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General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Riding high
« on: 12/20/16 11:29PM »
It's NEVER ok to operate any vehicle or machinery while under the influence of anything. 

Off Topic / Re: Tasty Burger
« on: 12/05/16 06:24PM »
Tried to hit up GMR today closed had to settle for 39 to the lake :( But to save the day went to G-Burger in Irvine for some grub on the way home heard it was good and saw review on BurrowsBites this morning.  :7: they do a fine tasty burger. ummm ummm good.  :1:
Their name sake burger the "G-Burger" is huge and absolutely amazing worth of a 10 for sure. One of my other favorites is The Pocket Burger Shack in Seal Beach.

Miscellaneous / Re: Driver needed.
« on: 11/30/16 06:31PM »
What are the vehicle requirements? What size of products and delivery area are we talking?

Went two weeks ago with SBC. Had a blast till a rock popped a hole in my radiator. Also, a rider had a heart attack on his bike in front of me going down the back straight. Definitely the strangest track day I have ever had.

Holy crap!!  Did he survive??
We were told at the end of the day he was stable breathing on his own at the hospital. He was unconscious and from what I was told without his hear beating for 6-10 minutes. If he regains full mental capacity I would consider it a miracle.

Went two weeks ago with SBC. Had a blast till a rock popped a hole in my radiator. Also, a rider had a heart attack on his bike in front of me going down the back straight. Definitely the strangest track day I have ever had.

Racing Headquarters / Re: MotoGP 2016
« on: 11/20/16 12:10AM »

Yes!!  And Brad Binder is equally impressive.  It will be interesting to see how they evolve in the higher ranks.

Anyone else a fan?
Agreed. I think next year will be an equally exciting season of GP racing. If the rules are still flexed in Ducati's favor JL will do well next season.

Friend went down in top of the line Dainese gloves, suffered major rash and bruising. Was not happy with the quality or how they shredded as speed on the asphalt. I would stick with Held or look at A-strars if your looking for serious protection. I have crashed multiple times in my A-star GP-Pro gloves and they are still do not have holes.

Misc / Re: Waterless Wash and Wax Options
« on: 11/09/16 11:29AM »
My bike is now over 10 years old and people are constantly amazed at the condition of the plastics. I tell everyone the same thing, I have cleaned it weekly with Mothers California Gold Showtime Instant Detailer. Removes dirt and leaves a protective coating. I will use nothing else after the success I have had with this. I do use the Original Bike Spirits cleaner (pink and black can) on my rims and other hard parts.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: First impressions
« on: 11/09/16 11:20AM »
Nice review, I'm a fan of the FZ-07 as a town/first bike. Like luciano posted I loved the Multi but not in the current budget. Thought the FZ's were fun, then rode an Aprillia Tuono, EYES OPEN!

Off Topic / Re: Did we just do that?
« on: 11/09/16 11:14AM »
Do what? Start a political post that'll start a shitstorm on OCMOTO and turn people against each other and into keyboard warriors? Oh wait, that's you.

Just kidding.

Trump 2016!  :3: :3: :3:
Totally agree. At least we didn't vote a CRIMINAL as POTUS.

On the other hand...California voted to allow violent criminals out of jail...constantly in the spotlight and we just keep looking dumber.

I read the topic and all I could do is LAUGH! The ideal number of bikes IMHO is the maximum number your can afford to store and maintain. Give me the money and I'd fill one of those blimp hangers in Tustin! If it's got two wheel and an engine/motor....I want one.

Fitted a Staintune exhaust to the 02 VFR.
Sounds great!

Kawasaki / Re: Kawasaki KX65 Miniracer
« on: 10/31/16 11:21PM »
Looks like a blast! As soon as I get my truck I think this will be my next project!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Project 1408...
« on: 10/20/16 06:01PM »
So basically and updated version of the Superleggera, with carbon replacing magnesium.

Racing Headquarters / Re: MotoGP 2016
« on: 10/20/16 05:25PM »
Really sad that like GP the Moto2 championship was pretty much handed to Zarco. Marvric will be a force on that Yamaha. JL may not be the most likable guy but damn, you have to respect his will to race. I hope he gets comfortable quickly on the DUC. The more competitive the field the scrappier the racing, IMO. I love watching battles like Rossi's and Marc's last weekend, too bad Rossi tucked the front.

