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Misc / MARINES in the LONG BEACH area
« on: 11/10/14 04:08PM »
I am getting together with a few other Marines tonight in Long Beach at EJ Malloy's, a few blocks north of the 405 on Atlantic, at 8PM to celebrate our 239th birthday.

All are welcome, but Marines belong!

If anybody needs directions or wants info or anything like that, my cell number is 209-324-0848.

Hope to see you guys there.

SEMPER FI and happy birthday, DevilDogs!!

Miscellaneous / TrackSide tow-hitch motorcycle carrier
« on: 07/11/14 02:19PM »
I bought one of those TrackSide motorcycle carriers that attaches to your tow hitch so I could get my Ninja 250 back to SoCal last week. I have a camper shell on my truck, so the bed wasn't available and this was the cheapest option. The thing worked great - didn't wobble or wiggle, my bike was totally secure and I even checked on it halfway through the trip and nothing had even come CLOSE to coming loose along the drive (~380 miles).

My only problem with it was not even a problem with the carrier, it was a problem with my truck. My truck already rides rather low, so the end of the mount hangs about 5 inches off the ground. It didn't give me any problems on my drive, but I scraped it a little bit at the gas station when I had to refuel half way through my trip - one scrape going into the parking lot, one scrape going out. It was beautiful - I even took the driveway at an extreme angle to keep from scraping, the way I used to when I had a lowered car, and the tail still scraped. Not because the hitch hangs low, but because my truck rides low.

As I said, it works great. Tech specs, it's built for a type 3 or type 4 hitch. It can hold up to 500lbs. It measures 76 inches long and 4 inches wide. Even includes the loading ramp and the pin for the tow hitch. Full kit, great buy. Yeah, there are much better ones out there, but they cost a lot more. This makes a great hitch for anybody who is on a budget (like me!).

Anyways, there was only some minor scuffing on the bottom, no structural damage or anything like that. I just need the money a lot more than I need the carrier.

It normally sells for $199.99, I bought it on sale for $99.99, but because of the scrapes I'll let it go for $80 even. $20 off for a scrape sounds good to me, don't you think?

Shoot me a text if you want it. It's in a garage in Mission Viejo for now. 209-324-0848


(The bottom of the very end is the part that scraped. You can only see it from below.)

Off Topic / Motorcycle bobbleheads - Photoshop fun
« on: 07/23/13 01:34PM »
I stumbled across this on Reddit today and figured I'd share with a group of folks who would appreciate it. Enjoy.

Off Topic / For anybody looking to play with guns....
« on: 01/10/13 08:40PM »
Since a lot of you are expressing interest in shooting, I'll step out and say it - I work at LAX Firing Range on Manchester, next to Randy's Donuts just off the 405. If you guys want to shoot, come on down and let me know. Not only are we a range, we sell ammo (and tons of other stuff) as well, and we're one of only two stores in all of California who still continually has 5.56 and 223 ammo in stock. On top of that, our prices haven't been rising like everybody else's and we don't limit how much you're allowed to buy.

So, if any homies from OC Moto wants to come shoot or stock up on ammo, swing through my work. The website is if you want to check it out for directions or whatever, and you can also PM me as well.

Off Topic / Where do you get your gun supplies??
« on: 08/22/12 11:24PM »
I've been browsing the interweb a lot lately looking for various fun accessories for my weaponry, from holsters to cleaning kits, rail systems to rounds, and it made me wonder what sites other people use. Tonight I stumbled upon and I can already tell it's going to be an expensive discovery for me. lol

So where do you guys buy your stuff? Share some hookups and info, save each other a few bucks, or help somebody find that special buttstock pouch they've been looking for.

Off Topic / For those of us who DON'T hate cops....
« on: 06/16/12 09:28PM »
I thought I'd share this thread I found - it's on a large cop forum, and it's got some pretty awesome stories of officers (and some civilians too) doing some really neat things, out of the goodness of their hearts (yeah, they ACTUALLY have them! WHO KNEW!!)

Spread the love.


