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New Members / new around here
« on: 04/10/15 07:16PM »
Just wanted to say hello...

Have a Motion pro carb / throttle body sync. Brand new $106.00. My used one $75.00. Don't need it any longer. Works great . 714 904 3088

Off Topic / pneumatic tools
« on: 08/27/11 04:57PM »
Looking for some a small die grinder, angle grinder. I dont want something cheap, but i dont want snap on. Any one know a good 'usa' company?

So, on January 2nd; some time in the night some one broke in our car. As well as several others in the Lake Forest area. They made off with $15.00 in cash from our car. Yet they made out with several GPS/Mobil Electronics out of other cars in the area. They broke in cars in drive ways, streets and in gated communities. Either we didn't lock our car (witch could be possible) or they knew how to get into many of them with out braking anything. Several other cars had no damage as well.

So, I ask you friends; Lock your doors, don't leave valuable items in your vehicles and report suspicious active's.  Calling 911 or even non emergency, they will come check it out. Maybe hassle the people, but it could be you caught a criminal in the act.

I am glad this was only a theft and not some one waiting for my girl friend. This could have been a different story.


General Motorcycle Discussion / Chain failure
« on: 12/19/10 05:26PM »
So, most know I take care of my bike pretty well.

I noticed I was getting a lot of noise from my chain early on to Needles, ca. I checked it and all looked good. So I adjusted and went. We went around 200 miles the next day, and I noticed I was loose again, and missing rollers. Checked the sprocket, and it seemed ok.

Another 300 miles, I noticed I was missing more rollers, and the rear sprocket was looking like it was taking a beating. So, on my way home, it was getting really noisy, and the sprocket was not looking well.

Long story short, now I am missing more then 1/2 the rollers on the chain,  and the sprocket is DONE! Maybe a couple hundred miles and it will pop/sheer off teeth.

So, what causes rollers to pop off?

RK 520 pitch. Adjusted as needed with in spec. Lubed every couple hundred miles or when needed. Checked before every ride.

It was with in limits of not being out of spec for stretching as well.

Estimated Mileage: 17,000 / 20,000mi

Lube Used: For O - Rings - Oil >I put a drop of oil on every o ring (individual) so they always were lubed. 
                For Rollers - Motul Chain wax

Just curious as to why it was popping off Rollers?

Any one do this to their bike? I made a Leak Down Tester, but having some issues or I am not understand something.

So when I find TDC: Top Dead Center  and I shove 100PSI into No. 1 Cylinder it hold fine! BUT. When I crank the motor over (by hand from the Timing Cover) shouldn't the air escape out the exhaust valve stroke?

I was trying to do both TDC and BDC (Bottom Dead Center) (witch would tell you if their were any scratches on the barrels).

Now, I keep rotating crank, but I am not loosing any PSI. WHY? lol.

Ok, so there it is...



 :3: :3: :3: :30: :30: :30: :31: :31: :31: :32: :32: :32: :32: :7: :7: :7: :7: :7: :7:

So, I finally wore into my knee puck this summer and it fell off on a long ride from the heat. It actually separated from the Velcro and left the pad it was glued on to lol.

SO, if any one has a LEFT knee puck/slider. they want to sell, or a set (know where to get them) let me know.


Parts For Sale / Ducati Rear Stand (red)
« on: 10/09/10 03:28PM »
I have a Ducati rear stand. Its going bye bye today. 75$ for it...0.b.0.

I can deliver but not for free unless you in Lake Forest.


PM for Number and Address.


Today I had to head to Victorville, and on my way I noticed though the Cajon pass quite the CHP presence. I had a Motor unit come up and tell me to slow down, even though I was going around 65-70. As I got to the weight station they were pulling people over left and right. I even noticed the Air Patrol over head, all the way up the pass. Several tow trucks, were on stand by I looked like.

So if your headed that way, take a little more time and make sure your paper work is up to date. 

- Pete

Crash Stories / Rider down in Santiago Cyn.
« on: 08/03/10 04:27PM »
Around 1545 I drove past what we all dread, a Motor Cycle crash. I stopped and talked to CHP, said the kid was going to be ok and being transported to a local hospital. The gentelman that I could tell was Hispanic, riding a Kawi, but I was unable to tell what model it was.

The thing that got me was, the CHP officer picking up the tennis shoes.

Happen in the North Bound direction, just north (west) or Modjeska, Cyn.

Not sure how, its a wide area and the road looked quite clean. 

