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Passed by an accident yesterday looked like a white GSX-R, front end was gone..just hoping the rider was ok and hopefully not one of out guys, not that it matters any accident with a bike is bad. Looked around for info but couldn't find any.

I have a friend that has these tickets, got stuck with them because of a "group" issue. Anyways they are $37.00 a piece. If anyone is looking to go tomorrow night and interested PM me. The tickets are in Anaheim but I can travel or meet anyone just about anywhere in OC. Total for all 4 tickets: $148.00

Miscellaneous / SOLD..
« on: 06/24/12 09:52AM »


I have 2 boards with, what I believe is a full set up for one, for sale. I will take pictures but one board is around 10ft the other is around 12ft. If you are familiar with them, I'm not, and are interested PM me. Looking to get $500 obo. Selling them for a friend but I have possession of the items you don't need to wait for "friends" availability. Items are located at my house in Garden Grove. Here are some pics of the setup with one board.


Nissan..."Buy a Juke, Kill motorcyclists"...the perfect killing machine...

Off Topic / Anyone know who's bike this is??
« on: 08/25/11 07:38AM »

A friend saw it and asked if it belonged to anyone here at OCMoto..told them never seen it before but doesn't mean it isn't a member here..

I got this from someone that got it from another site...yeah a friend of a friend, of a friend...etc..thought it had some pretty good information in plain English...

If you can't read it I've attached it to this post below:

I just drained a tank that had Gasoline in it that is probably..8-10 years old...Smells like paint thinner now...Well I have it in my 5 gallon container, it's only about 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon of gas but wondering where I dispose of it or if I mix it with good gas can I just push it through my car tank??

I went to Costco for lunch and decided to wander the store. I saw a Kawasaki Ninja 650 on display and of course had to go look at it...Well I guess you can get a decent deal. I picked up the flyer and scanned it in for anyone here to check it out. If you have a Costco Membership and are in the market for a bike, check it out.

PDF file is below

Just noticed that the IMS show was this weekend in Long Beach but didn't see any posts of people going or anyone posting pics of it. Anyone go?  I was planning on going but not sure if I'm going to get time this weekend to go..

No one likes the word "cheap" when it comes to gear, especially helmets. Every so often you get good deals on an expensive helmets. Well if you like Icon helmets, this is not a discussion whether they good or bad, has put some on sale:

Just passing on deals to those who like this gear.

I get emails all the time because I sign up at different sites and all over the place (sue me I'm an advertisement whore... :32:). So this morning when checking my "SPAM' email account there was something from the International Motorcycle Show, a new magazine. Well since one of my favorite magazines decided to go Online (2WT), I have very few new magazines to read in my office (the crapper). Anyways here is the link, if you want to subscribe to another sport bike magazine. Free is always a good price!

Just saw this on another site and thought I'd post it here...super cool stand..Not sure if this is a repost...

I got this email from 2Wheeled Tuner today...I'm sad to see it go because it was one of the few magazines I actually read from cover to cover...

Here is what was in the email:

"An Important Announcement from 2Wheel Tuner

The two-wheel world runs at breakneck speed, so the last thing you want is to wait around each month for a print issue of 2Wheel Tuner to hit your mailbox. We realized we needed to find a better way to give instant throttle response and timely content to our readers in daily doses around their schedules. So weíve made a tough decision to close a chapter on 2Wheel Tuner, the magazine that blazed the scene back in 2004, and fully embrace the ever-changing digital world through our rapidly growing community site-
No need to hang your head, thereís a new world out there and it changes every second- something a monthly print magazine canít ever keep up with. Now will be the tool to connect with fresh bikes, products, videos, news, events, girls, contests and fellow members of the sportbike brother and sisterhood.
If you havenít done so, please join and use the site as your number one online source for performance sportbike content and community, now open 365, 24/7. Read all the same exclusive content that you grew to love in print, share videos, photos, write your own blog. Speak up, talk back and join today.
Looking forward to the rides ahead,
Your friends at 2Wheel Tuner"

I went to log into Twitter at around 5:30pm PST and this message popped up..

I don't think I've ever seen a popular website have this's like seeing the Monorail Tow Vehicle at Disneyland towing one of the Monorails, I saw that once and it thought it was the coolest thing I've ever seen at Disneyland.

Miscellaneous / WPN Paintballs for sale
« on: 05/10/10 10:10AM »
Got a neighbor that has a box of WPN Light Blue paint balls. 3 completely sealed bags and 1 that is open but it looks completely full. They are .68Caliber and I have them in my posession, so you are dealing straight with me and not relying on my neighbors availability. He's kinda hard hit for cash, lost his job, out on the street ( a victim of this economy)  :34:...anyways we've heard this story told many times over so I won't go into the sob story...Just trying to help him out looking to get $25.00 obo for the entire box of paint balls. If that is high (I don't paint ball so I don't know), make me an offer. 100% of the funds collected are going back to him to get himself back on his feet.

Ok so I saw the last post about the guy on another forum that got his butt handed to him by his was hilarious...

This one is not as harsh but still funny...just got it sent to me by a buddy of mine and thought I'd share..

 :45:  :45:  :45:  :45:  :45:

You were rideing very responsibly and you didn't do anything wrong.
I wanted to get your attention to tell you that your left running light (the bike has 2 rear lights) is out. The brake portion of it works. Your liscense plate number starts with 15R5, I can't remember the rest of your plate number but that should be enought to identify you. If any one knows this person please pass the message along. The bike is a Red Kawasaki with racing stickers on the belly pan area.

Just saw these and wanted to pass them on to anyone that needs to work on their cars...some of the stuff you can use for motorcycles too..

I am a Harbor Freight Whore...I really like this place and even subscribe to them via Twitter..Well this time they have a link to coupons that are especially for Motorcyclists..Here's the link:

Miscellaneous / ***All Gone***
« on: 01/24/10 06:20PM »
I was going through the garage today and found a box of Motorcycle magazines. They are a mix of Motorcyclist, SuperBike, Super Street Bike, Two Wheeled Tuner, etc. They are most likely a couple of years old. I'd thought I'd offer them up to you guys first and if no one wants them I'd donate them to the local library. PM me if you are interested.

****All magazines gone*****

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