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Hey guys, I used to do this for Bazzaz, now I work for a company that makes various hard parts for bike, quads, and side-by-sides. We're looking to bring in certain models so we can do some fitment testing and documentation. If you allow us to borrow your bike then we'll leave the various accessories on it when we give it back to you (if you want them). If you want more info about what our company does or about the process in general feel free to shoot me a message here or email me at:
Here’s a list of all the vehicles we’re currently looking to bring in for product fitment testing. Hit me up if you've got one of these and you're open to us bolting on some extra farkles.
Harley Davidson Touring model - 2002-2015
Honda TRX450R - 2004-2009
Suzuki Hayabusa - 1999-2007
Suzuki Boulevard C50 - 2005-2012
Harley Davidson Dyna (Street Bob, Low Rider, Wide Glide, Fat Bob, Switchback) - years vary
Suzuki DRZ400 (or KLX400) - 2000-2012
Yamaha Raptor 700 - 2006-2015
Harley Davidson Softail - 2000-2014
Polaris Ranger 700 or 500 - 2002-2008
Honda TRX 250EX or 400EX - 1999-2014
Suzuki GSX-R 750 or 600 - 2006-2009
Polaris Sporstman (any size) - 2002-2010
Yamaha Rhino (any size) - Years vary by model
Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 or 883 - 2000-2015
Yamaha FJR1300 - 2001-2016
Honda F4i - All years
Honda CBR 900 - All years
Honda Blackbird - All years
Polaris RZR 800 - 2007-2014
Kawasaki Concours - 2008-2015
Kawasaki Ninja 250 - 1988-2007
Honda XR80 - All years

So as probably no one remembers, three years ago I worked for Bazzaz and would source bikes for development here on this forum; I believe my former coworker, Del, is still doing that for Bazzaz on this forum. Well I'm at a new company now looking to do the same thing. Similar arrangement as before, if you let me borrow your bike I'll return it with the hardware I'm testing installed on it. The company I work for makes hard part accessories; lowering kits, footpegs, that sort of thing. I'm currently looking for an HD touring model bike, can be any of the following: Street Glide, Road Glide, Electra Glide, Ultra Glide, or Road King.

PM me for more details!

Parts For Sale / F/S 05-06 ZX-6R Full Yosh system $700
« on: 05/07/12 07:19PM »
I'm selling a brand new never installed full Yoshimura RS-5 system for an 05-06 Kawasaki ZX-6R for $700. PM me for more details.

Miscellaneous / Dyno For Sale
« on: 04/09/12 09:52AM »
That's right, Bazzaz is selling our old dyno. We're getting a new one with even more goodies than our old one, which was already pretty sweet, so we gotta make some room for it. If you're in the market for a Dyno and have $15k laying around, give Josef or Dante a call at 909-597-8300.

For more info you can read through the CL add: *Getting new link*

Bikes For Sale / 02 Yamaha R1
« on: 11/28/11 06:08PM »
My best friend is selling his R1, which has been his baby for many years now. Ah the things you'll do to buy a new track bike. He wants to get an 07 or up R6 for the track so I'm sure he'd be open to trade offers.

Miscellaneous / Room needed
« on: 11/10/11 06:43PM »
My best friend got a job out here at Bert's Mega Mall, and he needs a place to live through the end of December, until one of the rooms opens up in my house. Anybody think they can put him up for a bit? Super cool guy, clean, organized, loves motorcycles and everything about them.

Bazzaz needs to bring in a newer GSX-R 1000 for additional testing ASAP. In return we will give you 75% off of a Z-Fi TC, installed and tuned, or a Z-Fi installed and tuned for $100. Email me at if you have a bike we can borrow.

Kawasaki / Bazzaz Systems for the 05-06
« on: 10/03/11 02:57PM »
So I'm an R&D tech for Bazzaz, and huge fan of the 636. Which is why it bugs me that my company doesn't have a system for either generation. So finally I convinced my GM that if I could get five people to pre-order a system for the 05-06 ZX-6R that he would let me bring in a C model to develop our system on.

So, if you want a Bazzaz system; we offer just fuel control, fuel control with quick shift, and fuel control with quick shift and traction control, as well as some other add-on goodies, then PM me and I'll give you more details.

And if you have a B model 636, don't worry, I'm developing that system on my track bike in my spare time, so that will be available eventually as well.


General Motorcycle Discussion / Moto GP Today (8/14)
« on: 08/14/11 10:36AM »
Anyone getting together to watch the race today, I think its on at 2pm? if so shoot me a PM.

