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His helmet lineup is heavy on Scorpion and LS2, but he has some Shoeis and other brands as well. The jacket mix is pretty varied, as a lot of those are consignments.

Visited Motowearhouse (note the spelling... wear, not ware) in Corona. in Corona yesterday. Not sure how many people here are familiar with the place. I stumbled on it on Craig's looking for something, and he had some jackets listed.

Randy, the guy who runs the place, is a cool dude. He has a decent amount of new gear in his showroom - helmets, boots, jackets and gloves. But, he also takes in used gear (no helmets), and once you agree on a value, you can use it toward credit for stuff in his shop. I remember Yellow Devil gear in Long Beach, which sold consignment gear, and this is similar, but rather than waiting until the stuff sells and getting a check, you can agree on a value up front, and take store credit.

I had a few jackets in my closet that I hadn't worn, and had forgotten about. Took them to Randy, and after we negotiated, I traded them and a little cash on a new helmet. He's also looking for gear donations if anyone has anything they just don't need anymore.

He's a "if I don't have it, I can get it" kind of guy. Most of the helmets in his shop are basic black, because, as he puts it, that's what sells. I like more visibility, so he ordered me a white one and says I'll have it tomorrow.

Here endeth the public service announcement!

Yeah, sort of torn between the FZ1 and FZ09, but I should really ride both before I do anything serious. Just spoke with a guy yesterday who rides an FJ09, and says if I don't at least ride an FZ/MT/FJ09, I'm really missing the boat.

Thanks, guys. I've read a lot about the FZ1, I'm looking more for comfort than off-the-line grunt. I don't need a race bike tooling around my mom's "over 55 community", but it needs long legs for trips to San Diego and LA. If I get one, and like the ergos, I can see myself relegating the BMW to mom's place and using the FZ1 for the daily grind.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Gen 2 FZ1, anybody?
« on: 03/15/19 08:44AM »
So, thinking of possibly adding one to the stable to have a bike available in SD county where both my mom and my in-laws live, and who all are needing increasing care. Which means we're spending more time down there. Mom has a golf cart garage next to the regular one, and it's too small for a car, but perfect for a bike.

When thinking about it, and the budget I have available, I keep coming back to a Gen 2 FZ1. Basically I want a comfortable, reliable inline 4. Anyone here have one, and have any advice (stay away, avoid this one, etc).


Wish it were that simple. Gen 2 BMW ABS triggers the brake light through fluid pressure within the ABS module. No external electric switches like, well, probably every other bike on the planet. At least flush and bleed is conventional. None of that turkey baster fluid extraction jib jab. Other than a normal bleed, thereís the added step of cycling the ABS pump with the GS911 and then re-bleeding.

If I were tasked with flushing and bleeding the old BMW system four times in a row I would have just put the bike in a Walmart parking lot with the engine running and walked away.

Not too long ago, I had a phone conversation with a service tech at Irv Seaver BMW that included the phrase "Are you sitting down? This is going to be expensive." He was quoting me for parts and labor to replace the ABS unit on my R1200R. A bike that I have babied, caressed, polished, never ridden in rain, and have never let spend a night outside. And that I now felt was letting me down. To the tune of $2700 for dealer replacement of said ABS unit, which had started displaying a nebulous fault code for the one internal, non-serviceable fluid pressure sensor that controlled the brake light. The sensor didn't like something, and was keeping my brake light on continuously, disabling the ABS and giving me a glaring warning light on the dash. The one code nobody else ever gets.

The only way to get my brake light back was to replace the entire ABS unit. I worked (until a month ago) at a company that made sensor systems for high-end race cars. One guy sits in a corner and tests sensors all day. He knows every minutiae-level aspect of pressure sensors used on everything from top fuel dragsters to road race cars, and he builds race bikes. He said it was a long shot, but there may be a foreign contaminant in that nebulous sensor, and he suggested flushing and bleeding my brakes three or four times over a few weeks to see if a continuous flow of fresh brake fluid might flush away something that the sensor didn't like.