Racing Headquarters / Re: 2017 Yamaha R6
« on: 10/13/16 08:12PM »
Reality:  If this 600 is fast, it makes you wonder what its like to have a liter bike!  LOL!
An S1000RR is the quickest thing I have ever ridden. Pulled the front wheel when shifting to 4th at somewhere between 130-140 MPH, I never saw above 12,500 either there was 2k more to go! SCARRY F-ing FAST!!!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Rider down RIP
« on: 10/09/16 08:19PM »
What a bunch of babies, plain and simple. Just more hypocritical "Not in my backyard" arguments. I have lost friends, loved ones, family. Unlike, snapshot, Rogue and thtanner I'm not some cry baby liberal stating, "I'll happily see myself out and not come back" if I don't get my way. Snapshot, you speak of standards, like your better than most forum members, yet OCMoto is plastered with your subliminal, under-toned jabs at other members, their views, remarks and comments. If you going to be an ass theres no need to disguise it, this sentiment has been shared with me offline by dozens of members. Rogue, if the picture of my dead friend, family member, or loved one affects just one rider or drives habits that may save the lives of others then I say, POST IT UP! Maybe if enough of these pictures reach the public there will be a greater demand for change.
The penalty for texting while driving is laughable at best. Current statistics prove that more deaths and car accidents are caused by TEXTING than DRUNK DRIVING. General Cell Phone Statistics. The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year. Nearly 330,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving. 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving. More than 3,000 teens die each year in crashes caused by texting while driving. Approximately 2,700 teens are killed in drunk driving accidents. More than 50 percent of teens admit to texting while driving. I lost a great friend from this forum because of some oblivious driver, perhaps if they saw a photo like this they would have paid more attention on there drive to work that morning. You can continue with your words on a forum, I'll continue to make a difference through my actions. I just spent four day volunteering, with zero compensation, raising millions of dollars for the fight against breast cancer. What have you done for society lately?  **rant**

Honda / Re: 2017 CBR1000RR - Official Announcement
« on: 10/09/16 10:18AM »
I really enjoy backing in and riding the rear out of curves also. The 2015 SP's disappeared from Cycle Trader a week after mine appeared at my dealership.
Owned a 2009 REPSOL. Fueling was poor below 5000 rpm and the rear shock would squat into the corner and slowly pop up beyond the exit. Otherwise it was wonderfully precise and fast. Sharp knife!
Owned a 2012 Tricolor. Fueling was from idle and no hang-up in the rear shock. Suspension was pillowy precise. Very sharp knife!
2015 Repsol SP. Road scalpel. Beware,front brake pads are $350 and stock tires are $800 a set. I favor Bridgestone anyway.
Not a big fan of the electronics myself,skills and technique instead. I'd be looking for the off switch for all of these functions.
To each their own. I was anti electronics for a long time, mostly because the first iterations I rode were not that great. After spending some time on the S1000RR I can confidently state that with 200hp beasts, they are a blessing. If electronics did not help you ride faster, smother, and with more confidence please explain to me why EVERY MotoGP racer uses them. If I'm spending $20k for a motorcycle I want to be able to enjoy as much of its performance as possible, and for the vast majority of us who are not world class sport bike racers, the electronics afford us the ability to get that much closer. I think many people would be amazed at how minimal the weight gain and complexity of the sensors are. With the ability to fully adjust the dynamics its only a positive enhancement in my eyes.

I could go on a several page saga about why I would suggest Chuckwalla for a first track day, and the best track in the area, but I won't.

Keeping it concise, Chuckwalla has the best surface, variety of corners, and plenty of run off room. Any idiot can get hurt at any track but having ridden all local tracks, Chuckwalla wins.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Rider down RIP
« on: 10/09/16 10:03AM »
We don't need to post pictures of dead people on the forum, riders or not.

This is not LiveLeak.

I disagree, but this is only my viewpoint. Pictures mean different things to different people, and may even convince some viewers to change for the good.
Your exactly right bikerydr.

Just more censorship from people who "THINK THEY KNOW WHATS BEST" fore everyone else. Beliefs like this are what is ruining our society. Do everyone a favor, if you don't like something, fine, don't look at it or do it or whatever. Don't ASSUME to know what is best for everybody or what everybody wants.

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