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5-12-19 Happy Mother's Day!

Found out today a Glamis riding buddy passed on - RIP Larry  :(

Hi HBHieu! 


At Anaheim Packing District for lunch!

A few of us have been going to the Modjeska Easter Breakfast for 10 years!   :17:,14346.msg221575.html#msg221575

Here is the thread that started it for us!

4-21-19 Rode to meetup with Kim to go to the annual Modjeska Canyon Easter Breakfast.

And FZ1 Dave showed up! Last time I saw Dave was 2 years ago when we rode to the Easter Breakfast.

Kim showed up and then we rode to Cook's Corner to pickup a friend for Kim.

Met other peeps at the Modjeska Fire Station #16! We have been doing this for years!

Frontboy bought a cruiser from a friend, he also owns 2 SV bikes!

After breakfast Kim and I rode to San Clemente for dessert!

4-7-19 Rode to meet up with Pepe at Dunkin' Donuts around 9:00!

Pepe didn't get anything while 1 got an old fashioned and a coffee. And yes I dunked the donut!  :D

We rode a loop to the beach then back to the Hat in Brea to meetup with Kim.

12:00 time for lunch!

Then Kim wanted to get another bag for his bike...

After some modifications Kim finally got the bag mounted!

We then followed Kim on another ride to the beach! Beautiful day out!

We stopped here, Kim had carrot cake and his diet soda, I had coffee and water and Pepe had water.

Bike Nights / Re: Fullerton Cycle Gear Bike Nite
« on: 03/12/19 10:22AM »
Working so I will not be there, take pics if you go!  :29:

More pics...

A "Harley Davidson Topper" - who remembers that?!

Hey that bike looks familiar!

OCMoto DucatiFoodSnob!

Hey another SV rider, OCMoto Organic!

Custom seat cover!  :D

This 1916 HD won 1st Place in the People's Choice!

Met Russ Brown girl and stunt rider Jordan!

3-10-19 Going to ride and meet Pepe at the Vintage Bike Show in HB...

Repsol was there!

Hula Girl!

Bike Nights / Fullerton Cycle Gear Bike Nite
« on: 03/10/19 08:52PM »

Fullerton Cycle Gear Bike Nite

5-8 pm


1391 S Lemon Street
Fullerton, California

Tel: 714-525-4205


2-24-19 I saw my neighbor out with his dirt tracker HD bike that he built...

Nice job!

I rode out for a ride to the beach, stopped to chill at HB Starbucks!   :17:

A few more pics...

A 62 Chevy with a skyline roof!

2-23-19 Rode to Kim's house, going to the Whittier Car Show...

A lot of cool cars there!

More pics...

More pics...

Some more Japanese cars!

More pics...

There also was a Porsche exhibit!

More pics...

I really liked this custom Vincent motorcycle...

More pics...

More pics...

There is also a Motorcycle exhibit going on there...

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