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Sad to lose another independent retailer (aka not Revzilla/Cycle Gear)

Parts For Sale / Re: Honda Nighthawk 750 parts
« on: 12/11/18 12:30PM »
Hope somebody can use these, the little nighthawk is a good UJM!

Bike Nights / Re: RADwood LA [80s-90s Auto/Bike Show]
« on: 12/03/18 11:12PM »
Yea, it was rad. My car won "Raddest Future Collectible" by Barrett-Jackson.  :3:

Bike Nights / Re: RADwood LA [80s-90s Auto/Bike Show]
« on: 12/02/18 05:46AM »
I suck at mornings, but this is gonna be a blast!  :3: :3:

Bike Nights / Re: RADwood LA [80s-90s Auto/Bike Show]
« on: 11/30/18 09:35PM »
Todd, knowing your skill-set and attention to detail, that truck will look amazing if you're able to score it.

Bike Nights / Re: RADwood LA [80s-90s Auto/Bike Show]
« on: 11/28/18 09:34AM »
It'd be awesome to see OCMOTO peeps there. It's been a blast the 2 others shows I've been to. There's a skate demo this year with some period correct skaters "Skate legends @sal_barbier and Dan Rogers will be joining us at RADwood LA for a special exhibition" Last year had a BMX demo with 2 dudes from the movie Rad! It was totally rad.

Plus there is the whole Peterson you can tour separately if you'd like. I haven't been there yet so I'll probably grab tickets and check it out too.

Little bit of both. I'm going to shoe on some new tires on my 98 and run her for 1000 miles or so here soon!

Bike Nights / RADwood LA [80s-90s Auto/Bike Show]
« on: 11/26/18 11:55AM »
estanner and I will be going to Radwood. We've gone to a few of their shows now, and they're a blast! Total 80s-90s theme.

I'm bringing my 89 Pontiac Firebird Formula 350 and estanner is bringing her 99 Honda VFR800.

Car entries are sold out, but Motorcycle entries are still available. I know some of you have some rad rides!

RADwood is a celebration of '80s and '90s automotive lifestyle. The car show that blends period correct dress with automotive awesomeness. A period correct event for cars, trucks, and bikes from 1980-1999 that captures the essence of a bodacious era.

New LED bulbs too. These things are bright!

In the process of re-assembling estanner's 99 VFR.

Painted Wheels Silver
New Stainless Brake Lines
Oil & Coolant
New Levers, Bar-ends, and grips
New set of OEM plastics imported from Australia, Canada, Netherlands, and Switzerland

After 3 years of finding parts, google translations, bank transfers.. she's getting put together.

Cruised Angeles Crest on 4 wheels. The patch of black ice reminded me why I didn't take the bike.

^ That's a challenge!

I explored that option for mine, but decided that it wasn't worth the trouble.  I do like the linked brake system, though.  It worked very well for me.

Ride on,


It's quite the adventure, and it we haven't even bled them yet ;)

The linked brakes are very nice. I can understand some track guys not liking them but for the street it's a really solid system. I'm a bit disappointed my 2014 doesn't have it but I get it, it's an expense.

Swapping the stainless lines on my wife's VFR. These linked brakes are kinda ridiculous.

Hit Palomar and Borrego yesterday. Montezuma Valley Road = <3

KSU shot

Off Topic / Re: Rider down 405 at Bake RIP
« on: 11/02/18 10:15AM »
Man the 405 was never a fun ride.

I'd hate for it to be my last :(

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

*heart drops*

oh thank goodness

Todd needs a facebook. Maybe he can post his non-motorcycle related crap there.

As if we need less activity on this forum lol

Sounds good, no stress either way  :7:

Time for another Palomar Sunday...

If you are not comfortable with mountain roads, decreasing radius turns, etc, then this may not be the ride for you. You are responsible for your own safety at all times.

Route / Plan
1) Meet at Pala Gas Station @ 8:15AM / KSU @ 8:30AM
2) Ride up Palomar S6 to Mothers Kitchen. I don't plan to eat here, though. Keep your own pace as we'll wait at Mothers for everyone.
3) Ride down Palomar S7 to Miner's Diner for brunch in Julian. We could go to Borrego Springs too; it would be warmer, but a nice change of pace.
4) I will return via 79 south through Temecula. From there you can hit the I15 and head home, wherever that may be. You can also split off when we intersect with 76.

Note that I do cross-post this ride at VFRDiscussion, a Honda VFR specific forum.

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