcycle collided with the deer, causing Calhoun, his bike and the deer to skid down the road for more than 150 yards, according to the sheriff’s department.
No further information has been released.

Yellow R1 or R6 down on the eastbound 91 in the carpool lane.  Hope the rider is okay, collision report says ambulance responding.

6:20PM   1039 COR FD

Off Topic / Best Price Guarantee
« on: 04/13/11 08:35PM »


Friday night, ride out to Farmer Boys in Anaheim!

They offer a large variety of non traditional fast food items such as omelettes, french toast, bread bowls, and fish and chips.  Also, their handmade ice cream shakes are fantastic!  Their full menu can be found here: (thanks Jaymze!)  Or just swing by to hang out with friends.  This event is open to all, even noobs and cagers!  ;)

The manager has agreed to give us a FREE SMALL DRINK when you show your helmet!  Thank you Farmer Boys!

The weather is supposed to be partly sunny with a high of 68, low of 48...perfect weather for an evening ride!  The rest of the weekend is supposed to be crappy so ride while you can!  ;)

Friday, March 18th, 7pm-10pm.

Located at the corner of Dale and Lincoln in Anaheim.

Street address:
2800 W. Lincoln Ave
Anaheim, CA 92801

Hope to see you all there for some Friday night shenanigans (and my belated birthday celebrations)!!! :31:

I'm just throwing this up there to see if anyone is interested.  I'm probably getting my hopes up but I figure this is worth a shot.

I looked at a 4 bedroom house today in Fullerton, in a really nice, quiet neighborhood.  I am really interested in renting it, but can't do it on my own much to my dismay.  The rent for the WHOLE HOUSE is $1750.  It's got a large front yard, good sized back yard with covered patio and some fruit trees, one car garage, fireplace, washer/dryer hookups, stove/oven, and one car garage (great for bikes!).  I have a fridge to bring.  Honestly I went to look at the place and didn't expect much, but I was blown away with both the nice neighborhood and how nice the house is, and now I'm trying to see if I can make this work or not.

The rooms are kind of on the smaller size, and that's why I'd like to find preferably just one other person to rent the house with me, but two would be fine as well, it'd make the rent even cheaper.  I'm willing to pay more to have two of the bedrooms myself.  I do have two cats, and I am okay with another cat around or maybe a dog if it doesn't bark all the time and gets along with the cats. 

The total deposit is $1800, one year lease.  Looking to move the end of this month or beginning of next month.  House is located about 5 minutes north of the 91 and 5 freeways in Fullerton.  If you're interested in renting this house with me, or know someone who would be, please send me a PM!  Thanks.  :)

Yamaha / R6 Headlight Mod
« on: 01/25/11 07:43PM »
Okay this may seem like a dumb question but I've only had my '07 R6 for a few months and don't know too much about how to make any changes.  I went back to 2008 on the Yamaha board and didn't find another topic like this, so here it goes:

I don't like the headlights, one side being low beam and the other being high beam.  Is there any way to mod/change/replace them so they are more like the R1?  For that matter, would I be able to retrofit the R1 headlights into my R6?  I'd like to have both headlights have both low and high beams.

Off Topic / Hotel Living
« on: 01/09/11 09:40PM »
Okay so starting this week (and for the next 13 weeks) I'll be living in a hotel for 4 days every week for work.  I've never done anything like this before, and I know I've read about a few people on here who travel for their job and will spend weeks/months in a hotel.  I know that 4 days really isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things, and I do have the advantage of coming home on the weekends, but I'd still like to get some advice from those who have done extended stays in hotels for work.  What do you do for food besides eating out?  Entertainment?  Anything important I should bring with me?  I'm sure I'll figure out more of what I need after the first week, but I'm just worried I'll forget something major.  I'm also afraid of going stir crazy, so any and all suggestions to keep myself entertained will be appreciated.  :)

I'm starving.  Souplantation has an amazing breakfast buffet on Sunday mornings.  So if you'd like to join me, here are the details.  If anyone wants to ride afterwards I'd be up for that as well.  Who knows where the day will lead!

Here are the details:

5939 Chapman Avenue, Garden Grove, CA

It's in the shopping center at the corner of Valley View and Chapman, just north of the 22.

See you at 11am!

Miscellaneous / Room for Rent in La Habra
« on: 12/26/10 04:05PM »
I told my friend I'd post this for him, he's getting desperate for finding a roommate:

"URGENT! I am looking for a roommate, MALE OR FEMALE! I am about to rent a 3 bedroom in La Habra with a friend of mine. We need a third person to make the rent, $500 covers rent utilities included. We need someone who is looking to move in with us asap. We are in dire need of someone."

For more information please PM me for his contact information if interested.

So a few of us are looking for something low key to do after the festivities subside, anyone else interested and/or have ideas of something to do tonight?

So my bike died on the way to work this morning, on the freeway.  It was towed off the side of the road but I need to get it to the shop.  Is there anyone here with a truck or trailer that could help me out tonight?

Didn't catch more than a glimpse, was on the westbound side, but there was a sportbike down in the carpool lane, another biker was there who didn't go down or stopped to help.  If you know anyone that was heading that direction make sure they are okay.  Happened around 3:15 or so.  Hope he/she is okay.

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