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Contact SuperChicken - last I heard he was working as a remote mechanic (tools on a truck).

I ended up finding out that Kawasaki was doing pre-reg online, so ended up with the last available ride on a Kawasaki Z900RS. That was for Sunday 10am, so I researched what others were doing online. Was able to get my data entered for BMW. Showed up early (I thought) at a little after 8, and signed up to ride the BMW R1200RS at 11:15. Then got in line at Yamaha and signed up for the Fazer 900. While out riding the 1200RS, a buddy signed up for a 3pm ride, so after that ride I got back in line and was able to get in the same time on the RnineT UrbanGS.

So I got 4 rides in, bumped into an OCMoto member at the TCT booth, was able to say hi to a few of the vendors that I knew from doing the show tour last year, and was able to visit with another buddy. All in all a good day.

Going, still trying to decide between Saturday and Sunday. And trying to figure out what bikes will be available for demo rides.

Off Topic / Re: Rider down 405 at Bake RIP
« on: 11/06/18 04:55PM »
I have actually started discouraging people who see me ride into work everyday and think it's a great idea from getting bikes of their own. I tell them it's not for everyone and the learning curve can be very painful. I see some pretty sketchy riders out there sometimes.

I be sure to emphasize that it's as dangerous as you let it be. The less attention you pay and risks you take, the more likely it will end badly, and you have no shell to protect you.

I see a bunch of cool details, but no date :D

"To browse for upcoming motorcycle Rides,Events, or Bike Nights in California!"

Pretty sure the link is to the list of upcoming events... Yes, they are on Facebook.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: AIM Expo Las Vegas
« on: 10/14/18 11:38AM »
I was at it last in in Ohio - it's a good show. There are swapping East/West each year from now on. Today is the last day, so I know this is late, but it is definitely a bigger show than the IMS series. Worth attending next time it comes around in 2020.

Misc / Re: Goodbye So. Cal / birthday ride
« on: 09/18/18 10:32PM »
Glad everyone had fun, and wish I could have been there!

Just got back in town last Friday, and heading out to finish Route 66 from AV to the coast this Friday for 10 days.

Will be trying to go up to Crystal Lake Cafe the morning of Oct. 7 if anyone is available and interested.

Misc / Re: Goodbye So. Cal / birthday ride
« on: 08/26/18 11:37AM »
Happy Birthday Doug! Looking forward to the ride report, and pictures! Jealous, as my bike has been parked for 3 weeks in LB with me up here in San Jose, and it's another 3 weeks before I come home. Need pics! :)

Misc / Re: Goodbye So. Cal / birthday ride
« on: 08/20/18 11:09PM »
I would really love to be able to join you, but am up in Cupertino on a contract job. Runs through mid September. The SV is parked at a friends in Long Beach.

Have a great birthday, and ride safe!

Off Topic / Re: Hella suprise yesterday while fishing
« on: 08/07/18 07:26PM »
If I'm not mistaken, they'd had that bike for a while, and RDTodd sold it about a year ago...

Not sure about the Greyhound, but there is now a nicer option available that I don't recall being too expensive. Euro-style coach that makes a daily run up. Think business class airline (not quite 1st class, but with reclining seats and elbow room) with wifi.

Here's the article I was thinking of - $115 one way, travels at night.

They have trips as low as $79 listed at the moment.

EDIT - For your time-frame, it looks like $94...

I know this dude who make such a thing.
Hahahaha! I was waiting for something like this...

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: GMR???
« on: 04/17/18 06:10PM »
It was pretty clean last weekend, was up there with a couple of friends.

I'm no lawyer by code make no mention of only  forbidding high seems only soecifies that lights must be on at night.

Personally high beams can effect my vision night and day.

Nightime rules:
24409.  Whenever a motor vehicle is being operated during darkness, the driver shall use a distribution of light, or composite beam, directed high enough and of sufficient intensity to reveal persons and vehicles at a safe distance in advance of the vehicle, subject to the following requirements and limitations:
(a) Whenever the driver of a vehicle approaches an oncoming vehicle within 500 feet, he shall use a distribution of light or composite beam so aimed that the glaring rays are not projected into the eyes of the oncoming driver.
The lowermost distribution of light specified in this article shall be deemed to avoid glare at all times regardless of road contour.
(b) Whenever the driver of a vehicle follows another vehicle within 300 feet to the rear, he shall use the lowermost distribution of light specified in this article.
(Amended by Stats. 1965, Ch. 37.)

Any motorcycle may be equipped with a means of modulating the upper beam of the headlamp between a high and a lower brightness at a rate of 200 to 280 flashes per minute. Such headlamps shall not be so modulated during darkness.

(Added by Stats. 1980, Ch. 35, Sec. 1. Effective March 7, 1980.)

Installed new foam grip cover covers, as the old set was falling off. Love cushy, thick grips.

Yes, it's legal. I think the Slingshot is too.

The rest of this thread is completely off topic. Going to hate on Harley-Davidson and Goldwing trike conversions too? Let people ride what they want. If it's not for you, that's fine. Ride what you want. Stop hating.

Yeah, that sounds a lot like entrapment, actually.

What I would do is take advantage of being small to move into slower traffic that the SUV can't follow into and force them to either brake to stay behind, or pass.

Question - when they first appeared behind you, were you speeding?

Sad face. Missing so many rides these days due to work. Heading to Cleveland for the weekend as part of the IMS tour.

Bike Nights / Re: Women's Motorcycle Show 3
« on: 01/20/18 10:49PM »
Jrod was there?!? LOL

I knew her from bahsten

Hers was the electric supermoto near the forge furnace...

Here's another article with a different take from the folks at Revzilla...

What I plan to do in 2018 for the good of motorcycling

I wish we were on the cusp of a thriving era for the industry and for ridership, yet all the data indicate we are not in the midst of a Golden Age of motorcycling in the United States.

Whatís a rider to do? Itís not likely an individual can favorably sway the employment environment of an entire country. I can't easily alter income inequality, snowy weather, or the price of gasoline. However, Iím confident there are things an individual person can do to promote a healthy, growing motorcycle climate in the United States. Here are some things I plan to do in 2018.

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