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I have had this pair of BILT track boots size 9 for maybe 4-5 years and have never used them. They have just sat in the box. Got pair of Astar boots right after I got these. Keep wanting to throw them away because I don't think they are worth the effort of this post. Today I got to the trash can and decided to just put them up instead so someone who needs them can have them.

PRICE: Bring me a #1 from IN N OUT and we will call it a deal. Location is around the 91/55 fwy and the city of Orange. I don't plan on driving anywhere to deliver these, but will put them in my car so I have them with me if/when someone wants them.

I cant stress how much I don't care to put in effort to get rid of these.

Might not even check this post so just text me 714-745-5447 -Tyler


I am selling a pair of "Del Amo Motorsports house brand" Gargoyle Gauntlet gloves size Medium Black/White in color. The gloves have never been used an are in new condition. I bought them on a whim when they were on sale at the Long Beach Motorcycle show for $40 and would simply like to get what I paid for them. I think these gloves go for over $75 normally, but could be mistaken. I'm open to trades, worst I can say is no. A blender, other riding gear, some movies,  let me know what you got lol

located in Orange

Thanks for looking,


Edit - I am having touble sizing my photos. I don't have a computer and am
doing this off my Iphone. I would be happy to send any pictures via text
or email.

Looking for a good place to get suspension tuned on a 08' Ninja 250 in the Agoura Hills area, Any suggestions?

thank you

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