Kawasaki / How To Pull Kawasaki Fault/FI Codes
« on: 08/03/11 09:31PM »
Did this write up a while back, thought I'd post it up here as well. While this was done on my 03 ZX-6R the same procedure will work on any fuel injected Kawasaki, the location of the self diag terminal may just be in a different spot.

There are two Self Diagnostic modes you can enter; Dealer Mode 1 and Dealer Mode 2. In dealer Mode 1 only current FI codes will be displayed, and in order from lowest FI code number to highest. In Dealer Mode 2 all past and present codes will be displayed, once again lowest to highest. I will explain how to enter both modes.

Kawasaki has designed the self diagnostic system so that you can preform it with out any extra wires or leads that are not already attached to the bike; however I have a set of leads that makes the process much easier which you will see later. However I do recommend you gather up a piece of paper and a pen so you can record the FI codes that are displayed, so you don't have to try and remember all of them.

Start by removing the front seat, this process is slightly different on each model so I won't go into it, next locate the self diagnosis lead. This lead is yellow and is protruding from the wiring harness near the Battery Negative (-) Terminal.

I have created a set of lead,s that attach to the self diagnosis wire, that have an alligator clip on the end. For anyone who does this on a regular basis and does not have three hands, a lead of this type is highly recommended. Other wise you will have to pull back the shroud on the end of the self diagnosis lead, or find some other piece of wire to connect to it.

Next turn the key switch into the "ON" position on wait for the bike to finish its starting sequence. To enter Dealer Mode 1 simply ground the self diagnosis lead continuously on the Battery Negative (-) Terminal. I do this by attatching my aligator clip to the terminal.

The red FI light on the dash will now start to "blink" out the codes. Long blinks are values of Ten (10), short blinks are values of one (1). So a sequence of bliiiiiiiiiink bliiiiiiiiiink blink blink blink would be code number 23.

The system will display all the current service codes for the fuel injection system, i.e. sensors that are currently not working properly. After all the codes have been displayed it will cycle back to the first code and continue displaying the codes in numerical order until you unground the self diagnosis lead. The reason I use the alligator clip is so that I can use both hands to record the codes as they are being displayed.

To enter Dealer Mode 2 you will tap the self diagnosis lead on the Battery Negative (-) Terminal more than five (5) times within two (2) seconds and then hold it on the terminal; so "tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, hold". After doing this keep the lead on the terminal just like what you did for Dealer Mode 1. Now in Dealer Mode 2 all current and past codes will be displayed, in numerical order not order of occurrence. So say you just dumped your bike coming up the driveway, this would have tripped the Vehicle Down Sensor, but as soon as you cycle the key switch that sensor is reset and the FI light goes off; but now you have the bike all opened up and you have the stick coild for cylinder one (1) unplugged. In Dealer Mode 2 codes 31 (Vehicle Down Sensor) and 51 (Stick Coil #1 malfunction) will be displayed numerically. Where as in Dealer Mode 1 only code 51 would have been displayed.

Another feature in Dealer Mode 2 is the option to erase all stored service code. To do this you must already be in Dealer Mode 2; then pull the clutch lever in for at least five (5) seconds and release it, now repeat the Dealer Mode 2 tapping sequence I explained earlier and remember to hold the lead on the terminal after the 5th tap. Now all the service codes have been erased and you have a clean slate to work with.

Here is a list of all the service codes (taken from a manual for an 05 ZX-6R, so it could possibly not have codes for other models).

I hope I have laid this all out clear enough for you to understand, if you have any questions please ask and if you need more help with you bike problems feel free to send me a PM.

New Members / Just moved to the Chino/Diamond Bar Area
« on: 07/28/11 05:07PM »
So I'm originally from Ohio, where I first got into bikes and was part of an awesome riding community over there called Ohio Riders. Then I moved to Phoenix to attend MMI, because I decided all I wanted in life was to work on bikes. Now I'm freshly graduated and just got hired on at Bazzaz as an R&D tech. So basically I'm living the dream :D
I love riding the twisties, which is why I wanted to move to Cali in the first place, and I try to go carve the canyons just about every weekend at least. My favorite road so far is the 155 up north of Bakersfield, but I haven't done a whole lot of riding in this area yet so perhaps I'll find something better. Track days are my addiction, I do as many as I can afford and my savings account reflects that, lol. I pretty much think that there is nothing better in life than dragging you knee and your toe at 80mph around a corner.
So yeah, looking forward to making new friends and riding new roads, oh yeah and  :45:

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