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Got back from this bike night like an hour and a half ago. Decent turn out, saw some sweet bikes, met some peeps and grubbed. Goodshit'


The difference in the magnesiums vs. the aluminum as far as appearance is concerned, is typically the mag will be in the H-spoke (groove in the middle of the spoke sideways)vs. the T-spoke and the front brake rotor hubs will be bolted-on the front wheel vs. being machined in one-piece like the aluminum versions. I used to own both the magnesiums and the aluminum Marchi's. Hope this may help you.


Bike Nights / Re: Cycle Gear Fullerton Bike Night 9/20
« on: 09/20/12 11:47PM »
found out a couple hours too late, the next..

Spies goes to Pramac Ducati..? I guess, though this is fact now I think Spies better recieve a miracle because it looks like midpack rider if you ask me. Just my two cents. :42:


I heard those S20's from Bridgestone are the ish' right now, but I use Dunlop 211 GP-A that take a little to long to heat up if you ask me, but that's only on the street. your budget will decide in the end as most tires are pretty decent now.


Most liekly a bad battery. Check for any shorts.


New Members / Re: Hey everyone
« on: 09/04/12 12:32AM »

Off Topic / Re: Documentary "Fastest" on Netflix
« on: 09/04/12 12:26AM »
Netflix got "Fastest" about a month ago,that's when I caught it on there at least. The funny thing is, if your not a Netflix member you can get a month for free and watch "Fastest" in the meantime then cancel so it's basically free for those who don't have it. The movie is good IMHO but everyone's different. cheers'


The control tire subject is a funny one because more scrutiny takes place on the tires since all the riders only have two or three tire choices per race, sometimes only one tire choice in some instances; and all in the same brand. Regardless, depending on the race and the conditions, the tires are always evolving and so are the other tire manufacturers that lye in the mist. Dunlop, Pirrelli, and Michelin are always their if needed I guess.


I'm sorry.  I will laugh my head off if he comes back to AMA.  I mean what a joke that would be.  That would be the most epic fall from grace (factory yamaha to barely superbike's)

If someone wants him bad enough and can support the paycheck he would need then goodluck to them.

Bike Nights / Re: Annual Motorhelmets Bike Night
« on: 08/30/12 07:06PM »
Awesome vid, and cute host too add;)


Tell that to Ducati and Rossi.....

Ducati's issue is their V4 being to squared where the Honda has the cylinder heads closer together allowing the motor to be tilted forward more for better weight distribution. Ducati is closeminded in the fact that they don't want to copy what works (Honda's V4) so they stay with what they use. They changing of chassis and swingarms are still barely being tested which Ducati announced again recently at their Misano test. Rossi isn't dumb and if he is leaving because he feels he can't go faster, I'm following but that's just me. The Ducati GP game continues with Hayden and now Dovi for next year so then we'll really see what happens and go from there. Cheers'


Seeing how bad the points spread this year is between Blake young and Josh Hayes I wouldn't be surprised if Ben went right back to Yoshimura or Jordan Suzuki...Maybe that's why he's so hush hush right now, if he were to go to Suzuki while he's on a Yamaha squad,let alone the GP factory team, he would surely piss some people over there off...but if he waits til the end of the season to annouce his actual plans it wouldn't be so bad in my opinion......never know,sigh....


guess it's up to the teams to figure out the heat and traction issue,set-up,etc.,

So what you're saying is teams and factories should have to completely redesign a bike to ensure a control tire works right?

Help me understand how that is OK?

It's not ok, but at the same time a control tire doesn't mean you have to redesign a bike, that is a little overboard if you ask me. Tuning the bike can be done on a control tire,look at WSBK or WSS where they also have a spec tire rule. Depending on the track some bikes will work better with the tires supplied while others will struggle, but this changes track to track and there is no clear dominant manufacturer than can manipulate the control tire into their monopolization.
Control tires work. When every one before could choose the brand they would ride on and they lost, they always revert to saying it was the other brand that had for grip or life if they didn't win. That's why they threw out the "pick your brand to race on" concept at these levels. Just my two cents..


