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Parts For Sale / Ramp $20, Includes canyon dancers
« on: 06/07/15 06:49PM »
This is steel (heavy duty). I upgraded to a bed extender/ramp.

I will also include canyon dancers. I am available most days after 6 and on the weekend.


Located in Yorba Linda.

Gear For Sale / Supertech R Size 10, Chatterbox Slim
« on: 10/25/14 03:41PM »

Pretty sure it is size 43 (size 10).
Missing one toe slider

Chatterbox Slim.

Does not include mic and speakers. (available from chatterbox, which is local in OC)
Will also include a x1 regular that is a bit beat up if you want it. (x1 regular wont have charger, just the unit)

I live in Yorba Linda, and am available on the weekends, and after 6 or 7 during the week.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Bolt Removal Shop
« on: 10/22/14 07:21PM »
Have a completely rounded bolt on my engine case. Heat, socket type ez out, and vice grips don't work. Any recommendations for a shop to take it out for me? Machine Shop? Perferably near fullerton/yorba linda, corona, or riverside.

Its a hex head cap screw.
Its a aluminum case and an aluminum bolt. Pretty stuck on there because the previous owner didn't anti seize it.

Going to santiago peak tomorrow. Anyone want to come along? I have a xt225 that someone can use. Basically doing a ride before I tear apart the 225 to do all the maintenance.

Anyone interested?

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Santiago Dirt Ride This Weekend
« on: 03/24/14 04:31PM »
I have been trying to get a local dirt ride for the past year through OCmoto. Stuff comes up for me usually. Just a local ride up behind cooks corner. It should have a bit of rain and should be perfect unless they close the gate.

I am open all weekend for a quick day ride.

Street Legal Only sadly

Friday Sat or Sun. What time/ date works best. Im open to anything. I know the area and can lead.


My friend Tim is having a custom suit raffle to help support his racing efforts this year. Tim and I raced sv650's in WERA in 2012 and he was always helpful and we pitted together.

Basically 15 bucks for the first ticket and 10 bucks or so for each one after.

Us racing

So if you want a chance to win a custom suit then, now is your chance.

Political Opinions / What is your religous belief?
« on: 02/14/14 06:37PM »
Since it started to get a bit hot in the Bill Nye thread, lets start a religion thread.

RULE NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are not going to convert someone to your religion whether it be christian, muslim, Mormon, agnostic, athiest, ect... so keep it respectful.

I personally have no clue if God exists. I think it is a good way to live your life by and the bible sets some good guidelines. So I figure if I live my life being respectful and having fun I shouldn't go to hell. Plus I get confused with all the other religions. Like do Christians believe Muslims are going to hell?

Discuss respectfully please.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Santiago Peak 11/27
« on: 11/26/13 07:47PM »
Doing santiago peak tomorrow at 1. Probably meet up at the shell off Lincoln and 91. Make sure you post up here, or else we wont stop.

Went up there on sunday and the conditions were sweet.


Alpinestars Supertech R
Size 44
Missing 1 Toe slider, other one is metal.

Alpinestars Back protector
Size medium. (i think)
Velcro isnt as grippy as it used to be.

Some friends and I are doing a guys camping/riding Friday Nov 1- sat nov 2. Probably getting there afternoon on friday and camping out. Riding saturday until we get tired and leave.

Camping in Hungry valley, its a OHV, so you dont need a plate, but you do need a spark arrester. Someone in my group is bringing out a quad, so quads are welcome. More details will be available if anyone is interested.

Some pics from previous outings at Hungry Valley

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / santiago peak this weekend
« on: 09/04/13 01:28PM »
Anyone down for santiago peak this weekend?  Sat morning? 9 am at the base

Bikes For Sale / 97 R1100RT ABS
« on: 08/19/13 09:26PM »
For Sale: 1997 BMW R1100RT

I bought this BMW 2 months ago. I had to buy it because I was going on a trip and my girlfriend crashed her motorcycle. We bought this bike and went on a great 2up trip!

