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Hi all,

The Petersen just launched a new exhibit called Silver Shotgun, featuring Italian motorcycles of the '60s and '70s.
I got a sneak peek recently, and if these bikes are your jam, this is the place to be.

Remember, the Petersen parking garage is motorcycle friendly. Just make a hard right as you enter the garage, squeeze between the bollards, and there's a cycle parking area.

Parts For Sale / Triumph Bonneville Givi Rack SR226
« on: 01/08/20 02:09PM »
Hi all,

I have a near new Givi rear rack for air-cooled Bonneville models from 2001-2015. Should also fit Scramblers and Thruxtons (you can verify).
Nice chrome, no rust or damage. Includes all mounting hardware.

Givi model number SR226

Retails for around $280, looking for an easy local sale at $150. Deal of the century if you're looking for one of these!


Gear For Sale / Re: Joe Rocket Pants - Large Short
« on: 12/07/19 06:38AM »
These are sold. Thanks!

Gear For Sale / Re: Nelson Rigg Tail Bag 2
« on: 12/07/19 06:37AM »
This one is sold. Thank you!

Misc / Re: RADwood SoCal (80s-90s Car & Bike Show)
« on: 12/04/19 09:32AM »
I went to Radwood at the Petersen a few years ago, and as someone who was a teenager in the '80s, it was... Rad! A guy jumped a skateboard over a 944, hence the image on their website.

Looks like it will rain, though. Bummer!

Gear For Sale / Nelson Rigg Tail Bag 2
« on: 12/02/19 01:56PM »
Separate listing from my other bag under "Tail Bag 1"

Nelson Rigg Tail Bag Model 1060-ST.

Expandable to carry larger items. Includes mounting straps.

No rips, fading or damage. All zippers work smoothly.

Price is $45 local OC pickup. Shipping to anywhere in CONUS at actual cost.

Gear For Sale / Nelson Rig Tail Bag 1
« on: 12/02/19 01:52PM »
Hi all,

I went to hard luggage, and am selling my two Nelson Rigg tail bags. I'm listing them separately so I can show more pictures and keep them separated, since they look similar.

Model 1060:
Expands a bit for more room. I don't have the mounting straps, but attached hooks to the mounting loops to hook under my Givi mounting plate or under the rear portion of my seat to attach. If these hooks won't work for your application, they can be removed, and you can use any generic strap or bungee. I'll toss in two very light Nelson Rigg bungees that came with it.

The mounting loops are above the zippered expansion section, so if you expand it, you have to readjust the straps. For this reason, I've always used it unexpanded. It can hold wallet, keys, gloves and small stuff in this position. The little pouch in the opened picture is a built-in rain cover that comes out of the front side. I've never ridden in rain, so I've never opened it.

No rips, damage or fading. Zippers work smoothly.

Price is $25, local OC pickup. Delivery to anywhere in CONUS available at actual cost.

Thank you for looking!

I recently did a valve adjustment on my Bonneville and experienced similar issues to yours. Turns out I knocked a vacuum line loose. Plugged back in, good to go. As everyone says, check all of your work, and anything that could have been kinked or knocked loose in the process.

No, but now you made me want one too. Thanks!

Tales of the Road / Re: ACH reopens
« on: 11/20/19 12:43PM »
Just did ACH on Sunday, but on four wheels. Somehow managed to Forrest Gump my way into a Ford press demo drive.

The new GT500 is very nice.

Tales of the Road / Re: ACH reopens
« on: 10/23/19 08:49AM »
Speaking of which, anyone been up to Malibu since the fires? Wondering what the state of things looks like. Google Map imagery still shows Paramount Ranch intact, so that is pre-fire.

Gear For Sale / Joe Rocket Pants - Large Short
« on: 10/21/19 10:03AM »
I have a pair of plain black Joe Rocket pants available in size Large Short. Ideal for someone with a waist in the range of 34" and an inseam in range of 30".
Waist is adjustable, and the pants zip down both sides for easy removal. Includes liner which has never been used.

Not worn very much, and just washed and ready to go.

Looking for $40. In Santa Ana near 405 and Harbor, M-F, 8-5.


I think the silver color and the angle of the fairing make it work.

I love reading the articles on Revzilla's Common Tread articles. My recent favorite was their Iron Butt 1000 Challenge, where they rode 1000 miles without putting a foot down. Of the two bikes, one was a Concourse, which refueled from a moving van enroute.

Cruising Craig's this morning, lo and behold, the bike is now for sale locally!

Gear For Sale / Jackets Are Sold
« on: 07/14/19 04:37PM »
Jackets are sold!

Post can be deleted. Thanks!

Off Topic / Re: It's alive
« on: 07/11/19 08:50AM »

Funny - this bike is now on display in the Petersen's electric motorcycle exhibit. I tried taking pictures of it, but just kept seeing myself in the mirrored sides...

Parts For Sale / Re: FREE Yuasa YTX14-BS Battery
« on: 05/10/19 08:37AM »
BCMC, PM'd you pickup instructions. It's here whenever you want to come by.

Off Topic / Free Air Show!
« on: 05/10/19 08:35AM »
Have you guys noticed the WW2 bombers rumbling around the past few days? The Collings Foundation has set up shop at the Lyon Museum through this weekend.

My office is just up the 405 from the airport, and I've been running outside every time I hear a radial engine getting close. After work yesterday, I went over to the Lyon and sat on my bike for a while watching the B24, B25 and B17 take off and land.

If you don't want to pony up the museum admission fee to get a closer look, It's hard to see the planes take off through the fence. A great viewing spot is in an office parking lot up against the north end of the runway, just behind the new Triumph dealer on Redhill. You can see everything coming in to land.

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