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I think the silver color and the angle of the fairing make it work.

I love reading the articles on Revzilla's Common Tread articles. My recent favorite was their Iron Butt 1000 Challenge, where they rode 1000 miles without putting a foot down. Of the two bikes, one was a Concourse, which refueled from a moving van enroute.

Cruising Craig's this morning, lo and behold, the bike is now for sale locally!

Gear For Sale / Jackets Are Sold
« on: 07/14/19 04:37PM »
Jackets are sold!

Post can be deleted. Thanks!

Off Topic / Re: It's alive
« on: 07/11/19 08:50AM »

Funny - this bike is now on display in the Petersen's electric motorcycle exhibit. I tried taking pictures of it, but just kept seeing myself in the mirrored sides...

Parts For Sale / Re: FREE Yuasa YTX14-BS Battery
« on: 05/10/19 08:37AM »
BCMC, PM'd you pickup instructions. It's here whenever you want to come by.

Off Topic / Free Air Show!
« on: 05/10/19 08:35AM »
Have you guys noticed the WW2 bombers rumbling around the past few days? The Collings Foundation has set up shop at the Lyon Museum through this weekend.

My office is just up the 405 from the airport, and I've been running outside every time I hear a radial engine getting close. After work yesterday, I went over to the Lyon and sat on my bike for a while watching the B24, B25 and B17 take off and land.

If you don't want to pony up the museum admission fee to get a closer look, It's hard to see the planes take off through the fence. A great viewing spot is in an office parking lot up against the north end of the runway, just behind the new Triumph dealer on Redhill. You can see everything coming in to land.

Parts For Sale / Re: FREE Yuasa YTX14-BS Battery
« on: 05/09/19 10:41AM »
BCMC for the win. We can meet at my house in Orange (off 55 at Chapman) or my office in Santa Ana (off 405 at Harbor)

Good chance of rain tomorrow, so I'll probably drive to work, I can bring it.

You can text me at 714-468-6182


Parts For Sale / Re: FREE Yuasa YTX14-BS Battery
« on: 05/09/19 08:29AM »

The hallmarks of my shame included putting the wrong issue date on the cover of two issues, and misspelling the word Supercharger on the cover of an issue about Superchargers.

I bought a new office chair at Walmart. Unboxing it, I noticed something funny on one of the two labels on the box. Pay close attention to the Spanish translation of the product.
Having been a publisher, you can proof-read something a hundred times, and something stupid will still get printed.


Reminds me of reading how they put mirrors under the car that was dressed up to be the Star Wars Land Speeder so that it would look like it was floating.

I thought it sort of had that look. In fact, I just heard a rumor that Honda might be bringing it back. They apparently recently filed a patent for an inline 6, showing it in pictures of a cafe looking bike...

FZ1? FZ09? Nah, how about something completely different.

I remember being in love with the CB1100 when it came out. Now, I can afford one. It reminds me of my old Nighthawk 750 but with more power and it doesn't look like the 1992 Honda Civic of motorcycles.

Poking around the basement on Saturday, the Livewire was uncreated but under a cover. I didn’t lift it but the shape was unmistakable. Also something that looks like it’s based on the Husky Svartpilen 401, and a Light Cycle from the more recent version of Tron. That one may be going to another upcoming movie car exhibit.

There’s a permanent motorcycle display gallery on the second floor with rotating themes. I believe the electric bike display will replace custom builder bikes.

Shameless plug: The Petersen Museum will start an electric motorcycle exhibit in April. Should be cool, and answers the question why a Harley Davidson crate was put in the basement recently.

The exhibit will be open to the public in April, but if anyone would like to plunk down some coin to attend the glitzy opening reception, here's the info, and you can probably sign up at

Electric Revolution Exhibition Preview Reception
6:30pm | Richard Varner Family Gallery

The world’s FIRST all-electric motorcycle exhibition is coming to the Petersen in April!

Join the Motorcycle Arts Foundation and Harley-Davidson as the Petersen debuts Electric Revolution on April 4 at our VIP reception. Enjoy an evening of music, food and drinks by Drago, and an “electrifying” panel discussion led by some of the world’s most talented builders, designers, and thought leaders in the electric vehicle industry.

Become the next generation of EV builders and designers - students get 50% off of VIP tickets with a valid ID! Join the Electric Revolution!

.... I guess things have come pretty far since I test rode a Brammo about nine years ago.

His helmet lineup is heavy on Scorpion and LS2, but he has some Shoeis and other brands as well. The jacket mix is pretty varied, as a lot of those are consignments.

Visited Motowearhouse (note the spelling... wear, not ware) in Corona. in Corona yesterday. Not sure how many people here are familiar with the place. I stumbled on it on Craig's looking for something, and he had some jackets listed.

Randy, the guy who runs the place, is a cool dude. He has a decent amount of new gear in his showroom - helmets, boots, jackets and gloves. But, he also takes in used gear (no helmets), and once you agree on a value, you can use it toward credit for stuff in his shop. I remember Yellow Devil gear in Long Beach, which sold consignment gear, and this is similar, but rather than waiting until the stuff sells and getting a check, you can agree on a value up front, and take store credit.

I had a few jackets in my closet that I hadn't worn, and had forgotten about. Took them to Randy, and after we negotiated, I traded them and a little cash on a new helmet. He's also looking for gear donations if anyone has anything they just don't need anymore.

He's a "if I don't have it, I can get it" kind of guy. Most of the helmets in his shop are basic black, because, as he puts it, that's what sells. I like more visibility, so he ordered me a white one and says I'll have it tomorrow.

Here endeth the public service announcement!

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