Bike Nights / Re: Annual Motorhelmets Bike Night
« on: 08/30/12 01:13AM »
Awesome, can't wait to see the vid! Yeah, it was poppin' I rolled out like at 930 oly and many were still showing up..


please read the above post.  michelin did not respond to the GP commission's RFP.  only bridgestone did so they got it by default.

that, my friend, is a fact.

moto2 is, as a fact, slower than the WSS counterparts.  you can compare BHP, lap times or whatever other metric you choose.

are you sure you understand the difference between a 2 stroke race bike and a 4 stroke race bike?  also, are you familiar with the difference between a fully kitted out WSS CBR600/R6/ZX6 and a spec engine 600cc lump from honda that the moto2 teams are banned from tuning?

That and the fact Rossi was pushing the comission to choose Bridgestone didn't help Michelin either. Well I compared and here are the facts:Moto2 slower than WSS, no, very similar times at the same tracks, but in Moto2 the chassis are custom vs. a slightly modified production unit and their corner speed is faster depending on track sections compared. 2 stroke vs. 4 stroke is a whole other can of worms I'd rather not type all night about..The 2-stroke 250cc has less outright speed and grunt of the Moto2 4-stroke 600cc spec engine machines (they make less power and weigh less compared to a Moto2 bike)and the Moto2 class can hold it's own on occassion and beat WSS and 250ccGP laptimes on certain tracks like Le Mans and Valencia in its rookie season of 2010 for instance. These are facts. The times of all the 250cc,Moto2, and WSS are relative and pretty close if you ask me.

Valencia 2010:
WSS race lap record: 1m 36.865s (Crutchlow, 2009)
Moto2 race lap record: 1m 36.611s (Abraham)
Difference = -0.254s

Le Mans 2010:
250cc race lap record: 1m 39.666s (Simoncelli, 2008)
Moto2 race lap record: 1m 39.169s (Cluzel)
Difference = -0.497s

This is only for 2010 in the rookie season of Moto2, I looked up the 2012 times and the Moto2 have gone faster since. So still think WSS is always faster than Moto2 machinery..? anyways...

Sounds good. I'll try and make it when I can. The turn out at Motorhelmets Bikenight was great. I think I saw Freddie and his Aprillia there in front of where I parked,lol. Cheers'


Bike Nights / Re: Annual Motorhelmets Bike Night
« on: 08/29/12 10:55PM »
Just got back, turnout was awesome. Crapload of bikes showed up.


moto2 is close racing because the bikes are very slow and the riders skill levels are too good for the machinery.

remember, you got a lot of people coming off 250s onto slow, heavy four stroke machinery.

moto2 bikes, at this point in time, are not as fast as their World Supersport spec counterparts.

that is why you have close racing in the lower classes, not because the machinery is a spec engine. 

the racing in 250s was amazing and, although aprilia dominated, honda still took the last title and KTM didn't do themselves any harm in the class either so it doesn't really have anything to do with a spec engine.

As for Michelin, there can be a number of exuses for why they left, but one is that Bridgestone got the spec tire pick for MotoGP and Dunlop for Moto2. That's a fact. Also, Moto2 isn't slow and the riders aren't too good or they would all be in MotoGP when only the top Moto2 riders get a possible seat in MotoGP. You can keep that two cents for yourself. The spec engines are what keep the class close when the straights are concerned. Watch how bad they need to use the draft manuever. It's not like the WSBK racing where we know the BMW outguns the rest of the class on straights except maybe the Aprillia here and there.To each their own.


Yamaha / Re: 520 Conversion suggestions
« on: 08/29/12 06:09PM »
I'd like to add that I've only used topend 520 chains rated for 1200cc or over. I know for a fact the middleline 520 chains are shown for 600 or 750cc max depending on brand. Again, I've never had a 520 conversion on my 1000's break. If the chain is rated for the application it will work 9 out of 10 times, my 520 chain has 11215 miles as of today on it. Buy what makes you feel comfortable in the end. Cheers'


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