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Fallen Riders / Re: Roll call
« on: 10/15/20 09:04PM »
Hardly think of coming here anymore.  Mostly just follow a few friends on FB

Fallen Riders / Re: Whoa Nelly has left the ride.
« on: 10/15/20 09:00PM »
Truly sad news.   :'(

Track Days / Re: Something to keep watch.
« on: 01/31/19 06:57PM »
This is from a year ago, I remember reading it then. 
There's this from this year: 
But also this:

In Corona del Mar actually.
Anthon'y Leatherworks
3401 East Coast Hwy, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

My bike has been in the shop getting the engine rebuilt for 2 months (parts for a 2008 Triumph engine are not readily available off the shelf), having to drive the 40 miles to work (which includes Ortega) leaves me much more tense and aggravated with people in cars, who I would normally be able to ride around.  And I do notice I usually only think about riding when doing so, all the other distractions of life are put aside.  Supposed to be done next week, YAY!

BTW, have to say I'm quite happy with my Triumph, having put over 120,000 miles on it in 7 years, and thankful for the extended warranty I bought which still has 6 months left on it.  Actually very few issues.  Then engine was feeling a bit tired and the ring lands finally broke on 1 cylinder.  Unfortunately the warranty only covered that one piston and cylinder and teardown.  Love the bike, so I went for a complete rebuild, the extra 3k out of my pocket is a lot cheaper than any new, or newer used bike, and if I can get another 120k out of it, I'll be a happy guy!

They are all lovely, and best of all they all were riders, too!  And I want to know how much fun did the September ladies have with that shoot?

Off Topic / Re: Goodbye OC (moving to Temecula)
« on: 12/27/17 10:03AM »
It also puts me that much closer to Palomar... so if anyone ever heads that way give me a shout.  :17:
Also means you get home an hour earlier than everyone else at the end of the day!  ;)

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: No Helmet required
« on: 10/15/16 02:53PM »
but can it stop  the lady who is txting from running into the back of you??

I think the rear facing rail gun takes care of that.

Misc / Re: Goodbye summer Big Bear ride
« on: 10/15/16 02:49PM »
Thanks guys, good ride.  Weather was nice, traffic was relatively light and an amazing number of people on the two lane sections used turnouts as soon as we caught them and quite a few moved to the right on the wider sections to let us pass.

Misc / Re: Goodbye summer Big Bear ride
« on: 10/14/16 05:05PM »
OK, looks like parts didn't come in, so the only hurdle now is dragging myself out of bed that early on a Saturday!  See ya in San Berdoo.

Love my Triumph, but starting to suck that some OEM parts have to come from England now.

I'll put attending, but it's a maybe.  Depends on if the dealer gets in some parts today, then it'll be in the shop tomorrow.  Been ages since I've been on a group ride (I do commute to work everyday on the bike).  I'd join at the second stop.  I'll let you know this evening.

Misc / Re: Goodbye summer Big Bear ride
« on: 10/14/16 01:45PM »
I'll put attending, but it's a maybe.  Depends on if the dealer gets in some parts today, then it'll be in the shop tomorrow.  Been ages since I've been on a group ride (I do commute to work everyday on the bike).  I'd join at the second stop.  I'll let you know this evening.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: No Helmet required
« on: 10/14/16 12:35PM »
Maybe it's smart enough to see a car coming and get out of the way.......................

In the past, I did post a few ride reports. Even though I'm not looking for attention, I sensed there was no interest in anyone reading them, let alone comment or ask questions.
Only two guys sent me a message and wanted to ride along on my next rides.
It is also my opinion, right or wrong, that only a handful of guys here like to ride all day. Most are "Canyon carvers" that are content with Ortega, Latigo, ACH etc. and call it a day.
I have to partially agree here as a lot of riders on OCMoto appear to be sport riders and many of them like to do the short and quick and familiar rides i.e. Ortega & GMR. Not that I don't like doing these short rides, I, like Forum Proctologist, prefer to ride in different places and sometimes make it an all day event, much to my wife's chagrin. Maybe it is because they have limited time or maybe they like to spread out their activities in a day to more than just riding. Whatever the case may be, it is what it is.

There is also another part to this, many of us like to ride with folks we are familiar with and for the most part have the same pace, if not riding temperament. Just like non riding friends, it does take time to get to know someone and to figure out their "true" personality versus they one they show online or in an initial meeting face to face. Considering that many of the older members have met and established relationships with said people, it makes sense that they have their core riding group established. For instance, and no offense to Eddiemon or anyone else for that matter, but you'll see his post that include many of his good riding buddies. Similarly myself and Rogue (sorry to throw you under the bus buddy), we have been riding together for some time and have even expanded our little group once we came to OCMoto. This is a reality to riding and being on a forum.

