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Selling my dainese jacket size 50 EURO for $300. Dainese jacket is the white dainese jacket with titanium shoulders pad and a hump in the back. I forget the name. The jacket has been used for a couple of years on and off but I must admit that I did not take it in for cleaning as much as I should have hence the price. I will leave a contact number below for pictures

I also have the wave g 1 back protector that I bought for the jacket and am selling it for 40 dollars if anyone would like to buy it for their current jacket or can be thrown in with my dainese jacket for 30 bucks.

Last of all are my tried on alpine star super tech r boots in a size 42 euro. They are the ones with the white with red and yellow accents. I have tried on the boots at home and no longer have the box. It has just been sitting as a display ever since i got them because I never got to go to the tracks due to my back injury. $250.00

Please message me on here or text me at 562-544-0329 for pictures and any other questions you may have in regards to the items I have for sale.

Located in Long Beach, CA

Note: I have not been on OC moto for a long time so moderators please let me know if I have violated any rules and I will fix them immediately. Thank you.

wtb 06 r6 zero gravity smoked windscreen hit me up :D

Gear For Sale / FS: White 50EU Dainese DelMar Pelle
« on: 08/20/12 06:14PM »
Selling a Dainese Delmar jacket size 50EU. I would say about 9/10 condition. The jacket is white so it could use a cleaning but it isnt that dirty. 650obo

hey was wondering if anyone was selling some dainese full metal pro in white size mediums, or willing to trade for some jdm fa5 depot tail lights. :)

Would anyone happen to know how to get wrinkles out of a leather jacket and shrink it back to its original size. Noticed my jacket has stretched out a bit from its original size and was wondering is there anyway to shrink it back to its original size? Also there are a few wrinkles from regular wear on the arms....anyone know how to take these out? i heard steaming it and using a paper bag with an iron on low heat....but any other suggestion?

Gear For Sale / Dainese G1 Back protector for sale
« on: 07/10/12 12:50PM »
got an extra dainese G1 back protector laying around 65$obo. It is the same as the link below and in 10/10 mint condition.

Gear For Sale / looking for white dainese 40US/50EU
« on: 06/27/12 01:16PM »
anyone selling white dainese jacket 40us/50EU

Bikes For Sale / Looking for a 2010+ Ninja 250
« on: 04/14/12 01:18PM »
Looking for a 2010+Ninja 250 for my girlfriend, anyone got one that they dont need?

Gear For Sale / Looking for a shoei B-Boz white helmet
« on: 02/18/12 11:37AM »
looking to buy a shoei x-12 b boz helmet with white, not black. size medium. :)

Parts For Sale / Wtb gold pazzo levers for 06 r6
« on: 02/09/12 01:41PM »
Just as the tittle says...anyone?

Gear For Sale / Dainese DelMar Jacket for sale
« on: 02/08/12 11:22PM »
Got the Dainese delmar jacket size 40US/50Euro for sale it is the black/white one. The jacket usually goes for 849.95 new. Selling my used one for 650obo. Condition is about 8.5/10 If dry cleaned I would say 9-9.5/10? pm me if anything located in long beach ca :)

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