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I arrived home today (Monday) and rec'd the gloves.  They are beauts! Great job packaging them.

Thank you very much. 


OK! You can text me at 206 915 7O28


Understood! Just let me know, either way.  Thank you.

Hello, would you take $55 shipped to me here in Glendale, CA?

Thank you,


General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: ducati maintenance
« on: 01/20/18 03:00PM »
I think the full desmo service is every 15k mile now, a great improvement.  I'm thinking a full servicing at 15k will run around $1500, or one-third of that if you do it yourself, and depending on how many tools you have. 
Everyone who has a Hypermotard seems to really love them.  If you ride it, and are happy with it, you'll enjoy the bike and club experience.  No bike is really properly setup out of the gate, so it pays to take it to a chassis tuner to get a good baseline.  I saw Dave Moss today at Pro-Italia and it was a great experience.

Gear For Sale / FS: Black 2-piece Dianese leathers
« on: 03/15/16 07:21PM »
Sized for a smaller person, size 42 top and bottom.  I've got them listed on ebay as of 3/14/16.  Please let me know if you'd like more info.  Items are in Glendale, CA.

Very good, I think I need to try these on, and if they fit me well, I'll take'em.

What's the earliest you are available Saturday morning?

Thank you,

Steve S.
Glendale, CA

Hi Kurt,

Can't quite tell from the pics, but is that a one-piece or two-piece set of leathers?

They are my size, so I'm interested!

Steve S.
Glendale, CA

This coming weekend? That would work. 

I have a few more questions, please email me at alfasteve at gmail

Thank you!


I'd happily take them for $100 shipped to Glendale, CA.  Possible?

Steve S.


Are the Airglide3 pants armored?

Thank you,

Glendale, CA

New Members / New member from Glendale, CA
« on: 11/26/14 10:09PM »
Hi Folks,

New member from Glendale, CA.  Been riding under a year.  Had a KLR650 for a few months, but wasn't taking it off-road very often, so a more freeway-friendly bike made sense, hence the 2009 Versys.  Looking forward to gaining experience with it in SoCal.

I test drove a WeeStrom, but felt it was a bit large.  The smaller Versys was more flickable. 

Safe travels,

Steve S.

Noob here, and strongly thinking of attending.  Thanks to r0ckrat for letting me know about this.

Steve S

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