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Bikes For Sale / Re: Ninja 500 Kawqasaki 2005 $600
« on: 01/16/19 07:59PM »
Excellent.  So Happy to see the Ninja found a good home.  :)

Bikes For Sale / Re: Ninja 500 Kawqasaki 2005 $600
« on: 01/09/19 08:04PM »
As you can see, the Ninja has been sold.  Thanks for the enquiries. Thanks to B  breakdirt for a smooth transaction.  Have lots of fun!!

Bikes For Sale / Ninja 500 Kawqasaki 2005 $600
« on: 01/03/19 05:23PM »
2005 Ninja 500  $600.  I'm not riding much so bike needs a new home.   Comes with Muzzy muffler and other odds and ends but I have it set as stock.   Very reliable  and fun bike.  pics later but it looks fine.  clean title etc

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2001 SV650 - $2700
« on: 07/16/13 12:48PM »
congrats !!

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2001 SV650 - $2700
« on: 07/12/13 10:08AM »
thanks Klaus

Bikes For Sale / Re: Suzuki Gladius wanted. Thanks
« on: 07/11/13 11:56PM »
Thanks.  I did see the one in OC.  I mean saw it in person. 

Bikes For Sale / Suzuki Gladius wanted. Thanks
« on: 07/11/13 10:25PM »

took my bike down laguna canyon, PCH to Dana Harbor.  just sat and listened to the water for a bit.  enjoyed the overcast.
no px but it happened.  done before and will do again :)

Thanks for the input.  You have given me a lot to think about and a lot of good choices.  Some of the bikes you mentioned are perfect but too tall for me.  a little vertically challenged (inseem 29" in dress slacks) which makes things like Versys, V-stom, Tiger and many more just too tall. I would have jumped at those a few yrs ago. Let me ask a variation the the question.  If I went from the ninja 500 to ninja 650 (or gsxf 650) think it is worth doing.  have read some people say a world of dif some say no.  Any one know of this?  my guess is it would b quite a nice improvement.  ya'll tell me.  thanks again.  been considering this for a long time thought i would get some advice fro people that know bikes

Hi,  I am riding a ninja 500.  for the most part i really am happy with it but thinking it is time for upgrade.  I am 57 yrs old.  getting a stiff neck from the ergonomics plus it is 1987 technology for the most part even though it is a 2006..  dont know how long i will ride so owe it to myself to enjoy something newer.  I just ride around OC and rarely on the freeway.  PCH, Santiago... don't need lots of muscle for what i do.  just more comfort and some new tech.  people say new bikes are great.  i just don't know.  so thinking - ninja 650, suzuki gsxF 650, er-6n (naked ninja).  any experience with these?  compared to my ninja 500?  other suggestions?  all appreciated

used to surf most everyday.  ride a ninja now.  i see the similarities in the two.
 lean, carve, smile

ninja surfn

It was a good ride.  Thanks for letting my friend and I in with you as we took off.  It was good to have the sports bikes together just for the ride.  As Joe said above, a real maturity level shown by all on the ride.  Jon that is great you got your license the day before the ride. What a way to start!

I should have said this earlier.  I am coming from other direction so will not meet at chevron station.  will meet a friend in am and go from there.  have a good ride y'all

that last post was for ducatista et al. 

big rob et al, i was in similar situation as you last year.  i had never been on a freeway or been on a group ride.  pretty well practiced and conscientious in everything else.  i recommend what i did - took about a 60 min ride on the freeway alone the day before.  got up early and did it.  very very glad i did.
things to consider for the ride -
 - you will share a lane the whole time.  i did not dig the grooves in the freeway.  and if you are on that side you are on it. period  hang with it. it changes from time to time.   zen
 - you won't be going at or over 60 mph for much time at all.
 - that said, no sight seeing!  speeds very quickly.  keep your eyes on the break lights ahead of you.  get's dull but....
 - stretch a little before you get in the saddle for 2.5 hrs  stretch your clutch hand.  you'll be using it.
 - relax enjoy.  my over preparation style probably shows in this post.  just keeping all safe.
 - don't forget that there is a blues concert at the end.  i had lunch with a few folks i met, went down by the lake,  listened to the birds, music and water.  fell asleep fully at peace.

yeah, let's go.  this was really a fun event last year.

Off Topic / Re: Rolling Earthquake...
« on: 06/15/10 12:17PM »
couple quick jolts in laguna hills

I went last year and had a good time.  It was my first group ride of any sort so had nothing to compare it to.  Now I can say think of it as an event, a parade.  500 bikes - there is a lot of slow going on PCH but what the heck.  Cool part is you never have to stop.  Police keep intersections open

20-30 mph could end the phone call.  i have been going 10mph and i swear i make eye contact with someone (in a car) and they still pull out in front of me.  weird

don't touch the front brake ;D  i'll keep that in mind :4:

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