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Member Posts / Re: Wanted: Baffles for a Yamaha RD125
« on: 06/15/13 11:37AM »
I'd look for any forums that the RD people hang out on.  They'll have the best idea. and  ...?

Ebay is an option, but you'll probably have to get something generic and then have it welded on.



I posted the other day on the RZRD500 forum, yet it looks like you have to be a paying member for the AirCooled one. Are you a member of the latter, by chance?

Thank you so much for your recommendation! I'm hoping they will pan out. :)

Member Posts / Wanted: Baffles for a Yamaha RD125
« on: 06/13/13 03:45PM »
So I am looking for two baffles for my 1975 Yamaha RD125. It seem like Yamaha no longer makes them, so any suggestions or offers regarding them would be awesome! Thank you!

New Members / Re: My Name Is Sean...
« on: 06/08/13 08:05AM »
Come on by in a little bit and we'll fool with the carbs!! :31:

I'm heading out in two hours for a graduation, then wedding and reception, then the graduation party. I may try and skip the latter if I can swing it. If you'll be free in the evening, I'll text you when I can head over...

New Members / Re: My Name Is Sean...
« on: 06/08/13 07:58AM »
Welcome Sean, Im staring at your beautiful bike as I type this!!

You're lucky, because all I can do now is stare at the pictures.  ;D

Thank you again for helping make that bike as beautiful as it is! Couldn't have done it without you!


New Members / My Name Is Sean...
« on: 06/08/13 07:41AM »
Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself (and thank my neighbor Todd (mbstr) for introducing me to OC Moto).

I am 23-years old, and I love to travel the world, learning, creating, and building new things. Currently I am in Huntington Beach (my hometown) enjoying the summer while architecting a social network for artists. My riding experience is very limited. Aside from taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course back in May '13, I've never had the opportunity to ride a bike.

After two good months of searches through Craigslist, though, I finally secured my first bike: a "working" 1975 Yamaha RD125 in beautiful condition. I've fallen in love with this piece of art and engineering, in no small part to the dedicated help of Todd. He was able to not only teach me the inner workings of my bike, but make it look, feel, and sound like it was new. Needless to say, I am stoked to ride this bike! I feel like it is the perfect bike for me to start my life of riding. Todd and I still have a few more things to improve on the bike (cleaning and tuning, mostly - those carbs are going to be fun!), but when we have finished, you'll be seeing a very happy kid with a very august machine riding the streets of Orange County! :D

The RD being cleaned and tuned. Breaking in Todd's new lift, which made everything so much easier and more effective.

With that said, it is a great pleasure to meet you!


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