Knowing that the BMW ABS system is one of the bike's few Achilles heels, I flush my brakes annually, rather than the two-year interval specified by BMW. Still, he suggested "What do you have to lose? If it works, it's cheaper than the alternative." Fine. I flushed and bled my brakes four times, which included using my GS911 tool to perform BMW's proper ABS bleed-down procedure. No dice, I still had a solid brake light and no ABS.

Decision time. Option 1: Pay what is slightly less than the trade-in value of my bike to have it fixed. 2: Ride on, with no brake light. Not a good decision. 3: Get what I can for her, send her down the road, and convince my wife that I need funding allocation for a new bike.

4.... try to fix it myself. Used ABS units are out there. 50/50 if one would work, and some people say that even if you do replace the unit yourself, the bike will reject it until you take it to the dealer to have it programmed to work with your particular bike. I devised a plan to buy one, and carefully disassemble the ABS unit to remove the brake ECU portion, and mate my brake ECU to the new valve body to make a new ABS that my bike would recognize. During the process, while I still had access to the machine shop at my old job, I tore the motor portion of the used ABS down and made new brushes for it.

I now had a replacement ABS ready to go for a free weekend where I could tear the bike down. And, several bottles of new brake fluid. A sizable investment. At the same time, I started taking my bike to local dealers to see what I might want to replace it with. The Yamaha MT09 looks like a pretty awesome commuter bike.

I think that's what pushed her over the edge. Suddenly, the brake problem has resolved itself. No fault codes, no problems, perfect function. Been like that for over a month now. So, I'm thinking two things:

She's scared that I'll sell her, and she'll lose a pretty good deal, and she wants to be nice to me. Or, she's evil. She waited until I spent hundreds of dollars, and several hours getting ready to replace a part that now miraculously doesn't need to be replaced.

I dunno. Guess I'll just count myself lucky that I have a perfect bike once again.

What did I do today? Wussed out. Took the trash out before work and made the executive decision that it was too cold to ride. Not so much on the way to work, but I have a meeting tonight in LA, and the hour-long ride home at midnight would be a bit too chilly with my current gear.

Bike Nights / Re: Del Amo Redondo - Kawi Demo days
« on: 02/08/19 06:42AM »
Might go Sunday if itís not too wet.

Iíve used Riders Revelation in Costa Mesa for my last few changes. No rim scratches from these guys, which is a big deal to me. Decent price, quick service.

Huh. I see your points, and I don't mind not sharing the road with a bunch of squids. I am in no way impervious to damage, and transitioning jobs, my insurance doesn't kick in for a few more days, so my pucker factor is slightly elevated, but I feel more secure splitting lanes safely than I do sitting in my Fiesta in gridlock traffic waiting to get rear-ended. I saw a nasty three-car accordion on the shoulder this morning on the way in.

One thing about sharing the 55 with a bunch of other moto commuters years ago meant that I passed some downed riders, and I stopped to help my fair share of them. It always made me think: Where was that rider when he went down?; When I've seen him before, how safely was he riding? It made me think about how I rode, where I chose to either pass or not pass (example - cars dive out of the car pool lane right before the 5, and most of the downed riders I saw were in that area).

I'm just happy to be back on this route. I feel my hyper-awareness kicking back in, and it's a bit of a rush.

So, been back to this job for two weeks now, and I've been the only bike on the 55 during commute time so far. Used to be plenty of bikes. Drivers in the 55 gridlock treat me like Moses and part the way for me so they're used to bikes, but where are they?

Bike Nights / Re: Del Amo Redondo - Kawi Demo days
« on: 01/29/19 08:34AM »
Hope they do have a demo day in the OC location. I can be more frustrated about bikes I can't afford. Regarding your link, thtanner, if you ever get out to the Palm Springs Air Museum, hang out with the dude who stewards the B-17 and talks about it. He worked for Boeing for several years and has lots of cool Tex Johnston stories, particularly about the 707 barrel roll.