Off Topic / The Dark Knight Rises ***NEW TRAILER***
« on: 04/30/12 08:34PM »

I'm already working out the details to get my tickets for the midnight IMAX showing. It's gonna be ****ing amazing.

Off Topic / The Californians
« on: 04/16/12 09:58PM »
This might be offensive if it weren't so terribly true....  at least, it's true for the kids I go to school with.

Off Topic / Vilolin + Dubstep = AMAZING
« on: 03/20/12 11:16PM »
I'm not a dubstep fan (personally I think Skrillex sucks) but a friend of mine posted this video on Facebook a few days ago, and since then, I've been downloading her singles and I can't get enough of this chick.

Doesn't hurt that she's pretty cute, too. :D

Watch her other vids as well - Transcendence is pretty awesome, and she has one where she does a Zelda medly while dressed up as Zelda. :cool:

Parts For Sale / 2008+ Ninja 250 gas tank, blue
« on: 03/13/12 11:57PM »
I bought this gas tank from another Marine down on Pendleton when I was putting my Frankenbike back together. It's blue and ALMOST perfect - very minor ding between the tankpad and the seat, and another VERY minor ding on the left side of the tank where the bent (soon to be replaced) left handlebar has knocked the tank a couple times during transit between shop and home.

Finally got myself a black tank to replace this thing, so I could use the cash for this blue one.

OEM is $374.68, I'll let it go for about half - hows $180 OBO sound?

Shoot me a PM if you are interested, cuz I'll probably lose this thread tomorrow after I forget about it. LOL

Also note, it does NOT come with the gas cap - I want to keep all three keyed items together.

I was riding home tonight from school, near LAX, headed down the 405 southbound around 630. Signs on the side of the road said there was an accidnet blocking the left two lanes at the Avalon exit, so obviously traffic was extra craptastic (it was backed up all the way past the 105, which is where I got on).

I'm already pretty cautious about lane splitting on the 405 during rush hour because it's been made VERY clear to me that commuters have NO regard for my life when they just want to get home (thanks to the woman who merged into me, knocked me off my bike, and fled the scene back in October). I know I am not the fastest lane-splitter, but considering the law states only 10mph faster than the traffic around you, it really shouldn't be THAT uch a problem when you've already got lots of traffic jumping the double yellows to try to get home an extra 30-45 seconds sooner.

Anyways, whenever I see another rider approach from behind, I always try to find the safest place to merge into one of the lanes to allow the other rider to pass. I even wave them on to make sure they know that I'm letting them pass and I'm not going to jump back in front of them - even offer a wave, which is almost always returned. I try not to keep anybody behind me for any longer than it takes to find a safe place to let them pass. Like I said, I know I'm not Speedy Gonzales when I'm dodging ignorant or distracted cagers.

This occured a few times tonight, considering we riders were the only ones making any headway through to traffic. That is, until somebody on a matte black Ducati decided he wasn't willing to wait for me to find a safe place to move over, and rode my ass, rev his engine, and then finally jump to the next lane where he sped past the SUV I was passing (which swerved towards me to avoid him).

If this was a single occurance, I might write it off as one asshole. But then it happened two more times - and not because I don't check my mirrors often, cuz I glance at them at least every minute, usually more.

WTF is wrong with people? I mean, we're all in the same game - what makes one persons commute more important than the other persons safety? Is it that hard to wait a few more seconds for somebody to find a safe place to let you pass? What have we, as riders, come to, when we don't even have each other's backs anymore?

Off Topic / Need some Photoshop Skills
« on: 03/07/12 04:18AM »
I have a few ideas for a colorscheme for the 250 I'm rebuilding (nothing fancy, just some mix and match) but I want to be able to see it before I run off and buy or paint thist or that part. Can somebody with some photoshop skills help me out? I'll buy ya a beer or six if you're of age..... (orange cola if you're not, haha)