Be safe Ladies and Gentleman.


I have a 1941 German Mauser 8mm for sale. $500.00 o.b.o.

I have some rounds for it, cleaning kit, case 2 bayonets (one original one replica). Era Sling from the 1940's. Weapon shoots great, all working, greased and oiled.

I bought this to go shoot, and it seems with the economy, ammo prices and so forth, Its just collecting dust. So, if your over 18 you can buy this private sale or we can go to a FFL dealer and transfer it.

So, I went to toss the trash and noticed some one left a size LARGE first gear jacket on the recycling bin. I piked up it, checked it out. Its in good shape.

Since I found out, its free...who ever wants to come pick it up, its yours. I would suggest if you know some one who does not have the proper gear, give it to them. If you need it, take it. PLEASE don't pick the jacket up if you intend to sell it. I think this is fair request.

Color: Black and Gray
Size: Large 
Material: Textile.

Ok, this is a hypothetical situation and I would like some input here. I over heard some guys talking about this.

So, your going down the road on your bike, and the motor blows up leaving oil/radiator fluid on the ground. What do you do? Who do you contact? Whats your responsibility?

Obviously your stuck where your at,  but tossing dirt or sand would be just as just wondering what my fellow OCM members would have to say about this.

General Motorcycle Discussion / OC MOTO public Image
« on: 05/02/10 10:38AM »
So, since summer is coming around and we have a lot of new members over the past winter season. I figure I would touch of a issue I keep hearing about from some local Police contacts and word of mouth. 

Last year I went to lunch with a couple officers and a OCM friend of mine. We got a question from a Officer "Hey, did you guys have any one on OCMOTO complaining about getting pulled over the other week, kind of early in the morning?" We thought about it and a mater of fact, some one was saying something about getting pulled over and matched the description of the bike and rider in question."

Come to find out, this rider lied to the cops about going to a Memorial ride when there was not one.  This lie got them out of having the bike impounded and just got a ticket.

So, if your riding like a jerk,  and your going to have OCMOTO decals, and say you are with OCMOTO, don't lie and make OC MOTO look bad. All your doing is defacing the GOOD practices we try to preach to other riders and to our local police. 

So this goes out to every one, ride safe, be responsible, and when you break the law and get caught. Be honest, and man/woman up!

Lets keep the public image of OCMOTO positive to all.



Parts For Sale / WTB: 2006+ R6 SPROCKET / CHAIN
« on: 03/28/10 09:37PM »
Looking for either a used stock chain and sprocket set or Stock gearing in 520 pitch.

Either way, i need stock gearing.

Shops / Metric Method Valve Adjustment review
« on: 12/20/09 01:04AM »
Took my Motor out of my 2006 R6 and hauled it down to Metric for a Valve Adjustment. 3 day turn around and dead plum shims for my overly tight valves (worst set they had seen all year) and $160 later my bike runs like a champ.

They even went as far as cleaning the motor up, drain oil for me, and replace all the seals that needed to be changed out.

So, if you need your Valves done, they have a Shim kit that is very neat and precise. Fair price, honest work and fast. Its everything you could want in a shop!

Thank you Ryan and Kevin!

Metric Method Cycles
23221 Peralta Dr. Ste D
Laguna Hills, Ca 92653

Ph. 949-716-6069
Fx. 949-716-6359

Sunday-Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday Friday: 10am 7pm
Saturday: 10am - 6pm

Gear For Sale / FS: Suomy Spec 1r Bostrom Tattoo
« on: 11/08/09 03:42PM »
Size: Medium

Helmet is a a Year old.

Never been dropped.

I have 1 extra side shield for the helmet.

Liner is fully washable, easy to install new pads if need be. If you have a chatter box it already has the mount installed.

Comes with a Clear Lens (I do have others if you want to buy one). All are used.


Miscellaneous / FS: F-150 performance parts.
« on: 11/07/09 12:55PM »
Volant air intake and a super chip for $350.

The programmer alone was 475

Volant intake was close to 350 by its self. All in good working order can install it all if you need it.

Pix by request, or look on line.

Miscellaneous / Mitsubishi 48" T.V. for sale 150 obo.
« on: 11/07/09 12:47PM »
I have a 4 year old Mitsubishi DLP TV for sale. Its in good condition, have no room for it. So, I would like to get $150 o.b.o. for a OCM member.

Works great, no issues, has stock remote.

I can deliver it with in the Lake Forest/Irvine area, any further we can make arrangement's.

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