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Fixed the infamous r6ís stuck throttle

Gear For Sale / Re: Kendon motorcycle lift
« on: 03/03/19 06:14AM »
Itís the cruiser ones, so street bikes is more than ok.


 I can post here but not on classified section? :(


I think itís giving me problems if I were to attach pic using ďattachments and other options ď so I went ahead and use photobucket.

Gear For Sale / Kendon motorcycle lift
« on: 03/01/19 07:58PM »
You know Kendon, you know quality and space you save. I can deliver it to you ($40-50 gas money) if you donít have a truck or van but Iíd need you to come and inspect it just so I wonít end up driving back home with it (not that thereís anything wrong with it).
As of price, Iím asking $500 for it.


 I can post here but not on classified section? :(

^^ 3. Street takeovers too.

Theyíre legit... Iíve ordered and also picked up from their warehouse. Shipping was fast also (if you order it earlier today, your parts should be at your front door by tomorrow or the day after).

Parts For Sale / Re: Yuasa YTX14-BS Battery
« on: 12/24/18 05:28PM »
Definitely! Will be nowhere those area but after the 27th will work just fine, no rush :)
Thank you sir.

Parts For Sale / Re: Yuasa YTX14-BS Battery
« on: 12/23/18 12:28PM »
Iíll take it...

How much just for the basket?

Letís go on February Vince.

I know the skeptics around dealerships. I took my mint repsol wheel to see if they could get it done right with 0 scratches but boy was I wrong lol. Chaparral got me to sign waiver and nothing I can do about it.... well actually it got me to get the manual setup and been happy with 0 scratches on my wheels.

But ok, np, lmk next time around. :29:

Thtanner...I can do it manually (nomar bar) but Iím here in IE and I also have similar stand like posted above. Now idk if you already ordered your tires but Iím only 5-10 mins from chaparral.

Misc / Re: Goodbye So. Cal / birthday ride
« on: 08/25/18 09:10PM »
No need for goodbye rides... he still in Cali, that doesnít count :)

Wish I could join you guys, hopefully next time. Have fun and ride save.

I remember seeing a thread of someone building a 65cc two stroke for sumo (Suzuki if Iím not mistaken). Canít seems to find it... any help would be great. Thanks

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: New to me 2008 FZ1
« on: 08/21/18 11:06AM »
For $5000?! The ohlins alone would cost $4000 (brand new) + full system (maybe pcv  and custom tuned) + paint job. You basically got the bike for free. Great deal!!!!


Interesting concept.  Would the beads cause any wear on the inside of the tire?

This are super fine beads, I highly doubt itíll damage the inside wall of your tire.

I use beads... wheel looks clean and no more sticky tape residue. Just donít try to insertsíem through the valve stem.

I'm shooting for around noon depending on how much I get done this morning

Nvm... went mini off-roading instead.

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