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Dang, that place is cool!

Long ago when I was working on several bike and car projects, I got lucky enough to find a neighbor on my block who was single and didn't use his garage. I rented it and as long as I was quiet and didn't make a mess, he was happy with the extra money. Might be worth scouting around or asking your neighbors if they are friendly. I thought I'd never get that lucky but all I did was ask.

As others have mentioned, if your friend has Uninsured/Under Insured coverage on their policy, this should be able to cover repair costs over the limit of the other guyís policy if that limit is small. In my experience, Iíd wait on calling to make that call until itís confirmed that repair costs will exceed policy limits.

In many cases under insured claims on oneís own policy donít have a deductible as you are basically a claimant against your own carrier.

And, hope your friend is ok and this goes smoothly!

PS - to any personal injury lawyers on the forum, no offense, just speaking through the lens of an adjuster.

Got a new cover. Still can't see my bike in the parking lot?  8)

And as soon as I told my coworker I found the parts and fixed my bike, he had cash ready. Stand up guy.

I used to be an adjuster, and get asked questions about handling accidents frequently. Here's my advice, take it however you will:

1. What YOUR insurance company doesn't know won't hurt YOU. If your friend got rear-ended by another car, and there is no liability question, which there usually isn't in a rear-ender, the call goes to the insurance company of the car that caused the accident. Your insurance company usually doesn't need to get involved unless there is a question of liability ("You hit your brakes right in front of me, it's not my fault that I hit you") The insurance company of the person who caused the accident will typically claim responsibility without question, unless their insured driver disputes liability. Many people believe that even if the other guy caused the accident, they need to call their own insurance first. Basically all this does is send up a red flag with your own insurance company that you had an accident. My wife has been in two minor rear-enders in her gawdawful commute, both minor, and in both cases, our own insurance company was not involved. Call the other guy's insurance first, avoid your own insurance company unless necessary.

2. Re policy limits - California state property damage minimum limits may be enough to repair the car unless it is substantially damaged. If the damage exceeds this guy's policy, options would be to pursue the person individually, which may be a matter of demanding a personal settlement or taking to court, or refer the difference to your friend's insurance. "structural" can mean straightening a rear subframe rail, the most common repair in a rear-ender, or replacing if it is collapsed, which, in some cars, will push close to $5k.

4. Statement - expect that the insurance company will call to get a statement of what happened. In a straight rear-ender, this is usually very simple, just to confirm that both people describe the accident similarly.

4. Lawyers - Unless things go sideways during the negotiation of the vehicle damage, or if your friend is badly injured, all a lawyer will do is slow the entire process down, send your friend to a doctor who will slow the process further, then take 33% of any settlement once the process is complete. Insurance companies handling unrepresented claimants are usually eager to help settle claims quickly and efficiently to avoid the amount of time the claimant has to see ads and get convinced that they will be helpless until they get a lawyer. Once a claimant gets a lawyer, that claim gets pushed to the back of the adjusters file load while he is busy settling with unrepresented claimants. Whenever I got a notice that the claimant on a file I was handling got a lawyer, I basically worked on that file only when I got a call from a paralegal at the lawyers office. I just had too much work to do.

5. Body shop repairs - the insurance company will offer a "preferred shop, which guarantees their work". This will be a chain body shop, like iFix or similar, which has negotiated a deal with that insurance company to repair cars without the adjuster having to come out and write an estimate on it. YOU choose where your car gets fixed. If you have a good shop you work with, you have every right to use it. You do not have to go to a shop that the insurance company recommends. If it's a nice car, I would go somewhere nice to fix it.

5. Rental car - Once the insurance company for the person who caused the accident has been contacted, and a claim has been filed, and they accept liability, your friend has the right to a rental car while their car is being repaired. This should be direct billed to the insurance company, not paid by your friend then reimbursed.

6. Settlement - If the damage is significant, and your friend needs medical attention, the other guy's insurance should pay for treatment. After which, if the adjuster does not offer a cash settlement for pain and suffering, bring it up. Don't expect the world, unless the injuries are bad. Negotiate a bit. The adjuster will have a range to work with approved by their manager. If no injury, and the damage is significant, not just a tweaked bumper, it doesn't hurt to ask for something for the inconvenience. "here's a few hundred bucks, go have a nice dinner somewhere".

Holy cow I think you’re right. 5.4 miles one way. No wonder my feet and sunburn still hurt. At least I got a cool helmet.