Off Topic / We have lost a REAL hero....
« on: 02/29/12 11:43PM »
Lynn D. "Buck" Compton, a veteran whose World War II exploits were depicted in the HBO miniseries "Band of Brothers," has died, his family said.
Compton died Saturday in Burlington, Wash., after having a heart attack last month, the family told the Los Angeles Times ( in a story Tuesday.
In January, nearly 200 guests, including actors from the miniseries, attended his 90th birthday party, the Skagit Valley Herald ( reported.
"To us he wasn't really a war hero, he was just a hero, period," Tracy Compton told the Herald.
Lynn Compton also is remembered for his legal career in California. He headed the team that prosecuted Sirhan B. Sirhan for the slaying of Robert F. Kennedy and was appointed to the 2nd District Court of Appeal in 1970 by Gov. Ronald Reagan. He retired from the bench in 1990.
He was awarded a Silver Star and a Purple Heart during World War II. But it wasn't until later in life that he became famous for his military service as a first lieutenant in Easy Company after the unit parachuted into France on D-Day in 1944. Historian Stephen E. Ambrose's 1992 best seller about the unit was made into the 2001 TV series.
"His career as a prosecutor and a judge overrode his military career until `Band of Brothers' came out, and then it just went crazy," daughter Syndee Compton said.
A passage in the book recalled the D-Day invasion of France: "Compton had been an All-American catcher on the UCLA baseball team. The distance to the fleeing enemy was about the same as from home plate to second base. Compton threw his grenade on a straight line - no arch - and it hit a German in the head as it exploded."
Compton was embarrassed by the attention at his birthday party at Skagit Regional Airport that was attended by children of other Band of Brothers veterans.
"All I can say is it's flattering - and kind of embarrassing," Compton told the Herald. "We didn't expect anything more than those other guys (in the war). We're celebrating longevity more than anything."
The guests included "Band of Brothers" actors Michael Cudlitz, James Madio, Richard Speight Jr. and Neal McDonough, who portrayed Compton in the miniseries.
McDonough recalled meeting with Compton the day before he flew to London to begin filming "Band of Brothers," and later peppering him with questions about his time during the war.
"When you play a historical figure, you have to do it right and tell the truth," McDonough told the Times, recalling that Compton told him he was just doing his job.
"He'd say that's what soldiers do," said McDonough, who kept in touch with Compton and nicknamed his 6-year-old son Morgan "Little Buck" in his honor.
Tracy Compton said her father thought McDonough did a wonderful job portraying him and that "he laughed and said Neal was better-looking than he ever was."
Compton was born in Los Angeles on Dec. 31, 1921. He majored in physical education and minored in education at UCLA, where he lettered in football and baseball. He started at guard in the 1943 Rose Bowl game against Georgia and was selected all-conference catcher while captain of the baseball team in 1942.
He also participated in the ROTC program and entered active service in February 1943 at age 21.
After the war, he became a Los Angeles police officer and worked his way through Loyola Law School. He was a detective in the Central Burglary Division before joining the district attorney's office in 1951. He was assistant district attorney when District Attorney Evelle J. Younger chose him as his chief deputy in 1966.
Compton's memoir "Call of Duty: My Life Before, During and After the Band of Brothers," written with Marcus Brotherton, was published in 2008.
His wife, Donna, died in 1994. Along with his two daughters, he is survived by four grandchildren.
 I would challenge anyone to find an American who has had more of a positive impact on this country than Buck Compton.
Where are the requests for flags to fly at half-mast?

Off Topic / Who's gonna do this with me???
« on: 02/29/12 05:00PM »
THIS is going on my bucket list.

Off Topic / Tax Returns
« on: 01/21/12 12:33AM »
People should be getting their W-2s any time now, I just got mine, so that means it's time to start thinking about doing your taxes.
What are you spending YOUR tax return on?
How much do you think you're gonna have to owe this year?

The topic might be somewhat NSFW since it's of a sexual nature, but it's not meant to be porngraphic. Just dialogue (not pictures, thankfully).
My girlfriend was doing some research tonight and came across something that said to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, men in their early 20's should ejaculate at least 5 times a week to ensure a healthy future.
Looks like I'm living forever.  :19:

Deals and Vendors / Looking for a local welder
« on: 01/10/12 12:21PM »
I'm looking for a welder who can cut two kickstands and put em together to make a longer one for me. Anybody know any shops in the LBC that can do this without charging an arm and a leg?

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