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Bikes For Sale / SOLD
« on: 07/28/18 02:29PM »

Have you searched the thumper forums for the problem?  Chances are someone else has been there.



Yup, I've been searching all the forums, youtube, etc..... It appears to be a jetting issue, and honestly feel like I don't know the concepts well enough to really troubleshoot it. I feel like I'm just blindly guessing right now. I put the stock jetting back and now it won't idle without choke but I can apply throttle fine. It just seems like I can't get the right "jetting ratio."

Yup, I've cleaned my fair share of carbs for multiple bikes with great success. Did the same cleaning routine with this one, and issue still persists.
This is the first carb bike I;ve worked on with an accelerator pump. That might be the issue, but since I have no experience with them, couldn't tell you. I know (to the best of my ability, pretty confident) the pathways are all open and clean though. 

I have a 2000 WR400F that I can't figure out what the issue is. It starts, but any time I give it gas, it dies immediately. I consider myself a decent mechanic/troubleshooter (worked on a decent amount of bikes, but not a good/amazing mechanic by any means), but this one has gotten me stumped.

I'm getting to the point where I'm tired of tinkering with it and want to drop it off at a mechanic. Anyone have any good recommendations for someone who can look it over/repair it for me for a reasonable price? I'm in Southbay so closer to southbay would be great, but I am willing to drive if the mechanic is trustworthy.

Just let me know! Thanks!

Interested in converting my bike back to all stock. If you are interested in trading for stock parts + cash let me know! All the pics are of the parts on the bike, I will take them off as they sell. Please see attached photos or link to album at the bottom.

I put ~1000 miles on these parts. All prices are shipping included. Would like money sent paypal with friends/family or add 3% to final price to cover fees. All prices are OBO, if you buy multiple items we can try to work out a discount.

My bike is an 06 Zx636; I believe all of these parts can fit an 07-08 without issues, but please check with your manufacturer to confirm. All parts are tip top shape, nothing but minor typical wear.

1. Full Yoshi RS5 Titanium exhaust.
I paid: 950$.
Asking: 600$

2. GPR V4
I paid: 450$
Asking: 320$

3. Ohlins Rear TTX Triple Clicker Rear Shock, Spring setup for a 175lbs rider
I Paid: 1000$
Asking: 650$

4.Ohlins ROAD AND TRACK 30MM FRONT FORK CARTRIDGE KITS, Spring setup for 175lbs
I Paid: 1350$
Asking: 750$

Link to pics:

Just send me a PM if interested. Thanks!!!

If anyone in LA area wants to buy the bike outright, 5500$, can send some details on it. On that newborn baby life now, so need to clean out the toys.

Gear For Sale / SOLD
« on: 05/25/16 02:28PM »

Gear For Sale / Re: Suomy Spec 1R for sale.
« on: 12/17/13 02:45PM »
What year is it manufactored? (usually found under the liner) and which part of LA ar eyou in?

Gear For Sale / Re: Suomy Vandal for sale.
« on: 12/17/13 02:37PM »
Not a vandal. Looks like it might be spec 1r or apex

Was your question " is there electricity provided? " or "should I use tire warmers?" pretty sure it was the first one.  No they don't offer electricity. If you want to use tire warmers then use them. Don't listen to the knuckle heads that try to push their opinions on you especially when you didn't ask for them.  KCRO

haha yea. Like I said, I know they aren't necessary, and with the "school" atmosphere, I might even need it less. But as I mentioned, I've crashed on a routine corner right after lunch (first ones out, cold day, cold track). Wasn't even going fast. And so now they are more for "peace of mind." If you got them, why not use them right?

Sorry, I'm not quite that prepared for a zombie apocalypse.  :26:  If you can't find one to borrow, Home Depot rents generators.

Yeah, I called them too haha. At 75$ a day, that's 150 for the weekend. I feel like might as well buy one from harbor freight haha.

I heard they have free electricity.

I called today, and they claimed they had literally no electricity. They said their bathrooms were solar powered haha.

Damm, if you're a regular here than I can trust you more but 6 post is just too noob. I think you gotta build trust (anywhere) first.

yeah, I'm actually visiting my brother, and we plan on doing the 2 days together. I'm in texas and we have a huge track day following there and I'm pretty involved; but got nothing in California.

Where are you located? I'd be more than happy to put down a deposit and my driver's liscense or something and then when we return it you can give it back?

My brother suggested just buying one from harborfreight, but I'd hate to spend 350$ on something he will hardly ever use. Do you know "Braulich?" My brother is pretty good friends with him. I think he is a regular on here and he can vouch for my brother and I.

 Going to Star Pridmore school on the 21st/22nd at Chuckwalla. Really want a generator; anyone have one I can rent or borrow for the weekend??  ;D ;D ;D

Well that derailed quickly  :32:

So I understand you don't need tirewarmers to to go on the track. HOWEVER I have tire warmers, and would like to use them. So back to the original question: Does chuckwalla have free electricity? And if they rent out generators; how much does it cost?

Slicks and tire warmers are unnecessary unless you're at the top of the A group. Just use quality street tires like Bridgestone BT-003RS or Dunlop Q3s and skip the tire warmers.

I understand they are unnecessary; however, if I have them why not use them? Furthermore, you don't have to worry about warming up tires on the first 1-2 laps especially on cooler days. I've crashed on cold tires before, and its not fun. On street tires, I would just keep them on the "warm/low" setting instead of high.

Honda EU2000i for the win.  Quietest, longest running, most durable portable generator and it will power 2 sets of warmers.  Not cheap but can be had for a decent price if you find a used one.

I'd rather just get a harborfreight one with a really really long extension cord hahaha because i'm poor.

How much do their generators cost? Whats the wattage? Is it enough for 2 sets of warmers?

Track Days / Does Chuckwalla have free electricity?
« on: 12/11/13 04:32PM »
Doing first track day there soon. Wondering if I should bring my warmers. Thanks!

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