Although we have opened up our rides to others by posting on OCMoto, we do sometimes have reservations about it. We never know who will show up and who will be cool or not. There's also the type of bike one will show up on. I'm not talking about a cruiser, sport bike, adventure type of bike, but one that is well maintained or not. Considering some of these rides we do are a little further away from home i.e. AFH/ACH, Malibu, Palomar, if a bike is going to break down in the middle of the ride, that takes the air out of the ride. I will say that we did have a few rides where someone broke down and even some where someone went down! We would never leave that rider stranded and often times the whole group stays behind, I guess that will depend on the rider and circumstances, but ultimately these are the other realities that exist.

I for one have no problem inviting people to join us but as its been said many times before and will be said again, you have to have an open mind, decent riding skills, a decently maintained bike and a good attitude to not only be welcomed but to be invited again! LOL

I think you have nailed it pretty well.  I haven't been on here for quite a while, used to have it open on my computer at work almost all day.  Haven't been on a group ride in forever, I think the last was one of the last Noobie Rides. I used to do quite a few and did find other like minded riders I liked being with (and some I'd never ride with again!)  I did like the longer rides you mentioned.  Don't really need the shorter ones since my daily commute is Ortega, at offset hours from traffic so it's mostly enjoyable.

Have to agree with others that social media has a big impact, plus life changes with new priorities.  Many of the friends I made here I keep in touch with on FB, but despite saying we need to all get together, it rarely happens.  A lot of the regular bike nights I went to have gone away or changed,  Original Mikes, Taco Tuesday @ Cooks.  But I think I'll start hanging out here again and see what happens.  OOTV, I might fit with the people you ride with, being older and riding a sport tourer, too.

I had been riding for about 40 years when I took Jeff's class.  Still learned a lot.  Commuting on Ortega everyday, some of the basic things he taught me that I had never learned before come up regularly and my ride is so much more enjoyable and safe due to his teaching.  As someone else mentioned, I am often saying to myself "Oh yeah, Jeff taught me what to do in this situation."  You will be missed, my friend.

If you're doing most of your riding within 75 miles of a charging point, then it's all good.  It also means you're pretty much done for the remainder of the daytime once you have to plug in. 

For electric vehicles to be a truly viable alternative to ICE it needs to have significantly more range AND an easy and convenient way to replenish the energy in a very short period of time.  5 minutes tops.  Realistically, most people won't buy this bike because:

Too expensive compared to ICE powered bikes of equivalent power.
Limited range.
Range anxiety.

They have to overcome all three.  The Tesla cars are able to overcome the limited range by a wide margin, AND it offers performance commensurate with its price tag.  That's enough for buyers to overlook Range Anxiety.  They just avoid long distance trips that take them far from a charging point.
I test rode one for about 20 minutes and found the performance more than adequate for my daily commute over Ortega (40 miles one way). With the extra "tank", I could easily go to work and back on a charge.  But I would guess most would charge at work like I would.  And I can get one nearly free.  The amount I would save in fuel (even though my Triumph gets nearly 50mpg) would roughly cover the monthly payment if I financed it. Very tempting.

One thing about electrics is I would guess as battery tech gets better, you would be able to upgrade and get better and better range.  The aftermarket in the future should be interesting - "Yeah man, I just got the latest Bazzaz Controller and winding update kit and I left that Tesla P155DD like it was standing still!"

Kinda wonder what these two clubs were doing there, given who they claim to be:
"The Leathernecks Motorcycle Club is made up of current or former members of the Marine Corps or Fleet Marine Force Corps and the group has chapters across the country. It claims its members include those who have worked in federal, state and local law enforcement.

'The Leathernecks Motorcycle Club is NOT an Outlaw Club,' it explains on its website, 'but a family orientated Club that brings together those that have TWO very special interests in life. The love for the Corps and the love for getting our face in the wind with our motorcycles beneath us.'

Los Pirados Motorcycle Club is another small group also based in the Waco area. A recent report on a website calling itself the 'Texas Motorcycle Rights Association' referred to the group as 'a new Mom & Pop riding group'. Facebook groups show the club has also recently been involved in fund-raising benefits for children in need of surgery."

Pretty common knowledge that the other MC's are outlaws/criminals, why would a "family friendly" club be there?

Probably drop buy because I need a couple of things and might as well take a chance at a gift card to fund them before I spend the money ;)

Assuming Bazzaz installed it, I'd contact them first.  They may want to check the installation or the unit itself in order to maintain a positive reputation.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: F**k!!!!!
« on: 01/07/15 02:56PM »
I love the Angel GT.  Ran Bridgestone BT023 for a long time, and they averaged 6-7k miles.  The Angels give me 10-11k and I actually like the feel better on my daily commute on Ortega.

Daily Ortega commute? :7:
It's tough, but someone's got to do it ;)  And I commute a couple of hours after the heavy traffic so it's often the best part of my day!

I'd be interested in going also, likely with the camping group, I've camped in Sequoia so I have the necessary gear. Tentative at the moment until I see what work looks like closer to the date.

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