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Hello everyone, dont post here much, since i dont ride much anymore.So ive decided to sell my 2004 Daytona 600 w/ 17,587 miles, in great condition with some aftermarket & some homemade modifications.Most notably the front suspension from a 2000 Gsxr 750 (wheel, brakes, forks, triple clamps, clip ons, fender(trimmed from 05 TLR).Rear shock is from a 2014 gsxr 750.The steering stem was custom made.It also has a projector retrofit & halos w/ HIDs.Gear ind, cut down Jardine exhaust, K&P (oil)-K&N (air) filters, sky king frame sliders, clear LED taillight, Shorai battery, R/R upgrade (06 R1), 06 Duc 999 radial master, ermax tray, many other mods.Extra parts include, Rr subframe w/ undertray, both lower/one mid (rash) & cockpit fairing, fr/rr huggers, tank (in box) w/ pump, windscreen, RH mirror, headlamp assembly, clutch/stator covers, bike cover.Plus too many stock bits to list.NOT a triple, One of the last inline bikes from triumph.Rr stand not included.Non emissions bike, current registration.Pink in hand, clean title.No accidents, very well cared for.Ive owned it 10 years.Always garaged w/ cover.Very low production bike, 4372 made, pretty rare.PM if interested, more pics upon request, Asking $3800 obo

Off Topic / Re: Hi, I'm Chris
« on: 12/31/17 11:49PM »

DID/Supersprox  :29:

Miscellaneous / FREE, Misc Bike Parts...
« on: 01/05/17 12:14PM »
Mostly triumph parts.Stem is from a 01 gsxr & foo fighters CD.Take the lot or leave it, first come.PM if interested.

Tales of the Road / Re: GSXR Riders. LOL!
« on: 09/22/16 07:07PM »
At least he's good at rev matching. :34:

Misc / Re: August 31 MotorHelmets Bike Nite 7-10 pm
« on: 09/01/16 11:33PM »
Evening news made it seem like bike night caused it or someone across the street complaining about the noise or sommit.

Misc / Re: August 31 MotorHelmets Bike Nite 7-10 pm
« on: 09/01/16 05:49PM »
Were you guys still there when the shooting began?

Ducati / Re: pro tip - rectifiers
« on: 08/16/16 11:27PM »
Those spade type connectors have shitty contact between the male/female terminals.You can upgrade to weather pack style for better continuity.Also wiring your r/r straight to the batt will help.This is how I wired my triumphs charging circuit.I also upgraded to a mosfet r/r, # FH012.

Misc / Re: August 6 Suzuki Grand Re-Opening Event!
« on: 07/27/16 02:17PM »
Wasn't this the triumph/duc location?

« on: 07/22/16 11:31PM »
Is that an off shore cat in the background?

Miscellaneous / Cycle World Mags 2007-present.....FREE
« on: 06/08/16 10:25PM »

Tales of the Road / Re: Seen this yet?
« on: 05/06/16 08:41PM »
Karma, too god damn chatty.I talk to myself too, but not complete conversations.

General Motorcycle Discussion / (Another) Smart Helmet
« on: 05/02/16 06:43PM »
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: GMR Cager Run
« on: 04/10/16 07:30PM »
Pleasure meeting you guys, it was a good run & thanks for the excellent tacos Todd. :29:

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: GMR Cager Run
« on: 04/10/16 09:00AM »
See you guys there.

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