Parts For Sale / Re: Yuasa YTX14-BS Battery
« on: 01/18/19 07:43PM »
Bump.. battery is still available.

Hard to love it in heavy rain... the bikes are in the garage on tenders and Iím stuck in traffic. But at least Iím dry!

Long, long ago, I lived at the north end of the 55, and worked at the sound end of it. It took 38 minutes to go 11 miles in a car. And all the while, I watched frustrated as motorcycles went whizzing by in the car pool lane. It didn't take long before I became one of those guys, and suddenly it took 18 minutes to go 11 miles. Not only could I take the car pool lane, but I could also take a semi-legal shortcut around a park within my complex where a car can't fit that cut out three stoplights before I got to the 55.

I was lured away from that job four years ago, and part of the appeal was that I'd be working in Rancho Santa Margarita. Twice the distance, but much of it through Santiago Canyon. I enjoyed it for the first two years... on Saturday mornings, I'd scoff as I watched the bikers meeting up at the gas stations along Chapman, getting ready to make a pilgrimage ride through the thing I used to get to work every day. In all of my time in the sometimes deadly canyon, I only had one close call, when a coyote darted across the road in front of me. A well placed pass could easily get me around any landscaping truck that hindered my speed.

Within the last year, however, looming housing developments in the Cooks Corner end of the canyon meant increasing fleets of dump trucks, cement mixers and contractor trucks plodding through the canyon, sometimes too numerous to pass. The commute became a chore. Within that same timeframe, the bank that bought my company got swallowed up by a bigger bank. The result was thirty brands under the same corporate ownership, and our company, being the smallest, is slated to me moved, possibly to Texas, possibly to Kentucky within the next few months.

At the same time, my former employer has grown, and I'm headed back. Back to the shortcut, the gridlock, and lane splitting the 55. But, I look forward to the 55-405 carpool flyover bridge. Nobody uses it, and it will once again become my personal Hotwheel track. Plus, no coyotes, and fewer bugs.

Thank you! Good to hear from a happy customer. Thatís reassuring.

Nope, wasn't kidding. But, the same basic components were used on a lot of different BMW models so used stuff is plentiful.

I'm thinking of selling it later this year and getting something new or newer, like an MT09. I'm starting a new job next week, and my wife is going through a bunch of job changes as well, so I'll wait till things calm down before making any big decisions. I still love the bike, so it will be tough decision.

In any case, I just got shipping confirmation on the part from Motorcycle Guys Salvage, so we'll see pretty quick if they're legit.

$2,650 parts and labor.
$2,100 in parts if I want to do it myself.

That's what I was just quoted by the dealer to replace the ABS module in my '07 BMW. The typical error code is the result of a faulty ABS pump motor, which can be repaired for $250. No, mine is the one-in-a-thousand error that requires a complete replacement. I'd be happy to go without ABS, but my error results in my brake light remaining on solid, which is somewhat of a safety hazard. In their maniacal brilliance, BMW ran the brake light circuit through a brake fluid pressure switch, not a regular 'ole electrical switch like every other bike. That pressure switch is integral to the ABS unit and can't be fixed or replaced by itself.

I just ordered a used ABS module from The Motorcycle Guys Salvage in Anaheim for a few hundred bucks, and I'll fix it myself, thank you very much. Plus, that will give me the time to rebuilt the pump motor before I install it, so I should be able to bullet-proof it to some degree.

Just curious if anyone else here has dealt with Motorcycle Guys Salvage.

Bikes For Sale / Re: Ninja 500 Kawqasaki 2005 $600
« on: 01/04/19 09:09AM »
Yeah, dang, beat me to it. That would be 3x cheaper than fixing the brakes on my BMW.

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