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General Motorcycle Discussion / long time no post!
« on: 04/09/16 03:10AM »
hey everyone, been awhile since ive posted (like...***years***), so firstly, wanted to say hello again! still see a few of you here and there on facebook but wanted to say hello to the board :). hopefully some of you old timers are still around. anyways, got busy with work and all that crap as usual blah blah blah, but recently have been pushing hard to get back on my bikes. not exactly a new member post, but hey, havent been around in a while so maybe that counts. hoping to see some familiar faces (and handles) again!  :30:

ps: finished 1 of my bikes, but working on the superhawk now so happy for any recommendations for any of the mechs/shops here that are willing+able to possible work on a carbureted vtwin thats been sitting for many years!

Gear For Sale / Re: SIDI BOOTS SIZE 10 $50
« on: 09/13/15 11:38PM »
just wondering, do you still have these? and can you list the euro size...44? thanks!

sweet thanks for the info. glad to hear superchicken is still around too!

oh just remembered...what about tires? any goto people here in oc?

...have a set of d211gpa's that i used twice from 2011, hardly got to use them and need to find some replacements :(

I always order my tires online, and have SUPERCHICKEN install them from

The best priced tires online = - yours are only 3 years old so they may be OK though? Maybe let some other ppl chime in on that. I like to replace rubber 4-5+ years old myself.

In regards to battery selection, use their website to determine stock availability before running out to the store. Every Walmart I've been to carries all the batteries for my bikes tho.

oh just remembered...what about tires? any goto people here in oc?

...have a set of d211gpa's that i used twice from 2011, hardly got to use them and need to find some replacements :(

oh nice, i was thinking about checking out walmart too...not sure how up tight they are about warranty claims (im thinking not very) but being that there are walmarts all over the place in orange county, should be pretty easy to get it replaced if necessary. how was your experience with their selection?

I've found the Walmart EverStart AGM batteries are pretty darn good. I'm not a fan of going to the big blue box, but $70 for a good AGM that's available in many locations, year-round, is a winner to me.

They haven't given me any problems. I always use trickle chargers if the battery is going to be unattended for over 2-3 weeks.

hi everyone, long time since i've posted. been busy with life and been away from motorcycling for a good while, but now giving my bikes a good look over so i can start riding again...

anyways, what are some local places to check out and grab a new battery? yelp says cycle parts west is now closed, there's always cycle gear, but just trying to do my homework and see what else is out there.


dang great pics

Wow, you had the best seat in the house.

Thanks for the pics!

officially it was a "swing arm" more details anyone?

hey, first post back in a long while here at ocmoto, please do keep us updated on the S20s! was about to give you my opinions on the 016 and 2ct having ridden both extensively, but you've already found a new tire :)

Kulog specifically that one is called the Suzuka fog buster. I'm quite happy with mine. It actually attaches to your helmet to divert breathe away to prevent steaming. Motogp racers use them also during wet races. I like it better than the kind you wear...

definitely some good ideas. but my #1 idea is to just not ride while its pouring (unless i desparately have to, but thats rare). looks like the rain has chilled out over here... but the roads are gonna be slippery, so ride safe.

amen to that, stay out of it if you can, but some commuters ride rain or shine--let me rephrase by saying that for those guys, the aforementioned accessories might be worth looking into.

if you can swing it, i highly recommend the following accessories :D

done, done, and done. :)

man i wanted one of those gpx's for the longest time :( ended up with a qstarz. glws!

thanks for the links snapshot!

Another placebo for n00b riders.
not really trying to dispute you here, but have you ever ridden on a tire designed 15 years ago, but was still in production just a few years ago? yeah lets just say tire tech has come a LONG FRIGGIN WAY! lol

really interested in hearing some of the first long term reviews on these things. ive been happy with bt016's in the past (to an extent), but the right tire for the right purpose is always key. also wonder what the price point will be...low 220ish for a set of 120/180 like the bt016's?

theres always been compromise between bt023 and bt016...dry vs wet grip vs mileage. maybe these s20's will take the best of the bt016 and bring on board some additional wet performance that the bt016 lacked. id be pretty happy with that. not to mention the availability of a 190/55 rear size.

Product Reviews / what!? bridgestone has a new tire!?
« on: 02/14/12 09:31AM »
apparently...there is now the S20, slotted above the bt016 pro. i havent heard so much as a rumor! apparently, better wet performance due to new pattern and compounds, but also mileage and grip (as usual).

has anyone heard ANY thing about this?

damn im finding this thread pretty useful with current helmet info...biggest issue for me: visor leakage (seal). i like hjc's new rps10 for their VERY positive locking mechanism for the visor. the vents are pretty neat too, roller system. anyone have first hand feedback on it? the top-bottom dimension of the viewport doesnt look that great though. nexx has that covered hands-down imo. have never seen a larger aperture top to bottom on a helmet.

hey guys thanks for all the replies--ive actually owned dainese gloves before, metal racers i think they were called? (they had metal knuckle) honestly, they were nice and comfortable and all, but i felt like the stitching was coming apart way too fast.

im currently not too big of a fan of my astars sp1's either haha. i mean the build seems great, but my issue is comfort, they're not very comfortable, definitely not like how my spidi's were.

ive heard of heroic--prolly give my friend a call, they look fantastic. also thanks for the teknic violator suggestion, will check those out too!

Bike Nights / Re: CaliFire Bike Night
« on: 02/04/12 08:15AM »
geez! where'd all the rc51s come from!?!?!?!?!??!

Product Reviews / best bang for buck glove these days?
« on: 02/02/12 09:11AM »
hey guys, anyone been shopping for gloves lately?

my all time faves, spidi sport comp r's, have been retired due to wearing out at the tip of my brake finger :( ive had them for a few years, 2-3 i think. LOTS of track time on those things, plus tons of commuting time on them.

so im looking for some replacements, main things im looking for is a full length/gauntlet glove. the cortech adrenalines USED to be the best buy in this category (VALUE+QUALITY category, dont get confused lol), but it seems theyve been discontinued.

anyone have any suggestions?

what other tires have you used in the past?

id be inclined to recommend bt023 but you said he do and long lasting and decent in the rain. not sure how they'd handle as a sport tire though.

ive had good experience with pilot powers, they probably wont last as long as bt023's but theyre very good as a sport tire (ive used them in B group at buttonwillow a few times and did fine though approaching their limit), and decent as a commuter with rain (ive done night+rain on them and they didnt let me down). they're cheap, like a hair over the $200 mark (same as bt023). they should last a while, i havent worn my set out yet, and many ppl report 5-6k miles on them, substantially more than bt003rs or dunlop q2.

so it really boils down on the trade off for you, corner grip or mileage, i would say...also, you're probably not going to find any decent tires below the $200 mark. bt016 are nice, but they wear fast and arent quite as good as pilot powers in the rain. they have decent grip though. (old version, not the new pro)

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