At the show, I talked with a guy from a company called Himalayan Heroes. They do adventure riding trips to Nepal for ďthe working guyĒ, with trips starting around two grand, less airfare. Iíve always wanted to do a Moto Quest trip but they are way too expensive. Seriously thinking about this. I have a friend who rode an Enfield through India years ago and said it was awesome.

To be fair he wasnít upset with me. Just that he got nicked a few blocks from the office.

His ticket will probably be more...

General Motorcycle Discussion / I feel for the guy....
« on: 06/26/18 08:48AM »
So, yesterday, a coworker and I were the last two people in the office. He left first, and came back, telling my very sheepishly that he backed his car into my bike... which was the only other thing in our parking lot. Ugh. We went out to survey the damage. My Bonneville was under its cover, which is grey. He said that he didn't see it against our grey building. Thankfully it didn't tip over, but the rear fender is crunched. He offered to pay whatever it costs to fix it, along with whatever alcoholic beverage I choose. I told him just paying for parts would be fine, and I'd get a total for him.

Now, my black cover is faded to grey and due to be replaced, so I'm getting a new one in Hi Viz, and last night I totaled up a new fender and bracket at about $300. I gave my coworker my part list and bill when he got in this morning, and he was noticeably upset. Seems he had just gotten a ticket on the way in this morning, and then I dinged him for repairs to my bike.

Just isn't his day...

It was probably a little over two miles each way to get there, but it was a long way in from the road to get to the show. My wife and I hike a lot, so it was no big deal, except that the decision to walk rather than drive was made while we were on the way, so I wasn't prepared... I was wearing the wrong shoes and a hipster flat cap, so minimal protection for my bald head. I ended up buying a helmet at the show but didn't have the cash (there was no signal in there for most vendors to take credit cards), so after we got back to the car, I grabbed some cash and we drove back to pick it up. I forgot to clock the distance in the car.

My wife and I went today. I hadnít been in a few years. Pretty fun if you like Harleys. Lots of vendors, bikes, people and music. Funny thing... my wife wanted to hike today, so we walked to Born Free from the Albertsons on Chapman and Jamboree. With all of the bikes that pass through the canyon, I found tons of Harley parts along the side of the road that had rattled off of motorcycles. Mostly Harley foot pegs. Quite a few chrome trim pieces, some emblems and a license plate complete with a side mount bracket.

I was wearing a Triumph shirt and got a few thimbs up from passing Thruxtons.

Aww címon, I used to slog my VTX through Latigo. I just left my brain back at home.

Noticed them across the street from Irv Seaver yesterday when I was picking up parts for my R1200. Didnít know itís their first exclusive US dealer. I test rode an electric at a dealership in Hollywood a while back. Tooling quietly through a neighborhood off of Fairfax, I was thinking ďman if I were a burglar this thing would be perfect!Ē

Someone, I think JL Speaker, makes a headlight that angles the beam based on lean angle. I saw the demo at a trade show when it was introduced and it was cool, but since something like six or seven hundred dollars.

This would be a good lower price alternative if it works but is it really necessary? I ride Santiago every night on the way home and my beam is wide enough for that road. Maybe if I commuted on Latigo it would make sense.

Misc / Re: Ride To Work Day - 6/18/18
« on: 06/08/18 09:26PM »
Thatíll be a normal commute for me. If frogs are falling from the sky Iíll wimp out and drive.

What do you guys like for an in ear Bluetooth set? I use a cheap $9 Bluetooth single earbud to listen to news to and from work, but a nice stereo set that is low profile enough to fit comfortably under a helmet and still sound good would be nice. Tried a few but wonder what works well.

Saw the exhibitís final installation go in. Cool bikes and dramatic staging. A few are suspended by cables from the ceiling. Worth checking out. Also if you havenít been there for a few years, the place underwent a huge renovation in 2015 and is totally different.

I'm really not sure how long the exhibit will be on display, and they don't have the run dates listed on the website, so chances are they aren't really sure just yet. But, I'd guess not more than a month or two. They just did a Harley vs. Indian display that only ran for a few months.

If you go, check out the Porsche exhibit. One of the items on display is a prototype Porsche motorcycle that wasn't put into production, and looks very weird...

Hi all,

Just a heads-up, the Petersen Museum in L.A. is debuting a new motorcycle exhibit this Friday:

I'm a weekend tour guide at the museum, and have been seeing these bikes roll into our garage to be prepped for display. Very artsy bikes, worth taking a look. Plus, the Petersen has free, bike-friendly parking - just go around the parking barrier, and the motorcycle parking area is on the first floor in the northwest corner.

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