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Off Topic / 405 freeway closed this weekend
« on: 08/16/13 07:27AM »
The 405/605 interchange is literally right behind my house. This weekend traffic I gonna be nuts

Off Topic / Boy beaten by girl's...
« on: 08/15/13 09:34AM »
What the fudge was that.

Misc. Motorcycle Videos/Pictures / ROAD RAGE!!!
« on: 08/15/13 09:29AM »
I'm not at all condoning what the driver did but the biker was asking for it... repeatedly.

They're bigger, stronger, heavier, and dumber than us. Just stay away from them.

True that. They both got what they deserved.

What's your new passion Tim?

For me, obviously riding. I love working on my bike. Video games. Not a hardcore gamer but enjoy playing with friends a lot. Currently playing last of us multiplayer with my friend. We do alright.

Also working out. I'm very consistent, going Monday through Friday. Doing a 3 day split. I've just yet to go a Saturday to get a complete week.

That's about it really

I did my Leo Vince exhaust. Holding up really well. Easier to clean than the metal surface.

Off Topic / Anybody play Airsoft at all?
« on: 08/12/13 09:23AM »
I'm just waiting to pick up a GBB. Looking to get the KWA HK45!

New Members / Hello from the 562
« on: 08/01/13 06:19AM »
East long beach right here. Near cal state

New Members / 714/562 Homies
« on: 07/31/13 05:19PM »
LBC riders meet! Woot

New Members / 714/562 Homies
« on: 07/31/13 03:28PM »
Whassup. I live right near cal state too. Work in Gardena! Welcome.

Yo. not gonna lie, riding in the LBC sucks!! all the speed limits are 25 and 35  :6: :6:

gotta hit up a ride sometime soon, you do any bike nights or anything like that ?

Yeah true that. And it's all on a grid.

 I don't really. I did organize a meet through the forum this past saturday though. It was aight

I gotta be up at 3 am to get ready for work so nights are non existent for me. Weekends are open doh

did u try checking the start stop switch????

they have been know to mess with the headlight.


x2 my 06 had the same problem and it was the connection inside the switch

X3 my 04 had that problem.  Here's a write up if you wanna check it out

New Members / 714/562 Homies
« on: 07/31/13 02:56PM »
Double post

New Members / 714/562 Homies
« on: 07/31/13 02:54PM »
Whassup. I live right near cal state too. Work in Gardena! Welcome.

Off Topic / Anybody play Airsoft at all?
« on: 07/31/13 05:14AM »
I love airsoft but don't get out much to play :(

I've got an M4. I need to get a gas pistol to play some CQB but ees esspensive. But I'm in for some field play.

Political Opinions / Riot at the Us open tonight!
« on: 07/30/13 05:34AM »
It would have been great to see tear gas come flying through the crowd.

That's a very sad situation.  My friend lives right off of second and works at mckennas. How crazy is that! She told me all about it. RIP. 

^ agree. All these reminders suck to read and watch. I was a bit nervous on the way home yesterday. I guess they keep you in check though. Make you more careful and alert.

General Motorcycle Discussion / SQUIDS???
« on: 07/23/13 06:46AM »

but do they realize the responsibility they are shouldering every time they put someone on that bike?

My guess is 'NO'

I sure do! I rarely take passengers/the gf because I simply don't have full gear for them. How would it make me look if I was fully geared and they aren't? No good!

General Motorcycle Discussion / SQUIDS???
« on: 07/23/13 06:42AM »
I'm glad people were around to be "gear nazis" and instill in me that it's important to wear the gear through a mixture of negative peer pressure and hassling, it's saved me some big medical bills too.

I try not to get caught up in the whole talking down on people for not wearing gear, but I don't think it's a bad thing to hassle newer riders and get them to gear up. 

I prefer not to ride with people who don't wear appropriate gear, for the selfish reason that I don't want to wait for the ambulance and hear their wailing when they have a minor crash they could have walked away from (without skin grafts or wanting to commit suicide) if they were leathered up

We should ride sometime! Gear FTW.

I wear full gear 99% of the time. If its bit full, the only difference is jeans instead of leather over pants. But it's rare that I choose to do that.

Squid for some means someone who rides recklessly and put themselves and others in danger and not someone who only doesn't wear gear. While I tend to agree more so with that statement, but it's easy to lump in the "non gear wearers" with the rest of the squids for a lot of people. I've got no problem with you choosing to wear or not wear gear, but when you start talking about breaking people's mirrors and windows, that's when I decide not to ride or associate with you.

General Motorcycle Discussion / noooo
« on: 07/13/13 10:40PM »
Dude that looks bad! Glad you came out better than the bike! Heal up quick

Hahahaha that would be me! Let the squid comments begin lol were you in the 3500 HD?

No haha. I was on the red CBR next to you!

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