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Miscellaneous / WTB: CBR600 Windscreen (07+)
« on: 07/14/15 01:38PM »
Looking for OEM windscreen. 2007 and up for CBR600.

Bikes For Sale / 2006 Suzuki SV650
« on: 05/28/15 12:29PM »
I got this SV650 back when my other bike wasn't working. Now that my other bikes working, I'm not riding this as much as I had expected to. So, I figure it's best to sell it off to someone who may. The bike runs really good, I've taken it on several trips and it wasn't a concern.

The bike does have some cosmetic scratches, on the tail section and front fairings.

Recent services include a new front tire, new brake rotors and pads and oil change. It has a Jardine Slip-on pipe and the sale transaction will also include a headlamp for the naked look if that's what you decide to convert it to.

Mileage: 28,000
Price: $3,000 (Clean Title)


Parts For Sale / WTB: 04+ SV650 Front Seat
« on: 03/30/15 10:12AM »
Title says it all, you have it? I want it!

Gear For Sale / Alpinestar Leather Jackets
« on: 03/10/15 10:14AM »
I'm selling two Alpinestar Jackets.  See the Craigslist listings.

Nine49-Two319818 (Size 40) (Size 36)

Miscellaneous / $1000 Amazon Gift Card - For $950
« on: 12/08/14 10:54AM »
My company gave me a $1000 Amazon Gift Card.  I'd much rather have the cash and I'm sure most of you here are going on Amazon for the Holiday's.

I'm selling my Amazon Card with $1000 for $950.  Get yourself a 5% discount and help a fellow OCMoto'er :).

Parts For Sale / 08-12 Ninja 250 fairings
« on: 10/15/14 08:32PM »

Parts For Sale / 07+ CBR600 Stock Bar Ends
« on: 10/03/14 07:13PM »
Anyone have one that likes a couple bucks for it. Lost mine and aftermarket suck.

I recently got a Signet-Q and right at that time, I have gotten upper back pain since.

What doesn't help this fact is that the day I got the helmet, I went on a long ride, I was stiff during this ride and felt a bit on the nervous side for some odd reason.  New helmet decreased my confidence during a certain ride.  Ever since last Sunday my upper back has been hurting...  My return policy on this Signet-Q will be over on Saturday and I cant determine whether this helmet has caused back pain or if its just my ride last week.

Share your expierence, has anyone actually gotten back pain from a helmet, in this case, an Arai.

I previously had a Shoei TZ-R

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / food ride 3.15 ?
« on: 03/15/14 07:43PM »
anyone?  somewhere in OC.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Chinatown 11.29?
« on: 11/29/13 07:32PM »
I'm craving Chinese food, Me and Kenneth want to ride.  Chinese food + Ride :).

Anyone want to ride?

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Weekend Rides?
« on: 11/28/13 07:15PM »
Anyone care to go for a ride tonight?

Ride GMR tomorrow morning?

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Ride 11/16?
« on: 11/16/13 05:25PM »
Anyone wanna ride? Maybe grab a bite to eat?

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Ride 2 LA 9/28
« on: 09/28/13 09:44AM »
Who's up for just a random ride?  Ride to LA, Chinatown and have a good time!

Me and Klaus are in, feel free to join

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Dinner Ride 9/20
« on: 09/20/13 05:19PM »
What y'all say ? For old time sake.... Dinner and a ride...

General Motorcycle Discussion / First time on dirt
« on: 07/20/13 10:05PM »
So I decided to dirt bike... here's the result:

Never broken a single bone street biking.  1 day of dirt biking results to this!

26 days to go and counting down.  I can't drive, walk and worst of all.... can't ride!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Carbon Fiber Reocvery
« on: 05/13/13 04:01PM »
Does anybody know somewhere that will do Carbon Fiber work?

I want to recover a piece and clear coat it to eliminate possibilities of it fogging up again

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Grand Prix Sunday
« on: 04/15/13 11:12AM »
Who's attending, lets rides to this !

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Julian 3/17 ?
« on: 03/16/13 09:21AM »
just checking who'd be interested ?

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