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10/10 Donuts there, everything I tried.  :1: :1: :1:

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Sunday Aug 11th Lets Ride
« on: 08/13/19 10:06AM »
I guess I should check the forums more often, missed out!

Off Topic / Re: It's alive
« on: 07/11/19 08:29AM »
If you guys need someone to host the site or something let me know. It doesn't cost me a dime to spool up another instance.

Bikes For Sale / Re: Ninja 500 Kawqasaki 2005 $600
« on: 05/10/19 02:36PM »

It's a Walmart brand so.. what do you expect.

They're some cheap model they use for OEMs. Honestly. Mine had tons of life left but I took em off because they weren't confidence inspiring. A trip over GMR is what made me make the call, the tar snakes were too much for them.

With the mileage you do you'll burn through them quickly anyways.

Hay Israel.  :30:
Scrubbed in some new Dunlops.

Is that the stock rubber? When you can swap it out it'll transform the bike. Running RoadSmart 3s on mine now :D

I like how they totally stole James White's artwork without permission for their event.

You'd think a dealership would do a little better than blatant art theft.

pretender had one.

Not bad bikes. If you're an I4 guy wanting a more standard riding position, they seem pretty awesome.


 I can post here but not on classified section? :(


Sending good vibes Todd! Hope you mend quick. Sucks it was on the job too, not even having fun!

I was at the Peterson in early December. Awesome place! Lots of cool stuff to check out.

Bike Nights / Re: Del Amo Redondo - Kawi Demo days
« on: 01/27/19 12:33PM »
When Aprilia let us onto the freeway at 110 mph on their demo pretty ruined all other demos for me.

Aprilia Manager: What did you think you were doing yesterday?

Aprilia Demo Rider: Selling motorcycles.


Yamaha had a run of bad electrics during that era.  Lots of bad stators on many models.

All Japanese bikes in general had bad electrics in that era I'd say, mainly due to the Shindengen shunt style regulators used and inadequate oiling of stators. Followed Honda right into the 2000s. Kawasaki too.

Does anyone know why this law was passed in the first place?  That has me puzzled...

Ride on,


Two very simple reasons.

1) Existing fine/fix-it ticket was clearly an ineffective deterrent. Loud pipes in car culture has been getting increasingly worse the last few years as far as d-bags with open pipes in their 2018 Camaros/Mustangs/etc. Yes "ricers" always had their fart cans and muscle guys had loud exhausts but these new Corsa pipes are ridiculous.

2) Income.

"(c) Test procedures for compliance with this article shall be established by the Department of the California Highway Patrol, taking into consideration the test procedures of the Society of Automotive Engineers."

Pretty sure CCR1036 will apply as it is SAE standard. That seems to be the CHPs most current testing procedure.

Rain has been here, so no riding for me (sorry I'm not that hardcore.) Been playing with the closest thing to a motorcycle..

I did buy a cheap Miata off Craigslist and spend the last 2 days giving her some love.

Oil change, coolant change, air filter.

Gave her a wash, clay bar, compound, polish, and wax. (Before/After)

Tomorrow the brakes come in, as do the new spark plugs and wires.

Boy, was that old paint looking rough. Still nothing amazing, but it's passable until I can do a respray.

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