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Thanks any tips would be great, this is my first time doing it  :D . I think Im going to do what you did, easy route the first half then hit red rock. Too bad you can't do it this year. Hope a speedy recovery on your knee injury. After your knee healed let me know if you ever want to ride the trails. I usually ride Gorman trails.   :7:   

nice breakdirt..thats a nice bike, i missed my '94 YZ250. that thing is a beast  :)
i'm registered only for the second day, because my wife can't get the day off.So bartsow to vegas only.
did you go the easy route or the hard way?

General Motorcycle Discussion / LA-Bartsow-Vegas
« on: 11/01/16 04:46PM »
Hello OCmoto..anyone doing the LAB2V this year?

New Members / Re: Hello..
« on: 10/04/16 02:23AM »
Welcome fellow old guy.  My first bike was a 1972 Honda SL125, that's how old I am.  What was your first bike?

nice, my first bike was a 1975 Honda CB100. candy apple red. can't go wrong with Hondas.

New Members / Re: Hello..
« on: 10/04/16 02:21AM »
Exactly how old?! I'm mean if you're less than 50 then I'll say hello youngster! Otherwise what's up gramps?!

I kid! Welcome Aboard and I'm sure if you hang around and watch the post, they'll be a ride you join up with.


thanks. not gramps territory yet...I'm only 42... :)

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« on: 10/04/16 02:19AM »
Thank you guys,

New Members / Hello..
« on: 10/02/16 03:09PM »
Hello OCmoto,
I want to say hi and introduce myself. I've been lurking for awhile, finally have the courage to post and say hi. I'm not very good at posting stuff on forums, I'm old..I ride my RC 51 to work occassionally and my husky510 for dirt duty. I hope to meet fellow OC riders and epic rides to come.. :)

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