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This has 3 wheels, not 2. Does it count?

Taking her back up tomorrow.

Misc / Re: Ride to work day - 6/15/20
« on: 06/05/20 09:47AM »
I work from home but I'll make an excuse to ride somewhere that day.

Donut Man  :25:

Off Topic / Re: Save the LOOKOUT ROADHOUSE
« on: 04/07/20 08:44AM »
I thought she sold the property a few years back, at least I remember she was trying to. Guess she never did, hope she able to weather this storm.

Rico Suave has nothing on our man Eddie here

By the way real I'd dead line is moved to 10/01/2021 don't know how that effects your situation though.

Good to hear. I needed to get mine this summer...

No mass arrests. You can ride your motorcycle. You can take a walk, etc.

If you are a business that is meant to be closed and you're ignoring the order, expect the police to come knocking to shut your doors. Large gatherings will also get disbanded.

It has been a wet late-winter here. Hopefully that means the spring showers are out of the way early.

Might clear by the weekend in time for a self-isolation ride. I got my 5th gen VFR some new shoes, she needs to stretch her legs some more.

Thank you for continuing to post these recaps of your adventures.

The weather is amazing tomorrow. I hope everyone's going for a ride.

Tons of riders out yesterday. Lots of waves. I didn't get any photos but it was nice to see everyone out and about.

Thank you for continuing to post these recaps of your adventures.

The weather is amazing tomorrow. I hope everyone's going for a ride.

The Peterson is such a gem. I love going there.

Some fine bikes on display

Merry Christmas/whatever you're into this time of year

Misc / RADwood SoCal (80s-90s Car & Bike Show)
« on: 12/03/19 05:06PM »

It's time for RADwood again, this time it's in OC's backyard! It'll be held at Oak Canyon Park (5305 E Santiago Canyon Rd, Silverado, CA 92676) Saturday December 7th. Show is 11-3 but staging is a tad earlier.

It's an amazing time. I go every year (sometimes I'll travel to their NorCal and Vegas shows.)

Show off your 80s-90s motorcycle! for tickets. I'll be there.

Doug, send Santa my regards!

Time for me to smoke a turkey in the rain, this will be fun.

I'd review any loose engine ground, vacuum leaks, etc. Basically check over the workspace you were just in and around and make sure everything is a-ok and where it's supposed to be.

Tales of the Road / Re: ACH reopens
« on: 11/19/19 05:37PM »
Let's ride.

I have a week off next week, so riding is definitely in the mix. Just gotta get past this wet spot over the next few days.

I wonder if anyone has done a longevity test of one of those SCS bikes. I'm not immediately going to dismiss them, but fool me once..

Tales of the Road / Re: ACH reopens
« on: 10/23/19 09:03AM »
Glad it is back open. I went up and over ACH the last day it was open in my Firebird. Had a few icy corners.

Cycle Gear does tires, don't they?

They close at 5 though, worth calling and seeing if they can accommodate?

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