The was replaced clutch 10,000 miles ago, which is the hardest maintenance to do on the bike. So you don't have to worry about it!

Miles: 73,745

The Good
Great touring and 2 up bike.
Runs great.
BMW engine that has plenty of life left
Has side bags
Electronically controlled windscreen (Amazing)!
Has a brand new radio that is not installed
Clean title (not salvage)
Registration until march.
Newish brake pads.
Clymer and Haynes manual
2 Brothers exhaust that is mounted, also have the stock that comes with the bike.

Right side mirror has some scratches
Left and right cylinders have some scratches.
To my knowledge is has never been crashed, just dropped at a stop. I caused the right mirror scratch from a tip over is a parking lot when my girlfriend was still on the bike, but I was already off. She was mad at me for that.
The right saddlebag has a broken tab. That section of the saddle bag can be bought from BMW, so you dont have to buy a whole new case. I drilled 4 holes and use heavy duty zip ties to keep it on and it works great. I can give you some zip ties if you want to use it like that.
Has some paint chips on the front.

Price: $3400
I prefer not to put my phone number on ads, just send me a quick pm for questions or to get my phone number. I am a college student about to start school and would like to sell the bike within the next 2 weeks. I am available any time for the next 2 weeks.


Parts For Sale / Free R6 tail and upper body.
« on: 08/16/13 11:43AM »
Free R6 upper and tail. This was give to me by Rob Linders to try to fit it to my SV. I ended up cutted up the lower to use as a belly pan. Rob gave them to me for free so just passing them on.

Not sure what year or anything. Won't be at any track soon so track meetup is hard. I live in Yorba Linda.

As I recall, they were off a 07 R6 but I trimmed them and glassed up the headlight cutouts. I had them on Tyler's SV, which was a 99 Gen 1 SV650

Tales of the Road / Alaska: 2 Cylinders to Alaska...
« on: 08/10/13 09:52AM »

This ride is a ride I have been dreaming about since I first saw it on advrider. At the time I was deployed in Iraq and spent the little free time I had planning a cross country trip with some friends. The ride went great and we had some fun. I lost the urge to go to Alaska after the trip. I did some small rides to Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon but then started to get into riding more aggressively. I started to ride the track, and with support of my girlfriend, I started to race. I did one full year of racing and had an awesome time.

She was my umbrella girl.

I decided that racing was way to unsafe and I wanted to include Natalie. I ran the idea past natalie and she said she would go to Alaska! So I started to research and find money and bikes to do the trip. I sold my FZ1 and bought 2 KLR 650s. We modified them to fit the trip and did a bunch of test rides. These rides and small reports can be found in my planning stage.

So we have the bikes.

Mine and hers

So we are both college students and finish the school year at the end of May. We have to wait until June 24th to leave due to a wedding being on the 23rd and Natalie being the maid of honor. So we start the painful wait for the 24th to leave. 

******The trip is already done and we are home safe, just in a couple pieces***********


If you can't compete, just imitate I guess.

Planning on going on a dirt ride around lake elsinor, saturday around 1pm. Basically just wander and look for some fun trails. Would like to do santiago peak instead but it might be closed due to rain friday. Plate required. Will give something more specific friday after after the rain.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Alaska Trip
« on: 12/30/12 12:04PM »
Doing a trip this summer to Alaska. Leaving June 23rd from OC and coming back around the end of July. Anyone is welcome. To save costs, the trip will mostly consist of camping. 

Route To Alaska

Route Home

This isnt the actual official route, still working on some things and we are going up the dempster highway in Canada. It will be around 10k miles.

I have 120/70 Slick fronts also.

Bridgestone 165 Rear Slicks Take-Offs
120/70 R10 Front Take offs.

$40 bucks each


Rounded the head on a hex key bolt. Usually I would just put a slit in it and then use a flat head screw driver, but this bolt is countersunk.

I would use my EZ out drill thingy, but it is on the front cylinder is a v twin and the steering stem, frame and such won't allow a drill in there.

Also could use a bigger hex key or torx but there is not room for the hex key and the hammer.

Any easy way to get this out?

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