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No problem brotha! I'll lyk the next time around

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Asuza Canyon ride this Saturday
« on: 04/04/19 05:24PM »
Asuza Canyon Ride. Meet @ Stanton DMV, 8am This Saturday. KSU 8:30am. Full gear recommended.

I've had good luck with a guy in Westminster. The place is called Dale's Shoe Repair. It's on the southwest corner of Westminster and Springdale. He also makes boots among other things.
Awesome that's in my back yard Ima check this guy tomorrow, Thankyou Sir!

Do they repair S&M leather? Asking for a friend  :13: :3: :19:

Yessir! PM sent!

Ended up buying the tires. There's a Bridgestone rebate going on too. Once (and if ::)) i get the rebate, I paid a total of $130 for both front and rear  :17:

Or just hates me!  :26: :32:

Iíve used Riders Revelation in Costa Mesa for my last few changes. No rim scratches from these guys, which is a big deal to me. Decent price, quick service.

How much did they charge?

He's still around. He still does jobs. He did my valve check a couple of months ago. He can't do tires though.

Track Days / Something to keep watch.
« on: 01/31/19 05:40PM »|tpfn-tbt-icymi&utm_content=common-tread-news-tbt-icymi&utm_term=could-this-lawsuit-affect-track-days-and-club-racing-013119-|tpfn-tbt-icymi

Let's see how this pans out...

Hope much for the tire? My current has less thread than that! Need something until i get a new set in a couple of months

New Members / Re: BACK FROM THE DEAD
« on: 09/29/18 08:48PM »
Glad to see you guys are still around. It's no big deal that OC MOTO isn't what it used to be. All those FB groups are full of asshole trolls anyway. I comment in those as much as i join big multi mc group rides. Almost never lol.

So I've got a painting question. What's everyone recommended paint for painting wheels? My work has a paint booth and oven. I'll about to pay some dude $60 to media blast but I'm not sure what is good but cost effective gloss black. Also, should 1 or 2 of pounds of paint be enough for 2 bike wheels?

« on: 09/25/18 12:09AM »
What's up OC Moto!!!!!
Holy crap it's been years since i been on this forum! Wonder if all my old buddies are still around?!!!!

Anyway, when i first started on here, i had an 06 gsxr1000... Moved out of OC, got a few different bikes since then... '12 R6, '07 CBR 1000... Couple of accidents  :34: ... But now I'm back with an '15 gsxr1000  :31: been slowly modding to my taste. Recently added '11 headers, Racefit Mega slip on and supporting exhaust and weight reduction mods... soon to have a different set of fairings and powder coat current wheels or preferably buy another set... But glad I'm back on here with all the cool people and old farts  :30:

Hey man... What do you do for Yum Foods? My company currently sells products to them.

Bikes For Sale / My R6 for sale
« on: 01/02/15 04:53PM »
2012 R6 for sale. $9700 OBO, 10400 miles, clean title, new tires, fender eliminator, HID lights, and slip on loud mouth exhaust are the only


I'm here wearing a white hat and black jacket

interview on my bike in DTLA . saved a good 30 min of traffic and about $30 worth of gas on an SUV... felt funny but not too safe in a suit on the bike :17: :42: 


tailgaiting + middle finger = Awesome video of karma in action


If his goal was to get a knee down, he accomplished that...and then some.

yessir! his knee and his whole body! not knee draggin' but body draggin too  :32:

slow motion shows it all.. his left rear set started scraping which probably startled him... then he turned his front wheel in-more, toward the turn; causing his rear to lose traction. no clue why he would twist then let go, then twist the throttle again especially on a lean; and not have a smooth acceleration instead.

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