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any loopholes?  :32:

looks like I'll be happily switching commuter duty to the Ninja with a factory exhaust rather than the car alarm sounding Busa with the Yosh

Parts For Sale / WTB: 99-07 GSX1300R Rear Seat
« on: 10/30/18 02:13PM »
condition irrelevant....want to replace the hump for a luggage rack for longer trips

anyone here work insurance?

friend got rear ended on the 405 (not at fault), exchanged information, the other guy has insurance but a limited discussion with the other insurance company started with "this insurance has coverage limits"

basically if there is a certain structural part that needs to get replaced, the damages could exceed the what the other guy's insurance covers

if so - who pays for the car to get fixed?

does a lawyer get involved, take the guy to court, and start garnishing his wages?

the dude has wawanesa insurance and after he rear ended my friend, exchanged information, he said "I am in a rush I have to go" but she made him wait until the cops came. sketchy dude in an infinity with barely enough insurance coverage for it.

Off Topic / School me on cheapest OC apartment hunting
« on: 05/15/18 10:14AM »
1.) are all 1br apartments $1,600ish and up with $100ish/year increases?
2.) I want to be close to bake parkway and either the 405 or 5 freeways for work - No farther south than lake forest...any other target areas besides Santa Ana (also ridiculous priced) or south coast metro?
3.) where else to look besides Craigslist/trulia/Hotpads?
4.) are prices to rent a room near spectrum REALLY around $1,000-$1.200/month !?! Seems like a lot to share
5.) what are my living options if this is what my needs are: private room for bed, dresser, bathroom, sink, small fridge, basic hand tools, surf board, motorcycle cases. All cooking can bbe done on a single burner or hot plate (Mostly oatmeal/eggs). The rest I crock pot, microwave, coffee pot, or use a rice cooker. I really like having a consistent truck parking spot at home when I work late. For moto I would like a spot/shed/off street spot for my dirt bike and hopefully a place to work on it. If that is off the table I can always leave it at my rental property...but itís way nicer if it is closer. Being close to spectrum means OC dirt riding is 25-30 mins away.
6.) goal: my rentals will cash flow positive a few hundred a month by this summer. I am hoping to use them to entirely cover my living/apartment costs as long as I can find a place in OC thatís under a grand per month. I also found private owners were less likely to increase rents if they like you.

I am also in my mid 30ís...ideally I donít want to get roommates anymore. So occasionally I will see ads to rent an in-law apartment or Separate entrance bedroom/bath with kitchenette...although those rarely have parking. I found living alone has a premium

Did I cover everything?


Will motorcycles be allowed to drive for free in the 405 Express Lanes?

All vehicles, including motorcycles, must have a transponder in order to use the 405 Express Lanes. Per the toll policy, motorcycles are allowed free travel at all times and are eligible for the Special Access account.

not that I'll be doing the Long Beach -> OC commute by 2022/2023, but I will keep my toll road transponder (paid a one time fee when the '91 expansion happened) at the times I head to LA area

does this exist?

if so - where is it?!

I swear I saw an ad on facebook for it: hooks up to your hitch, you roll your bike in backwards into a wheel chock, tie the handle bars to keep the forks straight, use the supplied/integrated hydraulic jack to get the rear wheel off the ground, then drive off.

no need to cut the chain

Off Topic / Happy saint Patrick's day
« on: 03/17/18 11:17PM »
Ya f*cks

You're in the HOV lane solo and see an SUV barreling at you.

At the rate he's approaching, you feel unsafe and you get out of the carpool lane, so he can pass. You maintain your speed or slow down, and just get out of his way.

But he follows suit, and also gets out of the carpool lane...and starts tailgating you...a little too close for your comfort.

So you switch back into the carpool lane...but he or she also gets back into the carpool lane, and continues tailgates you. However, now there is now a car directly to your right, and tailgate guy behind you at a distance you feel is unsafe.

What do you do next?

Never hit the mountains in CA...but looking to surf, ski, and desert ride in one epic day of fun

When does Baldy or Big Bear get snow?

(And if there's a spot to ride Moto on ice or snow...I would gladly are that to the mix)

Parts For Sale / WANTED TODAY: Vstrom 650 regulator
« on: 10/27/17 09:35AM »
8 month old battery dead...gonna need a R/R...I can order but I gotta work this weekend...anyone got a lead on this locally?

Off Topic / Lyle, other east Anaheim check in!
« on: 10/09/17 03:42PM »
0 percent containment 2500 acre fire  :(

Off Topic / Anyone in Vegas?
« on: 10/02/17 08:30AM »
Man tough world for kids today...50 people died!

Saw his event 10am Saturday on Facebook...anyone going?

Hey guys sorry to ask this but I am at Valley View Casino out in San Diego County and my friend has a Mustang convertible that we thought we'd go for a Cruise when I realize that we are right next to Palomar Mountain so I thought why not go up the mountain.

The only thing is I can't really figure out egps or Google Map directions on the way to the twisty Road up the mountain or just drive around nearby.

Anyone have a quick suggestion we're probably going to head out after we hit up the pool so not for another hour or so

PS I never knew how close Palomar was to the casino so maybe we could organize a OC Moto casino and Kenyon day haha

Miscellaneous / WANTED: bicycle
« on: 08/25/17 11:21PM »
I got fifty anything?

Honestly I don't even know how much I should budget...Wal Mart bikes are eighty bucks or something

Road, beach cruiser, mountain...basically anything adult size (no bmx)

Pretty much for me to get something easier on the knees (over running) for cardio in the morning before work, and to cruise the bike paths down the beach.

Miscellaneous / WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 07/24/17 05:46PM »
I am 6' 152lbs

google says I should get an 8' board

anyone got one kicking around?

Off Topic / skunk
« on: 07/12/17 01:52AM »
suggestions for removal?


living under my deck in lbc


this is the 24" version - zero drone

exhaust hangers were welded on during installation

stock 2.5" exhaust piping, center/offset.

All you need to do is have your stock muffler cut out and this one welded in.

Off Topic / HB fire pit for 4th of July
« on: 06/20/17 01:34PM »
How early in the AM I gotta be there to get a fire pit on the beach? 4-5am to be in line to park in beach lot?

And prep tips?

Just bring a big umbrella, camp chair, cooler with ice/drinks, beach towel, bfast/lunch/dinner (sandwiches/chips/hot dogs/burgers/s'mores), cell phone power bank, camping pillow, volley ball, frisbee, fire wood, bicycle and...?

Off Topic / Buying land in California city
« on: 06/10/17 02:13PM »
Recreational marijuana growing authorized!

Any thoughts on buying a $3,500 plot of land?

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