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10-4-19 Was at the HB Airshow!

More pics...

After breakfast we rode up Glendora Ridge Road to the GMR Lookout. I stopped to take a few pics.

We stopped at the Lookout...

And ran into a OCMoto guy that I haven't seen in quite a while!

Then we rode down GMR to head for Donut Man, we passed Fezz and JSG guys hanging out at the bottom for laps up and down GMR along the way.

9-29-19 Rode to donut shop to meet Hanzo and Pepe...

Get a text from Pepe, he is on his way. Hanzo calls me and his bike didn't start?!

Well they made it, checking out Pepe's Kawi that he recently bought.

Bike is loud!

Hanzo had to jump his bike again.

So we rode up to Mt. Baldy for breakfast!

Somehow we parked in separate spots?

Place was busy, had to wait to be seated. :p

Food was great!

^^^ :29:

9-15-19 Meeting Hanzo and Pepe for a ride to Crystal Lake!

Pepe texted not going to make it, Hanzo showed up and we left. A little wet out this morning.

A lot of cyclists out today, got chili and saw the Crystal Lake kitty!

Time to ride to Donut Man!

90 degrees out! Had our dessert, I removed my jacket liner and we headed for home!

^^^  :32:

9-6-19 Happy Friday!

Off today, so meeting Kim for a ride and Doug shows up! I met Kim through Doug but haven't seen Doug in a long time!

So we rode through Santiago Canyon down to San Clemente to have lunch at Biggie's!

Great food here!

Kim has to top off.

Then we rode back and stopped at Cook's Corner!

Chilled for a bit, then we rode home!

Throwback Thursday...

Several years ago I saw this guy pulling into the Pep Boys.

Dude, your girlfriend is hot!


More pics...

Before Bikes & Bombers I rode to Donut Derelicts in HB!

8-24-19 Rode to Lyon Air Museum for the "Bikes & Bombers" event...

Met Tominator there!

Selfie with the Queen!

1FastRider was there!

Malkey and his Brit friends were there!

Ran into Malkey and Lori at the Grizzly Cafe but no pics so it didn't happen!  :D

More pics...

Made it to Newcomb's Ranch!

Hey another SV! Talked to the guy, new rider and his first bike!

So we decided to head west to La Canada/Flintridge instead of riding back to Wrightwood.

Well ACH was closed so we rode Big Tujunga into Sunland!

Kim made it - he always worries about running out of fuel lol!  :D

More pics...

Pit stop for Kim!

Took some pics cuz usually we are just riding.

More Pics...

Kim says the last time we were in Wrightwood was 3 years ago?!

We were here last April Kim!

Hey they have a senior selection?! Oh only Mon-Fri and pretty light stuff.

Pepe and Kim's breakfast, notice they put doilles under the decafe coffee cups so not to confuse with regular coffee!

My breakfast, Pepe and I also get pancakes!

8-18-19 Met Kim and Pepe at the 76 next to the Hat at 8:00, we are going for a ride!

Heading to Wrightwood for breakfast, then riding ACH to Newcomb's Ranch!

We pulled off in Upland, Kim needed something else to wear (just had a t-shirt and vest on). So I googled for a Walmart it was 3 miles away. Along the way there was a Target so we stopped there!

Kim got a shirt so he is happy now and we made it to the gas station off the 15 and 138.

We then take Lone Pine Canyon Road to the Grizzly Cafe for breakfast!

Lone Pine Canyon Road has been repaved so it was a sweet ride!

Hi Snapshot, the white bike pictured is/was Pepe's first bike - that is now his street bike.

His blue bike is his track bike.

And they are both Yamaha bikes.

Off Topic / Re: It's alive
« on: 07/23/19 08:02PM »

Don posted this on FB when was down.

More pics...

After chili at Crystal Lake it's time for a donut!

That strawberry donut was great!

We then rode to Bert's Motorcycle Superstore to browse!

After Bert's, Pepe had an issue with starting his bike.

Got it started and we got on the Freeway heading for home!

7-21-19 Meeting Kim and Pepe at the Hat, we are riding to Crystal Lake!

Actually we meet at the corner gas station next to the Hat!  :p

Pepe rolls in!

Pepe needs to air his tires!

210 Fwy to Azusa Ave. State Rte 39 We stop so Kim can top off with gas.

Kim lead and I rode sweep.

Busy day, a lot of bikes and cyclists were there!

OMG R1 Mama and Tim rode up to Crystal Lake!

Okay, group pic with Pepe in it!

Time to head out, R1 Mama took this pic!

R1 Mama is backpack taking pics with Tim on his BMW.

^^^ Thanks!   :)

Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: old motorcycle tires
« on: 07/17/19 09:04PM »

Haha I do that too!   :29:

7-6-19 Rode to meet Hanzo at the donut shop by his house...

Rode to Crystal Lake!

Weather was great! There were a lot of cars, bicycles and motorcycles!

A man with his doggie!

After Crystal Lake Hanzo rode home and I rode to get the tag for the Picture Game 2.0! Then I rode to The Hat in Brea for lunch!

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